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Core points of Gamers

DC Just Introduced the DC Mech Justice League

The following contains spoilers for DC Mech #5, now on sale from DC Comics.

dc mechanism has been a colorful and fun adaptation of traditional DC heroes, reshuffling the origins and elements of the classic universe while introducing giant robots into the mix. Now, as the fate of this world presents itself in the form of Darkseid, the universe has finally gotten its own take on a classic concept.

The Justice Squad officially debuts in dc mechanism #5 (by Kenny Porter, Baldemar Rivas, Mike Spicer, and Tom Napolitano), which gives the DC/Gundam Universe its own answer to the Justice League, all while quietly introducing even more mech versions of classic heroes that could come to life. Help the core cast in the coming battle.

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DC Mech Finally Has Its Own Justice League

Even though there is a wide variety of heroes present in the Land of dc mechanism, the group has hitherto been defined by dysfunction. Kal-El’s arrival threw the group’s already tumultuous alliance into further turmoil, and the loss of multiple allies (including this world’s Steve Trevor) only further embittered Wonder Woman and Superman’s Flash. But none of this has detracted from the danger presented by the arrival of Darkseid and his armada, prompting the Green Lantern Mech and Flash Mech to spring into action. The ensuing battle sees John Stewart finally gain control of the Lantern that powers his armor, at the cost of Hal Jordan (who sacrifices himself to save his co-pilot from certain doom).

But victory buys the heroes time to finish repairs and upgrades to their gears, with Alfred (in this timeline a skilled mechanic rather than a dedicated butler) even upgrading Kal-El’s gear with one more solar battery. powerful. The result is the creation of the Justice Squad, with giant mechanical versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern joining as the team’s starting roster. As the world watches, Kal-El announces his presence and makes it clear that, win or lose, they are prepared to face the forces of Apokolips. It also seems that they are not alone, as Star City, Tokyo, and the Pacific Ocean are revealed to be guarded by mechanized versions of Green Arrow, Katana, and Aquaman, respectively.

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DC Mech could introduce more equipment

justice-squad-dc-mech (1)

it’s a great time to dc mechanism, which until now has highlighted the fractures between the heroes instead of focusing on their common goal. Now that they’re united, the Justice Squad could turn to these other featured heroes for help. There could also be many other figures hiding from the spotlight, which could explain the apparent lack of magical heroes in this particular world. While the main squad only has a five-person roster, the other heroes could easily play a role in the final battle (much like the corrupted Bizarro Mech built by Lex Luthor, putting an end to trouble getting out of hand). .

All this seems to take advantage of the inherent potential of dc mechanismrevealing a version of the superhero universe that draws from both Superman and the Gundam franchise. Even the team of five heroes from unique corners of the world with specialized mechanical designs can be seen as an allusion to the five main characters of gundam wing, which similarly focused on a five-driver team. It’s a fun culmination of the miniseries to the point and could help set the stage for future adventures if the team is able to overcome the threat of Darkseid and his army. Especially as the multiverse becomes a more prevalent element in DC Comics, it’ll be exciting to see what happens to this timeline in future stories, and how they might play a role in other events.

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