Dead Island 2 Mission List & How To Complete Them



Dead Island 2 has a total of 24 main missions, and there are also 33 side missions available. The primary narrative of Dead Island 2 includes a list of missions requiring you to kill some form of the deadly adversary to succeed. Further opportunities to earn rewards and learn more about the people of Los Angeles before it was turned upside down are offered by the side missions. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 24 main missions in Dead Island 2, which include:  
  1. Flight Of The Damned
  2. Desperately Seeking Emma
  3. Bel-Air Brawl
  4. Call The Cavalry
  5. Room Service For Major Breaker
  6. The Chosen One
  7. O Michael, Where Art Thou?
  8. Kwon With The Wind
  9. Michael Anders And The Holy Grail
  10. Justifiable Zombicide
  11. Saddle Up For Santa Monica
  12. Flushed
  13. The Heart Of Darkness
  14. The Red Mist
  15. The Giant Slayer
  16. Beach Offensive
  17. The Final Gauntlet
  18. Plumbing The Depths
  19. Blood Drive
  20. Boardwalking Dead
  21. The Search For Truth
  22. Rage Quit
  23. The End Of The Line
  24. Hollywood Ending
  • There are 33 side missions in Dead Island 2, which include: 
  1. The Ballad of Rikky Rex
  2. It Came From Monarch Studios
  3. Body Art: The Visionary
  4. Body Art: Heft
  5. Body Art: Moist
  6. Body Art: Uproar
  7. Body Art: Vigor
  8. Body Art: Dread
  9. Body Art: The Unveiling
  10. Resurrect the Rex
  11. The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X
  12. The Death of the Part
  13. #Clickbait
  14. It’s Not Your Fault
  15. Creature Comforts
  16. The Terror of Sound Stage 7
  17. Boz Makes a Bang
  18. Going Viral
  19. Beacon of Hope
  20. Message in a Bottle
  21. Dez and the Mother of Satan
  22. Like and Follow!
  23. The Hero’s Journey
  24. Red Tide
  25. Cold Pork
  26. Organ Donor
  27. Coast Guardian
  28. Cremains of the Day
  29. Diaries of the Dead
  30. Scooped
  31. More Than the Badge
  32. The Art of War
  33. Lending a Hand
  • It might take us up to 20 hours long to beat Dead Island 2, depending on how quickly you accomplish them and how much you explore Dead Island 2’s side content.

Dead Island 2 Main Missions

Dead Island 2 has a total of 24 main missions. You get XP by completing the primary missions. Along with trophies, other achievements, and special weapons or mods, some of the main missions will also pay off for us.

Here is the list of Main Missions in Dead Island 2:

  1. Flight Of The Damned
  2. Desperately Seeking Emma
  3. Bel-Air Brawl
  4. Call The Cavalry
  5. Room Service For Major Breaker
  6. The Chosen One
  7. O Michael, Where Art Thou?
  8. Kwon With The Wind
  9. Michael Anders And The Holy Grail
  10. Justifiable Zombicide
  11. Saddle Up For Santa Monica
  12. Flushed
  13. The Heart Of Darkness
  14. The Red Mist
  15. The Giant Slayer
  16. Beach Offensive
  17. The Final Gauntlet
  18. Plumbing The Depths
  19. Blood Drive
  20. Boardwalking Dead
  21. The Search For Truth
  22. Rage Quit
  23. The End Of The Line
  24. Hollywood Ending

Flight Of The Damned

Flight Of Damned in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: Flight Of Damned
  • After watching a cutscene of Slayers running toward a plane just before it crashes.
  • The mission prompts us to choose a character from among Amy, Jacob, Bruno, Carla, Dani, or Ryan, each of which has unique Dead Island 2 stats and skills.
  • You must locate a med kit and travel a way to reach survivors after waking up injured.
  • The crew fights waves of zombies before learning Emma’s address and becoming infected, which forces them to flee in the direction of Los Angeles.

Desperately Seeking Emma

  • As part of this mission, you awaken in front of a mansion and have to go to the garage to get a replacement circuit breaker to mend the breaker panel next to the gate.
  • A keycard is located in the panic room of the mansion, and a saber is kept in a display case.
  • The zombies in the pool must then be electrocuted using a battery from the generator. And it would be best if you then discovered a passcode to escape the mansion.
  • Once you’ve located it, proceed to Emma’s house for a quick nap.

Bel-Air Brawl

  • In Dead Island 2, a mission Bel-Air Brawl, you must protect Emma’s house from zombies.
  • Grab a circuit breaker from the garage, fend off zombies, and then put the circuit breaker in a panel to close the gate to complete the mission.
  • Return inside once the house is secure to find Emma and Michael.
  • The mission comes to an end when it is revealed that you are immune to the zombie virus.

Call The Cavalry

Call The Cavalry in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: Call The Cavalry
  • To go to the Halperin Hotel military checkpoint in the Dead Island 2 Call the Cavalry quest, and you must leave Emma’s house, change your weaponry, and then proceed.
  • You will encounter a variety of difficulties, including zombies and closed doors, and you’ll need to gather keycards to move forward.
  • Before finishing the mission, you must first defeat additional zombies at the Halperin Hotel.

Room Service For Major Breaker

  • You hunt the Halverin Hotel in Dead Island 2’s fifth main quest, Room Service for Major Booker, who holds the keys to get to a radio in the barred ballroom.
  • You must eliminate the zombies in Poison in the Pool while also looking into why the pool’s water is green and acidic, which reveals that the government has been dissolving bodies there.
  • Once all of the zombies have been eliminated, a door will reveal itself, leading you to the next location where you can gather resources, boost your weapons, and turn off the power.
  • To complete your mission, climb to the top of the partially collapsed elevator and leap onto the one next to it to ascend to the third floor.

The Chosen One

  • First, make your way from the Halverin Hotel to Emma Jaunt’s Bel-Air house and tell her about the doctor you spoke with.
  • You have to go back through The Goat Pen building to get to Emma’s house, fighting or avoiding zombies along the way.
  • Once you get to Emma’s house, use the intercom to unlock the gate and start a cutscene in which you tell Emma about the doctor and persuade Michael to assist you will occur.

O Michael, Where Art Thou?

  • You have to find Michael in Beverly Hills to complete the O Michael, Where Art Thou? Quest in Dead Island 2.
  • To obtain information regarding Michael’s whereabouts, you must battle through a military checkpoint and a zombie-infested residence.
  • You eventually get to Jessie Kwon’s home, where you must guard the garden and chat with Ricky and Roxanne in order to find out where Michael is.

Kwon With The Wind

  • In this mission, you need to locate Jessie Kwon because she may know where Michael is.
  • To get to Jessie Kwon, you must pass through the construction and dead zones. Defeating zombies, avoiding traps, and obtaining resources are all part of the mission.
  • When you locate Jessie Kwon, she informs you that Michael is en route to a nearby movie site called Monarch Studios.
  • To get to Monarch Studios, pass through a military checkpoint and a dangerous area loaded with obstacles and zombies.

Michael Anders And The Holy Grail

Michael Anders And The Holy Grail in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: Michael Anders And The Holy Grail
  • To find Michael and enlist his assistance, you must search Monarch Studios.
  • Then, after finding and using the Circuit Breaker to move through the area. Take a path through the foliage to the right of the locked gate and then turn left toward the film lot.
  • After dispatching several zombies, enter Stage 3, and battle zombies while waiting for the elevator doors to open. Then initiate a cutscene by approaching Emma’s trailer.

Justifiable Zombicide

  • Once you’ve met Sam B in Beverly Hills, you’ll need to work out puzzles to balance the pressure in two tanks.
  • So, you can get to a room filled with zombies, including a boss by the name of Phil.
  • You must return to the Gate Control Room after beating Phil in order to reach the mission’s last location.

Saddle Up For Santa Monica

  • Dead Island 2’s Saddle Up for Santa Monica quest requires you to go back to Emma’s house to gather everyone before leaving for Santa Monica.
  • You run into zombies on the way back, including a Grenadier zombie that you must kill first.
  • When you arrive at Emma’s house, a cutscene shows that Michael has been killed by a bite and Emma yells at you to leave as a consequence.


  • You should go down Bel-Air after leaving Emma’s home, passing through Sinclair’s courtyards and descending the slope leading to the sewage tunnel.
  • Once there, get ready to fight a Screamer who calls out six zombies, among them a Crusher, that you must fend off.
  • After then, proceed through the sewage system while avoiding zombie waves. Resolve a pressure-balancing puzzle in order to raise the sluice gate and finish the quest.

The Heart Of Darkness

  • Using explosives and the Molotov Cocktail Curveball, first, eliminate the Slobbers in the first room.
  • Then, find a Circuit Breaker and insert it into the panel to unlock the gate to the next room.
  • You must defeat two Walkers in the following room and flip a switch to open a big gate.
  • In order to finish the task, you must get to the walkway overlooking the sizable open space with the switch. Jump the gap to safety, and then inform Dr. Reed of your experience.

The Red Mist

  • You meet a mysterious woman named Konradt and her friends in the Dead Island 2 mission The Red Mist, and they accidentally knock you into a zombie pit.
  • Before continuing through the tunnel and arriving on Venice Beach, you switch into Fury Mode and eliminate all of the zombies.
  • The mission is over when a Crusher breaks through and kills Brent after helping the Blue Crab Boys.

The Giant Slayer

  • Two of Alex’s former gym buddies, Moose and Dillon, must be killed.
  • You come across Patton after you have located and killed Moose. And he shows you how to use the Autophage found in particular zombie body parts to your advantage.
  • When you eventually locate Dillon, you must engage in combat with him as well as other regular and flaming zombies, your top priority being to eliminate Dillon.

Beach Offensive

Beach Offensive in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: Beach Offensive
  • To travel to Santa Monica, lift the lockdown in the military area.
  • To unlock the security keypad and end the lockdown, you must locate Lt. Hicks, murder him, and take his dog tags.
  • You will run against many kinds of zombies as you move through the area, such as Burning Runners and Bursters.
  • To get to the last part of the quarantine zone, you must pass through a quarantine corridor overrun with zombies.

The Final Gauntlet

  • To get to Dr. Reed in Santa Monica in Dead Island 2, you must battle through an endless swarm of zombies.
  • After passing through the airlock portion, you enter the horde part, where you must battle an endless swarm of zombies to get to the end of the hallway.
  • After eliminating all the zombies, go back and get supplies. Then, use the keycard reader to unlock the gates and move on to Ocean Avenue.
  • Removes the zombies once there, then enters the Serling Hotel to meet Dr. Reed.

Plumbing The Depths

  • Find Bob, the Janitor, who vanished while working on the water system.
  • You will need to fight your way through the hotel’s shopping area, avoid zombies, and discover the Janitor’s Room to find him.
  • Once you locate Bob, kill him because he has become a zombie.
  • Once the water supply has been restored, continue the narrative by speaking with Denise and Dr. Reed.

Blood Drive

  • In Dead Island 2, the Blood Drive mission requires you to visit the CDC headquarters in order to collect a valid blood sample that will serve as proof of your military immunity.
  • To use the blood sampler, you must negotiate dangers, battle zombies, and get Dr. Dorian’s access code.
  • After getting the blood sample, go get Dr. Reed’s “Blood Drive” from the Lifeguard HQ and then come back to the Serling Hotel to see him.

Boardwalking Dead

  • You must first locate Dr. Bundy on the Santa Monica Pier.
  • Fight against Caustic X Walkers, Hazmat Walkers, a zombified Bundy who has turned into a Slobber, Riot Gear Walkers, Grenadier Walkers, Shamblers, Voltaic Screamers, Crushers, Bursters, and a Shocking Walker labeled “Ride Operator,” as well as a Butcher named Butcho the Clown.
  • To get the Blood Drive laptop from the dead scientist in the hazmat suit across from the destroyed building.
  • You must first deactivate shotgun traps and press buttons on the control panel to power up the arcade. Kill all the zombies, and then get the Ferris Wheel Booth Keys from the ride operator.
  • With these keys, you can then open the barrier and fend off the agile zombie with bony blades for arms.

The Search For Truth

  • You must first locate Tisha, get in touch with Konradt, then restart the OSK store’s servers.
  • The next step is to combat a horde of zombies and open a maglocked door.
  • Finally, examine Dr. Reed’s laboratory and use the Blood Drive laptop to start a cutscene.

Rage Quit

Rage Quit in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: Rage Quit
  • In Dead Island 2, you must first go back to Patton’s house‘s sewers to find Sam B and Emma Jaunt.
  • Then, to get there, you have to battle your way through Bursters and Burning Walkers.
  • Emma persuades Patton to fly the helicopter as you make to escape to complete the mission.

The End Of The Line

  • The End of the Line is the twenty-third main quest in Dead Island 2.
  • You must push alongside the others to reach the helicopter on Hollywood Boulevard while traversing the metro‘s tunnels.
  • The prize for doing this quest is a short-barreled shotgun and 7,500 XP.

Hollywood Ending

  • You must find Dr. Reed and present him with the Autophage virus in Dead Island 2’s concluding major quest.
  • Once you locate him, he transforms into a Mutator. And you must defeat him in a challenging encounter that requires you to repel various zombie subtypes.
  • Make your way back to the helicopter as soon as the Reubenator is beaten, treat Sam B with the cure, and then stay behind to look for Tisha.

Dead Island 2 Side Missions

33 side missions are available in Dead Island 2; however, even while they do provide worthwhile rewards, they are entirely optional and do not advance the plot.

Here is the list of Side Missions in Dead Island 2:

  1. The Ballad of Rikky Rex
  2. It Came From Monarch Studios
  3. Body Art: The Visionary
  4. Body Art: Heft
  5. Body Art: Moist
  6. Body Art: Uproar
  7. Body Art: Vigor
  8. Body Art: Dread
  9. Body Art: The Unveiling
  10. Resurrect the Rex
  11. The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X
  12. The Death of the Part
  13. #Clickbait
  14. It’s Not Your Fault
  15. Creature Comforts
  16. The Terror of Sound Stage 7
  17. Boz Makes a Bang
  18. Going Viral
  19. Beacon of Hope
  20. Message in a Bottle
  21. Dez and the Mother of Satan
  22. Like and Follow!
  23. The Hero’s Journey
  24. Red Tide
  25. Cold Pork
  26. Organ Donor
  27. Coast Guardian
  28. Cremains of the Day
  29. Diaries of the Dead
  30. Scooped
  31. More Than the Badge
  32. The Art of War
  33. Lending a Hand

The Ballad Of Rikky Rex

The Ballad of Rikky Rex in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: The Ballad of Rikky Rex
  • After arriving at Venice Beach in Dead Island 2, you can use Fast Travel, which enables you to go back and visit previous locations and acquaintances.
  • One of these pals is Rikky in Beverly Hills, who will beg you to get his locked-up guitar, Chopper, which is being guarded by his zombie bandmates in his former home.
  • To get Rikky’s Kitchen Key, open the door upstairs, and get Chopper out of Rikky’s room.
  • You must beat the bandmate zombies, who get more and more difficult as you continue through Dead Island 2.

It Came From Monarch Studios

  • Sebastian, a young artist who has vanished, needs to be rescued first.
  • Save Sarah Sheppard at Monarch Studios, exterminate every zombie in the arena, and then talk to Sarah about Sebastian.
  • Pick up DD-09 after that, and be careful not to alert the zombies while you explore Sound Stage 3.
  • If Sebastian isn’t at Sound Stage 3, go to Sound Stage 6, which is outside, as soon as you realize that. Return DD-09 to Sebastian after protecting him from the zombies.
  • In order to get the Cremator Zombie Axe as a reward for their assistance, you must finally talk with Sebastian.

Body Art: The Visionary

  • Speak with Francesca in her garage, where she’ll urge you to collect 10 pieces of infected flesh for her artistic masterpieces.
  • These are mainly found by killing Walkers and Runners and taking their heads and severed limbs as loot.
  • Return to Francesca once you have gathered the necessary quantity to finish your mission and receive the next step in her quest chain.


  • To deal with the heft, you’ll need to obtain “Oversized Arm Bones” from crushers and their variations.
  • They can be located in numerous locations, such as Venice Beach in Dead Island 2.
  • You’ll have to see off their arms to try and get one.


  • After completing the prior mission in Dead Island 2, collect the message from the notice board in Francesca’s garage to begin the Body Art: Moist side quest.
  • You must slay Slobber zombies in order to collect 5 Chthonic Ichor for Francesca. Slobbers and their variations can drop Chthonic Ichors.
  • These are zombies that can attack you at close range while puking. It’s possible that killing them will just result in the needed stuff being dropped.
  • Place the necessary components in the bucket in the garage after gathering them to finish the quest.


  • First, after completing the prior quest, take the note that appears on the notice board above the bucket.
  • Killing Screamer zombies will yield five infected spines, which Francesca will require.
  • These adversaries can draw other zombies nearby because of their shrieking, which makes them easily identifiable.
  • Deal with them as soon as you can. Return to Francesca and place the components into the bucket after gathering all necessary components to finish the mission.


  • You must complete the Main Story Mission, The Blood Drive, in order to begin the side mission.
  • To begin the mission, go to the garage where Francesca is and take the note off the noticeboard.
  • Three Blade Arms are needed for Francesca’s bucket, which may be acquired by killing Butcher zombies in The Pier or The Metro.
  • Return to the garage and place the necessary amount of Blade Arms in the bucket there to finish the Body Art: Vigor side quest.


  • In order to complete the Body Art: Dread side mission in Dead Island 2, you must acquire 3 Mutated Hearts from Mutators in the Metro district.
  • When they drop the necessary zombie parts, quickly travel to the Mutator Hot Spot in the Metro and defeat them.
  • The mission can be completed by going back to Beverly Hills and dropping the three Mutated Hearts into the bucket in the garage.

The Unveiling

  • Go to the back garden of the house behind the garage where Francesca is in the quest “Body Art: The Unveiling” after finishing the prior one.
  • To complete the mission and receive the Gore Horse trophy and the legendary weapon, Brutalizer, speak with Francesca.

Resurrect The Rex

  • In the mission “Resurrect the Rex,” Rikky requests that you obtain some of his music from his neighbor and producer, Farouk.
  • The next step is infiltrating Farouk’s home while fending off zombies to recover three master tapes.
  • After obtaining the tapes, give them to Rikky, and you will be rewarded with an Electrocutor Pole Saw.

The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X

  • Dead Island 2’s “Michael Anders and the Holy Grail” side quest must first be completed in Monarch Studios before the “Rav-ages of Caustic-X” side quest is made accessible.
  • You will need to assist Rav in getting a Caustic-X shipment receipt, which you will use to kill zombies around the hotel pool while Rav takes notes.
  • A Rare Melee Liquidator Mod and the Caustic-X Bomb, both the best weapons, are the rewards for completing the mission.

The Death Of The Party

The Death Of The Party in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: The Death Of The Party
  • Begin the side mission “The Death of the Party” in Dead Island 2 by passing an intercom on Alpine Drive or Access Rd 782.
  • In the search for survivors on the Sinclair Mansion grounds, you come across a swarm of zombies in the garden.
  • Exterminate the zombies and assist the elderly Curtis Sinclair in regaining power at his home and utilize the chairlift to descend to the first floor.
  • You will get a golf club, Curtis’ house keys, and 1,000 experience points as a reward.


  • You must speak with Amanda Styles, who is on the top of the GOAT Pen streamer home in Bel-Air, in order to finish the mission.
  • She needs your assistance in order to produce some entertaining zombie-slaying footage for her fans.
  • To accomplish this, you must throw six zombies from the roof, maim twelve zombies by chopping off their limbs, and burn six zombies alive by luring them to fire pits or patio heaters.
  • Amanda will be pleased after you perform these tasks, and the quest will be over.

It’s Not Your Fault

  • Dead Island 2’s “It’s Not Your Fault” side mission requires you to look for seismologists’ signs outside the sewer, get their information, and wriggle into the sewers to find the seismometers.
  • Then gather information from three seismometers, track down and slay a seismologist zombie, and finally deliver Luciana’s seismometer data back to Emma’s Bel-Air mansion.
  • The side mission will be finished once you give Luciana the information.

Creature Comforts

  • For Curtis, you need to gather two different alcoholic beverages: fancy whiskey and vintage wine.
  • The “GOAT Pen” streamer mansion is where the wine is, and Colt Swanson’s home is where the whiskey is.
  • Enter the wine chamber by kicking the glass, attack the alarm with a weapon, and look for the “Maison Sang-Vivant” wine.
  • Then, locate the Cuban Cigar Box, which needs the Goat Pen Master Keys, in the GOAT Pen’s master bedroom.
  • The 18-year-old Ardkillin whiskey is in Colt Swanson’s bedroom on the second floor.
  • To get it, you must move along the west side of the Colt Swanson home, fight a Crusher zombie, and then enter Colt’s bedroom.

The Terror Of Sound Stage 7

  • In the Dead Island 2 mission “The Terror of Sound Stage 7,” you must aid Sarah in taking down the Butcher terrorizing the sound stage.
  • Then locate the victims, look into them, and fend off five zombies in the alleyway. Call forth the Terror using pre-recorded SFX, and vanquish it in combat.
  • You will receive the special Jade Dragon Whispering Blade for completing the quest.
  • To begin the mission, you must visit Monarch Studios and speak with Sarah in her trailer.

Boz Makes A Bang

  • You must finish both the main mission and the side mission, The Ravages of Caustic-X, before beginning the Boz Makes a Bang side quest.
  • After that, go to a secure area where a radio is present and interact with it to hear the message that will start the quest.
  • Fast-travel to Monarch Studios. After getting the message, go to Sound Stage 5.
  • Then follow Bozzy’s directions to eliminate every zombie and test the explosives to finish the mission.

Going Viral

  • Go to Hollywood Boulevard using the fast travel map, then look for Amanda behind the stage to begin the Going Viral side quest.
  • In order to grant Amanda’s final wish of downloading her video, switch on the cameras for her stream.
  • Battle multiple waves of adversaries for views, and then kill Amanda after she transforms into a zombie.

Beacon Of Hope

  • You must go to the Old Dynasty Chinese Theatre to meet Sarah for the “Beacon of Hope” side mission and get the Space Fox spotlight filter from the Metro station ticket booth.
  • Defend Sarah from an attack while fending off various kinds of zombies along the way.
  • Return to Sebastian in the Re-aging Clinic after installing the filter on the spotlight and speaking with Sarah to finish the quest.
  • Gain 6,000 XP and The One (Legendary) as a reward.

Message In A Bottle

  • Find a message in a bottle on the beach near the water’s edge, then follow it to the Bucket o’ Fish restaurant to finish the ‘Message in a Bottle’ side quest in Dead Island 2.
  • Afterward, visit the Pier Grill to discover a review on the table hidden behind the helicopter.
  • After that, to finish the mission and get experience, go to the Hot Dog Stand on the opposite side of the pier and fight food critic A.R Oliver.

Dez And The Mother Of Satan

  • You must finish the “Boz Makes a Bang” side mission in Dead Island 2 in order to access this side quest.
  • You must travel to The Pier after hearing from Hana on the radio about Dez’s absence in order to find the CDC camp where Dez is conducting tests.
  • Before you may beat Subject: Juliet and end the quest, you must assist Dez in testing her grenade launcher and get the “Mother of Satan.”

Like And Follow!

  • You must locate Amanda on Santa Monica’s The Pier to complete this mission.
  • She will ask you to activate the electricity in the dodgems so that you can kill zombies with electricity, chop off their heads, and drop-kick zombies off The Pier.
  • Use a customized electric weapon or an Electric Star Curveball to electrocute zombies.
  • You can also use a nail gun to remove their heads and the Drop Kick skill card to launch them off The Pier.
  • Utilize Pipe Bomb Curveballs to thin out the crowd, and reduce the number of zombies charging you. And lure one or two zombies at a time to The Pier’s side to avoid falling off.

The Hero’s Journey

  • Speak with Burt by approaching the pillars that are beneath the pier’s southern end.
  • To find Burt’s lucky torp, clear the area of zombies and proceed to the military zone’s public restrooms.
  • To finish your mission, take it to the Lifeguard HQ and then rescue Burt from the lifeguard shack that zombies overrun.

Red Tide

  • In order to complete this mission, you must search the CDC tent for hints about the location of Cooper’s boat.
  • Kill a number of walkers and butchers, look for Cooper’s boat on the shore, and then plunder it while fending off waves of zombies.
  • You must finally eliminate Cooper’s army of the undead. You will receive 3,000 XP as a reward for doing the mission.

Cold Pork

Cold Pork in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: Cold Pork
  • You have to break into the police station in Venice Beach to get the guns.
  • Find keys to unlock the jail cells and evidence locker and use the Meat Bait Curveball to entice and kill zombies.
  • Take the green Gun Case and the Rare-tier Shotgun from the locker.
  • To receive the award of $500 cash and 3,000 XP, go back to Trent at the Blue Crab in order to complete Cold Pork.

Organ Donor

  • You must first collect filthy zombie parts from the sewage outflow at the southern end of Venice Beach.
  • Roided-up zombie parts by breaking into the Muscle Beach strongman competition at the northern end of the beach.
  • You’ll need to battle through waves of zombies while taking out three specific Crushers to get the pieces.
  • After gathering all pieces, you must return to Trent at the Blue Crab to finish the quest. And earn 4,000 XP, the Anger Mismanagement skill card, and the Violent Perk blueprint.

Coast Guardian

  • Clear the zombies from around the lifeguard hut on the beach to begin the Coast Guardian, then speak with “Mr. Dependable” inside the hut.
  • After that, proceed to the police station and northeast into the stores, where you can clear away zombies and flip a switch to uncover a surprise.
  • To finish your mission and obtain the reward of 3,000 XP and 300 dollars, go back to Burt at the lifeguard hut, take out the approaching zombies, and then chat with him.

Cremains Of The Day

  • In the northwest corner of Venice Beach, at the top of the military tower, speak with W.O. Rodriguez.
  • As you ascend the tower’s rigged path, you must proceed with caution. Enter and disable the traps to obtain the quest before speaking with W.O. Rodriguez.
  • Your goal is to light three death pits on fire and eliminate the M.C. Spitzfire-wielding zombie that rises from them.
  • To finish the mission, head back to W.O. Rodriguez after you’ve defeated the zombie.

Diaries Of The Dead

  • You must look for a memory stick in a convoy that zombies assaulted as part of this side mission.
  • You must hold off four waves of zombies to get closer to the USMC communications area. And take out the signal officer, and acquire the Comms Area Keycard.
  • After that, upload the letters of the deceased soldiers and have a debrief with Warrant Officer Rodriguez.
  • 3,500 XP, a blueprint for Precision Shots, and a Mind-blowing Cremator Burst-Fire Carbine (Superior) are the rewards of completing this side-quest.


  • In Dead Island 2, the main quest, Broadwalking Dead, includes the side quest Scooped.
  • Find the survivors within the LA24 News Building before going downstairs to restart the servers.
  • Save Esta and Nora from the Butcher Zombies in the studio office by going to the conference room on the second floor.
  • 4000 experience points will be awarded to you once the task has been completed.

More Than The Badge

More Than The Badge in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Mission List: More Than The Badge
  • You must assist Jimmy in finding thieves who stole some goods in the “More Than a Badge” mission of the main story of The Search for the Truth.
  • Interacting with the “The Badge” poster at the back left corner of the alley next to the coffee shop on Ocean Avenue will provide hints.
  • After taking out a few zombies and their boss, you must proceed to the Lotusville Mall, where Jimmy awaits you to finish the mission.

The Art of War

  • Talk to Rosa at the Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue to find out more about a hidden military stash in the Metro.
  • Before entering the Metro underground, look inside a gang hideaway, retrieve files from a laptop, and arm yourself with effective weapons.
  • The “Wildstyle Superior Ranged Cremator Mod” is your reward once you have cleared out zombies. And made your way through the railway cars and vanquished the DBD crew rebels.

Lending A Hand

  • Luther is available for conversation in his suite at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue.
  • Use the Waste Disposal Keycard that Denise gave you to retrieve Luther’s stolen bag from the hotel’s basement disposal chute.
  • To finish the mission and obtain a Composite Sledgehammer and 3,000 XP, deliver the bag to Luther.


After completing Dead Island 2, you can explore all of the zones and return to earlier ones to find any lingering collectibles and perform any of the 33 side quests or other tasks. You will travel through these quests in all of Hell-A’s various explorable locales and areas. Along the way, you’ll find rare weapons, special tools for dismembering zombies, and much more.

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