Dead Island 2 Has Two New Story Expansions In The Works



Story Highlights

  • Dead Island 2 has two new DLCs in the brewer; the first story expansion, Haus, will arrive during the last months of this year, while the second DLC, SOLA Festival, is planned for Q2 2024.
  • Both DLCs are a part of the game’s $29.99 Expansion Pass. Deep Silver has also announced three collection packs. All packs at least feature a skin, weapons, and the like.
  • The game proved to be a huge success for Embracer Group, selling one million copies during its launch week. It has since rolled over two million copies, as revealed in an official report.
  • It was released on April 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

Deep Silver has recently confirmed that Dead Island 2 has two new DLCs in the brewer. The devs have thankfully ensured to add some details for the story expansions in the new roadmap, but that is far from all that has been announced in the new reveal. Features like “additional, exciting cosmetic updates” have also been confirmed, giving players more outfit and weapon variety to bash the head of zombies in style.

In the official reveal, the release windows for the downloadable content have been listed alongside the details, like a bit of lore. The first story expansion for the game, Haus, is slated to arrive during the last months of this year. 

How does a billionaire prepare for the zompocalypse? A techno-death cult with a healthy splash of debauchery and gore! The first story expansion, Haus, will release in Q4, 2023.”

The second expansion, SOLA Festival, will follow the release of the first DLC, releasing near the mid of next year.

Welcome to the SOLA festival, where LA’s party people can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet, one rave at a time. So L.A! SOLA Festival, will launch in Q2, 2024.”

The themes of both the story expansions can be guessed by the small descriptions. Haru explores the prospect of how a billionaire would go around dealing with the rampant zombies in LA, involving concepts like a techno-death cult, debauchery, and gore. The second Dead Island 2 expansion revolves around an ecological rave likely infiltrated by uninvited brain eaters. Both DLCs are a part of the entry’s $29.99 Expansion Pass.

On the other hand, new character packs have also been released for gamers looking for free and premium goodies for Dead Island 2 right now. The Premium Character Packs feature a skin, weapons, and the Hell-A Catwalk Collection.

The ‘Til Dawn’ Collection is perfect for Dead Island 2 players not looking to spend any money because it is a free update. It features a set of skins and unlocks once users clear a certain milestone; both packs are available to purchase now at digital storefronts. There is also the ‘From Dusk’ collection that is available throughout 2023 for Amazon Prime members. 

Dead Island 2 has seen staggering success after staying in development for about a decade. The entry was brought back from the vegetative state right when most of the community lost hope. Recently, Embracer Group noted in its Q4 financial report that the zombie-slaying venture sold over two million copies; it had racked up one million sales just during its launch week alone.

Thus, the title became the studio’s biggest launch to date. Embracer Group stated that the project far succeeded “management’s initial expectations.” If you are unfamiliar, Dead Island 2 proffers a vivifying and satiating zombie-hunting venture filled to the brim with gore and guts, focusing both on highly fulfilling melee weapons ranging from electric golf clubs to wolverine claws to the generic gun shooting combat.

Dead Island 2 was released on April 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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