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There are lots of dangers lurking in the depths of Dave the Diver. When it comes to sharks, there are a plethora of them, capable of providing you with meat that can last for a long time. But when it comes to Dave the Diver Great White Shark Klaus, it is a totally different story that entails a troublesome fight.

Important: You can only fight The Great White Shark during Stormy Nights.

Key Takeaways

  • The Great White Shark, Klaus, is a formidable boss in Dave The Diver.
  • To find Klaus, you must progress through the main story until you unlock the Marinca app and the Night Diving feature.
  • The encounter with Klaus is triggered on a random stormy night after defeating two other bosses, the Truck Hermit Crab, and the Mantis Shrimp.
  • An elderly woman named Clara will tell you about Klaus and how to find his lair.
  • The lair of Klaus is signaled by a white vortex during stormy nights
  • Preparing for the battle against Klaus involves gearing up with long-range weapons such as the Sniper Rifle or Grenade Launcher and enhancing your Harpoon with Poison or Flame upgrades. 
  • Klaus has three primary attacks: Dash Attack, Bite Attack, and Whirlpool Attack. 
  • The fight concludes when Clara arrives and eliminates Klaus.
  • Upon defeating Klaus, players can extract meat from his body to unlock a unique recipe, the White Shark Omelet.
  • Additionally, players will earn the Shark Teeth Necklace Charm, which boosts Harpoon damage by 15%.

Where To Find The Great White Shark

To encounter the formidable Great White Shark, Klaus, in the game Dave The Diver, certain tasks must be completed and conditions met. 


Clara appears to talk to Dave the Diver about the Great White Shark

Initiating the process requires progression through the main story until an NPC named Sato is encountered and the Marinca app is unlocked. This application enables you to track the quality and count of fish you’ve obtained.

  • After you’ve unlocked Marinca and the feature of Night Diving via a Bancho Sushi cutscene, Sato will appear by your boat on a random night. 
  • Sato will inform you that a unique boss can be found in the ocean during turbulent, stormy nights. On these nights, you can plunge into the depths in search of a vortex that signals the presence of a boss battle.

However, your first couple of boss battles will not be against Klaus. 

  • You’ll face the Truck Hermit Crab and the Mantis Shrimp as your initial and second boss adversaries, respectively. 
  • After overcoming these two bosses, a special quest will be triggered on a random stormy night
  • The occurrence of this quest becomes more likely during a shark event.

Discovering Klaus

Searching For The Great White Shark in Dave the Diver (captured by eXputer)

Once the quest begins, an elderly woman named Clara will approach your boat on her raft. 

  • She informs you that Klaus, the Great White Shark responsible for her husband’s demise, can now be located in the ocean, specifically on stormy nights. 
  • Clara’s request is for you to help locate the shark’s lair and inform her of its whereabouts. However, events will take an unexpected turn.

To engage in the boss battle with Klaus, jump into the ocean during a stormy night and seek a white vortex. This vortex could be found anywhere from the surface to 50 meters deep, but the likelihood of encountering it increases on the far-right side of the Blue Hole

  1. As you approach the vortex, the rumble of a storm will grow louder, guiding you towards it. 
  2. The sound will be directional, helping you locate the vortex more easily. 
  3. The depths at which the vortex is found can vary for different players; it can be anywhere between 20 to 50 meters down
  4. However, it often appears in the upper right corner of the first zone explored after starting your dive. 
  5. As soon as you enter the vortex, brace yourself to face the massive, angered shark – Klaus.

Remember, the quest to find Klaus only begins on stormy nights. Make sure you’re equipped adequately and prepared for the challenge before you dive into the ocean. Klaus awaits you in the heart of the vortex, ready for combat.

How To Defeat The Great White Shark

dave the diver the great white shark klaus
Fighting against Klaus The Great White Shark in Dave the Diver (image by eXputer)

Here’s how to prepare for and defeat Klaus, the formidable Great White Shark in Dave the Diver. First off, be sure to gear up appropriately before engaging in the battle. 

  • Prioritize acquiring and upgrading long-range weapons such as the Sniper Rifle or Grenade Launcher
  • Look out for any weapon chests in the ocean, particularly those colored yellow. 
  • Not only can they offer weapon upgrades, but they may also house portable oxygen tanks. 
  • It’s crucial to have an extra oxygen source, as the battlefield only houses a single refill tube. 
  • Additionally, consider enhancing your Harpoon with Poison or Flame upgrades for consistent damage output.

You’ll face Klaus solo, as your ally Clara will not be present initially. You’ll need to hold your own until she makes her grand appearance. The battle revolves around dodging Klaus’s various attacks and damaging him enough to bring Clara into play.

the great white shark dave the diver klaus
The Great White Shark Whirlpool attack (screenshot by us)

Klaus has three primary forms of assault:

  • Dash Attack: Klaus will swim towards you at an alarming speed when at a distance. Evading this move requires moving out of Klaus’s path, but beware – this can bring the shark dangerously close.
  • Bite Attack: If Klaus gets near, it will execute a bite attack, where it stays still momentarily before lunging at you. The attack is challenging to avoid as Klaus can alter its direction mid-attack.
  • Whirlpool Attack: Klaus will periodically move to the battlefield’s right side and hurl whirlpools at you, alternating between the top and bottom areas. The shark will enhance this attack once it’s significantly wounded, causing the whirlpools to move vertically while heading your way.

Focusing on dodging rather than attacking during Klaus’s assault is crucial. 

  • Once the attack finishes, Klaus will enter a brief downtime, which is the perfect window for you to strike back. 
  • Keep up this strategy until Clara arrives and eliminates the enemy, concluding the fight.

Lastly, remember that the key to victory lies in patience and strategy. Klaus has considerable health, and rushing into the battle could prove fatal. So take your time, plan your moves, and success will surely follow.


Victory against Klaus brings you several rewards. 

  • You can extract meat from Klaus’s body to unlock a unique recipe called the White Shark Omelet under the Research tab
  • You can prepare this delicacy using one Artisan’s Flame, which serves up to ten people, though it can only be used once. 
  • Additionally, you will earn the Shark Teeth Necklace Charm, which boosts your Harpoon’s damage by 15%.

With that, you know everything about Dave the Diver, the Great White Shark, Klaus. It is quite a formidable foe, but reaching it is no easy task. You need to complete a fair share of fights before you can even attempt the fight. And even then, you’ll need to be properly prepared to defeat the monster!

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