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DCU Fan Discovers A Major Superman Villain Cameo in Black Adam

A DC Universe fan reveals an obscure Superman villain makes a brief cameo in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie, revealing where fans can watch it.

A DC Universe fan has discovered a hidden cameo in black adam.

Blaze, Superman’s villain, has made her official DCU debut in black adam, with the fan sharing on Twitter a side-by-side photo of the comics and live-action versions of Blaze. Created by writer Roger Stern and artist Brett Breeding, Blaze first appeared in action comics #655 (1990). Along with his brother Satanus, the two are the human/demon children of the wizard Shazam (played by Djimon Hounsou in the DCU). black adam marks Blaze’s first appearance outside of the comics.

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Black Adam goes digital

Dwayne Johnson recently announced that black adam it was now available to buy or rent on Digital, even though the film was still playing in theaters around the world. The actor explained the decision to release black adam on Early Digital, stating: “We thought it was a strategic release to go to all digital platforms, since we’re still in theaters, as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday and of course the Christmas holiday, the Hanukkah holiday.So you guys can enjoy black adam still in theaters and certainly enjoy Man in Black at home.” The decision has apparently paid off, as the actor also revealed that “black adam It’s the number one movie on iTunes.”

black adam follows Johnson’s titular anti-hero as he is released from his earthly grave 5,000 years after being bestowed with the all-powerful powers of the Old Gods. Ready to unleash his unique brand of justice on the modern world, Black Adam’s brutal tactics draw the attention of the Justice Society: Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and the Atom Smasher. However, despite disagreeing, Black Adam finds himself reluctantly teaming up with the superhero team to stop Sabbac, a half-demon more powerful than Adam who threatens to destroy the world.

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Black Adam’s DCU Future

Since the hierarchy of power in the DCU has officially changed, fans want to know when they can expect to see Black Adam back in the shared universe. Although a sequel has not been officially announced as of this writing, Johnson has made it clear that he wants Black Adam’s journey in the DCU to culminate with a black adam vs superman film that will see his powerful anti-hero collide with Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. Johnson has also hinted that DC fans should expect to see more of the Justice Society in the future, revealing that there are initial plans in the works for spinoff projects centered on the team’s heroes, specifically Hawkman and Atom Smasher.

black adam is currently available in theaters or digitally.

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