Dead Island 2: Foreman’s Key (Location & Use)



Dead Island 2 Foreman Key is one of the “key” items of the game, used to unlock the Construction Team’s safe. Keys are usually dropped by Nomad Zombies walking nearby the safes, and Foreman Key is no different in this regard. Forman Key is dropped by the “Site Foreman”, who can be found wandering around the south of Beverly Hills. 

Key Takeaways

  • Foreman Key is used to unlock the Construction Team’s safe, located in the mansion south of Beverly Hills.
  • The key itself is dropped by a zombie named “Site Foreman,” who can be found wandering outside the mansion.
  • Site Foreman won’t spawn until the story mission “Search For Truth” is completed.
  • The fight against Site Foreman isn’t particularly hard, and he can be defeated pretty easily using ranged weapons.
  • The only attack you should look out for when engaging Site Foreman in ranged battle is his projectile attack.
  • Site Foreman’s left arm is immune to damage, and his right arm is critical to attacks.
  • Inside the Construction Team’s safe, you will find the Superior Melee Impactor mod.
  • This mod can be crafted using scarps, fasteners, metal parts, and alloys.

Important: Site Foreman won’t spawn until you have completed story mission #21 “Search for Truth.”

Where Is Dead Island 2 Foreman Key Location?

Dead Island 2 lockbox
Location of Construction Team Safe (image by eXputer)

The mansion containing the Construction Team’s safe can be found in the southern portion of Beverly Hills. You can find Construction Team’s safe in the far right room of the mansion’s second-floor corridor. To open this safe, you’ll need the Foreman Key, which is dropped by an elite zombie wandering outside the mansion.

Dead Island 2 Construction Team Safe (image by eXputer)

To locate Site Foreman, backtrack from the staircase and head outside through the metal door. Once outside, to your left, you’ll see a zombie wandering between the fences. Site Foreman won’t spawn unless you have progressed past mission story 21, so make sure you are done with that.

Site Foreman Bossfight 

  • Weakness: Right Arm
  • Immune: Mutilated Left Arm
    Dead Island 2 – Site Foreman (image by eXputer)

Calling Site Foreman a boss fight is an overstatement since he isn’t a particularly hard enemy to take down. At the same time, don’t take him too lightly, as his Site Foreman can be furious with his attacks.

Melee & AoE attack Site Foreman spins around his large mutilated arms to deal physical damage and occasionally slams them on the ground to deal AoE damage as well.
Grab Attack The site Foreman won’t hesitate to grab your slayer if you are too close to him.
Projectile Attack Site Foreman spits out bones from his mutilated body towards the slayer.
  • I recommend engaging Site Foreman in a ranged battle, as it automatically puts you at an advantage, as he doesn’t have any means to counter you from a distance apart from his projectile attack.
  • So the smart choice for this fight would be a ranged weapon.
  • His mutilated left arm is immune to damage, his main body takes normal damage, and his right arm takes critical damage.
  • A legendary weapon like Bodycount will take him out in no time.
  • Once he is out, go to his body and pick up the Foreman’s Key.


Construction Team Safe Key
Dead Island 2 Foreman Key dropped by Site Foreman (image by eXputer)

After picking up the Foreman’s Key, backtrack all the way to the Construction Site safe and use the key to unlock it. Inside the safe, you’ll find Superior Melee Impactor Mod.

Superior Melee Impactor mod is a weapon mod blueprint in Dead Island 2 that enhances the physical damage of your weapon and gives it a force boost. This mod also allows you to inflict a “traumatized effect” on your enemies upon successive hits. Attacking a traumatized or vulnerable zombie with your weapon will send it flying, and anything it collides with takes damage as well.

How To Craft Superior Melee Impactor Mod 

To craft this blueprint, you’ll need:

  • Scraps x10
  • Fasteners x8
  • Metal Parts x6
  • Alloy x5

Wrapping Up

Dead Island 2 is filled with various safes and locked doors that contain perks, weapon mods, and blueprints that can elevate your combat prowess. To know which among these hundreds of points of interest contain the best gear, consider going through our guides on the best perks and the best weapons in Dead Island 2.

Blocking and dodging are the fundamentals of Dead Island 2, and without them, survival in the zombie-infested LA can be nigh-impossible. So equip yourself with these essential skill cards and learn about their use by going through our guide on how to block and dodge in Dead Island 2.


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