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Dead Island 2 is filled to the brim with many secrets and references. Dead Island 1 also had many secrets and references hidden in its world. The sequel is similar in that sense. From characters from the prequel to references to famous cartoons, these are the Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 has many hidden easter eggs, which you can find by exploring areas.
  • A place called Goat Pen has many references involving streamer references, including a streamer apology.
  • Goat pen also has YouTube Play button references as well as a gaming setup reference as well. 
  • Game devs have also added their previous games references like Time Splitters and Homefront: The Revolution.
  • You can also find “The Shining” reference in Dead Island 2 as well. 
  • The Oscars are renamed to The Romeros in respect to horror movie director George A. Romero.
  • A lounge in a safe area of Dead Island 2 was named after famous Italian Horror movie director Dario Argento.
  • You can find some of the voice actors’ names engraved on the Walk Of Fame
  • In addition to movie references, you can find a Simpsons reference on a police car as well.
  • Sam B from the original game has been added in Dead Island 2, and many characters also talk about his song “Who Do You Voodoo?

Streamer Apology Easter Egg

The streamer apology found in Goat Pen | Image Source: Eurogamer

In Dead Island 2, you can find a big house called the “Goat Pen”. This was actually a streamer house with social media influencers who used to live here. You can find a few references in this area. One of the most prominent Easter Eggs is the Streamer Apology that you can find in one of the rooms. It is very visibly written on a whiteboard and is a very accurate depiction of most Streamer apologies. 

YouTube Play Button Easter Egg

youtube easter egg
Squammer Awards in Goat Pen | Image Source: Eurogamer

Just like the streamer apology, there are actually YouTube awards that you can find inside the house. They are called the “Squirm Award.” They have written “For reaching 10 Million Squammers” and “For reaching 1 Million Squammers” on them. This is an obvious reference to the YouTube Play Button. 

NICKMERCS Gaming Setup

gaming setup
NICKMERCS gaming setup in Goat Pen | Image Source: Eurogamer

In addition to the previous easter eggs, a gaming setup can be found in one of the rooms of the Goat Pen. However, the setup is somewhat special. That is because this setup has a very similar logo to one streamer’s brand. The Spartan Helmet seen as the desktop wallpaper is similar to NICKMERCS’ logo. 

“Time Splitters” And “Homefront” Easter Egg

Time Splitters and Homefront arcade machines | Image Source: Eurogamer

If you are a fan of Deep Silver Studios, then there are a few Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs that you should look for. In addition to all the streamer easter eggs, one more easter egg is hidden in the Goat Pen. One of the rooms is actually an arcade room. The room contains a lot of arcade machines. There are a few machines which are more noticeable than the others. 

One of the machines is named “Homefront: The Revolution.” This is one of the titles published by Deep Silver Studios. Furthermore, you can find another arcade machine named Time Splitters. If you have played Homefront, then you already know that Time Splitters was also referenced there. But in Homefront, it was actually playable, unlike in Dead Island 2. 

“The Shining” Easter Egg

The shining easter egg
The Shining Easter Egg in Dead Island 2.

Since Dead Island 2 is a horror game so it goes without saying that the developers will sneak a few horror references at places. “The Shining” is one of the most loved horror movies. And so, the developers hide a reference in one of the areas in Dead Island 2. You can find a wall with “Red Rum” written on it. This is a reference to a scene where Danny Torrance writes “Red Rum” backward on the door. 

“The Romeros” And “The Oscars”

The Romeros show in Dead Island 2 | Image Source: Eurogamer

George A. Romero is one of the most influential horror movie directors ever. He is so famous that many people refer to him as the “Father of Zombie Film.” Many movies and games are inspired by him. The devs of Dead Island 2 decided to give respect to him in their game and ended up with an Awards Ceremony for movies named “The Romeros.” Furthermore, this is a very obvious reference to the Oscars. 

“Argento’s Sky Lounge”

Argento’s Sky Longue | Image Source: Eurogamer

George A. Romero isn’t the only horror film director that Dead Island 2. In addition to Romero, there is one more very famous director Easter Egg. Dario Argento was an Italian movie director who mainly made horror movies. He is also considered to be a very influential figure in horror movie history. A longue in one of the safe houses has been named “Argento’s Sky Lounge”. 

Voice Actors Easter Eggs

voice actors easter eggs
Dead Island 2 Voice Actors on Walk of Fame | Image Source: Eurogamer

In addition to directors, there are easter eggs for the voice actors. The Easter egg is actually a reference to both the voice actors of Dead Island 2 as well as the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. You can see the voice actors’ names written on the floor with Gold Stars on the tiles. 

Simpsons Easter Egg

police car
“To protect and to sever” | Image Source: Eurogamer

The Simpsons are famous for referencing many famous events of the future in their episodes. But this time, the devs decided to do some referencing themselves. You can see that the police cars in Dead Island 2 have something written on their doors.

“To protect and to sever.” Here it is written “sever” instead of “serve.” This can be just a simple pun or a reference to one of The Simpsons’ episodes in which the kids are being escorted in a police car with this same line attached to the back of the front seats. 

Talking Zombie Easter Egg

talking zombie
The Talking Zombie that you can find in Dead Island 2.

In one of the mansions in Dead Island 2, you can find a voice calling out to you. It can be heard from behind a door. In addition, you can also respond to the voice. If you go around to the other side, you can find out that it was actually a Zombie that you were talking to. However, just because it was talking doesn’t mean it is good. So when you see it, kill it on that spot. 

“Who Do You Voodoo?” Easter Egg

A vinyl record of Who Do You Voodoo | Image Source: Eurogamer

If you have played Dead Island 1, you already know about “Who Do You Voodoo?”. It was a song performed by Sam B in Dead Island 2. Well, because Sam B is a reoccurring character, it was obvious that the devs would add his song to it as well. Many characters can mention the song in different places. You can also see the album during one of the cutscenes as well. 

Sam B And Dead Island 1 Character

sam b
Sam B reveals.

As mentioned earlier, Sam B is a character that was in the first game, and he makes his appearance in the sequel as well. He is actually a part of the story as well. In one of the cutscenes, he actually talks about the characters of Dead Island 1. In this dialogue, he talks about some of his adventures with each of the main characters in Dead Island 1. 

Dead Island 2 has many Easter Eggs hidden in its map. The game references horror movies, directors, and other games. You can also find an Oscars reference as well. 

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