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DC is Preventing Batman’s Growth

In the DC Universe, many heroes have a particular set of abilities or personality traits that set them apart from their contemporaries. For example, Superman shines more as a hero who would do the right thing even if it meant dying. He represented what it meant to always make the right decision. Wally West was a hero who taught readers to never give up hope and always keep running against the odds with their hearts and heads held high. But Batman proved that sometimes the best-laid plans involve keeping secrets.

Bruce Wayne has always been one of the darkest yet purest heroes in the DC Universe because he’s seen the dark side of humanity and knows the damage it could cause. Sadly, this also fostered a lifetime of trust issues that, despite his best efforts, never fully left him. While his methods have largely stagnated, the world around him has changed in a way that he proved his method of keeping secrets can’t and shouldn’t last. Thankfully, there are other ways Batman could grow to subvert one of his most defining traits.

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Batman has always been known for his secrets

In Batman’s early years, his reclusive lifestyle fostered a mindset that few would realize his double life. But among those few, an even smaller circle might be aware of the many secrets he has kept against even his closest friends. Perhaps one of his biggest secrets involved his extended family in the Justice League, in which he had documented every known weakness against them should they ever decide to turn evil. It was a shock that nearly broke the team, but it helped define Batman’s character at that point in his career. As the years had passed, Bruce had apparently tried to keep fewer secrets, but when things got out of hand, it was almost customary to try to take responsibility for him and not include his closest allies. Unfortunately, he has also kept secrets from his family that they needed to know on more than one occasion.

In both the comics and other forms of media, Bruce has always had a main plan and one that played much closer to the chest. He has also kept secrets that could have endangered the safety of his entire family. A great example of this was when the Joker supposedly broke into the Batcave and even learned Bruce Wayne’s identity. At the time, the truth of what was or was not known had yet to be revealed, but Bruce’s lack of transparency hurt the family, as they would have been fighting crime, unaware that they were potentially being targeted for the crime. joker. He kept to himself the fact that he had discovered the Joker’s identity. While omitting that information wouldn’t have hurt his allies, it was yet another secret Bruce could have entrusted to his family.

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DC can find other ways for Batman to grow up

Although Batman has shown that secrecy is second nature to him, he’s also prepared himself to be in a position where it doesn’t always have to be a first-resort solution. In recent years, the Bat Family has become even more proactive in helping Bruce deal with his war on crime, and now, more than ever, Batman has a wider net. With this foundation in mind, he could grow in ways that would never again have to involve secrets. He could better delegate the problems that have arisen in Gotham. From new enemies to older enemies, there are more than enough masked heroes that could help. Even better, now that they’re older and as experienced as Bruce, the risk of going overboard isn’t as high.

He also realizes that Bruce’s family is more than aware when he is hiding something, forcing him to be more candid. As the villains they face grow bolder, keeping secrets is more of a liability than an asset, and for Bruce to survive, he’ll have to adapt. In this case, it would mean telling whoever is working on all aspects of a case or mystery he’s working on so that if something happens to him, his family is there to pick up the pieces. Batman’s ability to keep secrets has always been an exciting part of characterizing him, but it’s one that can’t last forever, and watching him grow up and try to fully trust could be just as appealing.

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