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Dave The Diver features many special events where the number of customers visiting the restaurant increases. However, these event takes place only once in a while, and the customers ask for dishes that are made by a specific underwater creature. The jellyfish event is one of the featured events, where customers ask for dishes that are made using jellyfish. In this guide, I will be thoroughly explaining Dave the Diver jellyfish event.

Key Takeaways

  • Dave the Diver jellyfish event is a special in-game event that occurs randomly.
  • All the customers visiting the restaurant will ask for dishes that include jellyfish.
  • Players will be notified before the event starts.
  • Before the jellyfish event starts, players have to catch as many jellyfish as possible to make the jellyfish event successful.

  • In order to catch the jellyfish, players will need to craft the Net Gun, as jellyfish are immune to physical damage.
  • A net gun can be crafted if players have the following items available:
    1. 100 Gold
    2. 4 rope
    3. 2 Scrap Iron

What Is Jellyfish Event In Dave The Diver?

The jellyfish event
The Jellyfish Event (Image Credit: TeaHee Plays)

As mentioned above, the jellyfish event is a special event where you have to serve the customers with jellyfish-based dishes. The occurrence of the jellyfish event is a random and unique happening. You will receive prior notification a few days in advance, allowing you to gather jellyfish and other necessary ingredients.

The jellyfish event presents an excellent chance to generate substantial income and draw in a larger customer base, although it poses considerable challenges. To successfully navigate this event, you must prepare for a busy day at your restaurant, serving numerous customers exclusively seeking jellyfish-based dishes.

How To Prepare For The Jellyfish Event?

Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for the Jellyfish event:

  • Upgrade your equipment and weapons, as you have to catch as many jellyfish as possible before the event, so better gear will prove to be very helpful.
  • In order to catch the jellyfish, you will be using the Net Gun, so craft as much ammo as possible for the net gun because you do not want to run out of nets during your hunt.
  • Learn new recipes that use jellyfish. You can learn new recipes from books that you can buy from shops or find underwater. Some recipes require specific types of jellyfish, so learn as many as you can.
  • Hire more staff for your restaurant. You will need more help to serve all the customers during the event, so hire more chefs, waiters, and bartenders if you can afford it.

How To Catch The Jellyfish?

Catching jellyfish
Catching Jellyfish (Image Credit: TeaHee Plays)

As you dive deep into the sea, you will encounter jellyfish at various locations. However, catching jellyfish is not an easy task because they are immune to physical damage. In order to catch the jellyfish, you need a special weapon known as, The Net Gun.

The Net Gun is a special weapon that can be found in underwater crates. However, it is a temporary weapon. In order to craft a permanent Net Gun, you have to find three Net Gun Blueprints inside the weapon crates. 

Crafting Net Gun

Crafting small net gun
Crafting small net gun (Image Credit: Finaq)

Once you get your hands on the three Net Gun Blueprints, then you can craft the Small Net Gun. In order to craft the small net gun in the weapon shop, you need the following items:

  1. Rope: 4
  2. Gold: 100
  3. Scrap Iron: 2

Tips And Tricks

The day the event arrives, your restaurant will be flooded with customers who want to try out the jellyfish dishes. You have to serve them quickly and efficiently while also keeping them happy and satisfied.

In order to succeed in the jellyfish event, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Check your inventory regularly. You don’t want to run out of jellyfish or other ingredients during the event, so check your inventory often and restock if needed.
  • Help your staff with serving customers. Your staff may not be able to handle all the orders by themselves, so lend them a hand by taking orders, delivering dishes, or clearing tables.
  • Serve beer to customers. Beer is a drink that can boost customer happiness and tips, so serve it to customers who ask for it or who look unhappy.
  • Don’t let customers wait too long. Customers will get impatient and angry if they have to wait too long for their orders or their bills. Try to serve them as fast as possible and avoid making mistakes.

With all of the information and tips provided above, the current guide comes to an end. This guide includes a complete explanation of the special event, the jellyfish event. The Jellyfish Event is a random event where all the customers visiting the restaurant highly demand dishes that are made using jellyfish.

Dave the Diver is a video game released in 2022 where you play as Dave, a diver who runs a sushi restaurant in the Blue Hole. You have to catch fish, fight monsters, hire staff, and serve customers in this quirky and fun game.


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