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DC’s One Bad Day Makes a Big Change to Mr. Freeze’s Origin

In Batman lore, it’s safe to say that Mr. Freeze is one of Bruce Wayne’s most likeable villains. Since he was first introduced in the 1950s, he has become a tragic criminal who steals for funds and technology to save his wife, Nora. It is in these moments that the human side of him as Victor Fries comes to life, fueled by the “Heart of Ice” episode of Batman: The Animated Series in the 90’s.

This arc compounded how torn Batman and his team were when it came to taking Freeze down because, no matter what, they wanted him to cure Nora’s illness and snap her out of stasis. However, in Batman: One Bad Day – Mr. Freeze #1 (by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Scalera, Dave Stewart and Deron Bennett), there has been a huge change in the rogue, revealing that he is not the good husband many assumed he was.

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Batman: One Bad Day Suggests Mr. Freeze’s Marriage Is Toxic

This story dives into Mr. Freeze’s story, making key retcons along the way. Batman arrests Freeze, but at Robin’s (Dick Grayson) urging, he offers Victor a lab at Lex Corp to work with Nora. However, a problem arises when her intentions suddenly become unclear after the problem reveals that he was emotionally abusive of her before she became ill.

He accused her of infidelity, while she accused the insecure cryogenic doctor of drowning at work and neglecting her. Freeze even hated her friends, lying to her and preventing them from going to see her in the last few days. No matter what, he wanted Nora to himself, so he kept her isolated from her before putting her in the ice chamber until he could heal her. Still, there was an air of mistrust and hatred that continued to cool in her paranoid and selfish heart as he rejected her wishes to die in peace, opting instead to keep her as this trophy wife.


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Batman: One Bad Day exposes Freeze’s true motives

Batman: One Bad Day had Freeze and Nora in a bad marriage

After Freeze vandalizes the lab, suggesting that he can’t cure her, Batman and Robin give chase. They get into a brutal fight on the outskirts of Gotham, where Robin finds Nora’s cell. There, Bruce and Dick finally get Victor to admit that he never really wanted to cure her. He only wanted to use this quest for science as a front, so he could secretly indulge in his criminal affairs, gaining agency, power, and control in a way he never could as a mere human.

He says he was sick and tired of Nora going out and spending his money and living life without him while he was cooped up working. He is an unhealthy and misogynistic version of himself, far from the hopeless romantic that books and other media paint. Victor simply wanted time to stop when she wasn’t with him, so he came up with this icy prison for her, delaying her dying breath or her healing just so he wouldn’t have to share it with the world. Ultimately, it’s hard to have the same empathy and compassion for Victor, but hopefully, one day he’ll be able to make amends with his love, bring her back into the light permanently, and win back the fans that supported this couple.

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