Dave The Diver: Mantis Shrimp Boss (Strategy Guide)



There are quite a few bosses as well as enemies that players will have to encounter during their time playing Dave The Diver, one of them being the Dave The Diver Mantis Shrimp boss, and players might want to know how to find as well as tackle and then defeat the boss with a cohesive strategy! 

Important: Players will need to clear chapter 6 of the main storyline and then find the vortex to encounter the boss! 

Key Takeaways

  • The Mantis Shrimp in Dave The Diver is an optional boss fight that players can fight. 
  • You will first need to get through chapter 6 of the main storyline in order to get the mission in which you can fight the boss. 
  • Sato asks you to find the vortex, for which you need to dive down, swim between orange and purple reefs, and enter the vortex to the right. 
  • The boss alternates between launching out punches from its right arm and then its left arm. 
  • It also carries out a deadly water current in which it slams its arms down, and players need to protect themselves with an airbag to the left. 

Location of The Mantis Shrimp In Dave The Diver

First things first, players should know that in order to actually unlock the Dave The Diver Mantis Shrimp boss, players will need to first have cleared through the main storyline up until they reach chapter six in the main storyline. 

Sato Talking To Dave
Sato Talking To Dave (Image Credits Exputer)
  • During it, Sato will mention that there is a huge storm that is taking place and that he felt an immaculate energy recently, and he then mentions a vortex and tells Dave to remember it. 
    Diving Down
    Diving Down (Image Credits Exputer)
  • After that, the mission ends up being updated, and you will be required to dive into the water and head forth in order to go in search of the vortex that Sato mentioned before. 

Dive into the water, and let’s start the journey! 

Finding The Vortex 

After you first dive into the water, you want to continue heading forth and then keep diving down so that you enter the depths of the water. 

  1. From here, you want to keep heading straight ahead, making sure to swim down deeper when you encounter reefs.
    Heading Straight Ahead
    Heading Straight Ahead (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Also, make sure not to miss out on the chests that are scattered around the area, as they can provide you with a bit of loot, such as baseball bats, rifles, and more. 
  3. There is a yellow box that will grant you a baseball bat, and after you get that, start heading past it. 
    Heading Deeper Down
    Heading Deeper Down (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. After finding the yellow box, dive deeper down when you encounter a few reefs that are orange towards the left, and purple/pink towards the right.
    Heading Between Reefs
    Heading Between Reefs (Image Credits Exputer)
  5.  Keep heading down deeper, and towards your right, there should be a bunch of orange reefs. 
  6. Towards the side of them, there should be a giant pool of water that is shining and sucking everything in, and it happens to be the vortex that you are looking for. 
    Vortex To The Right
    Vortex To The Right (Image Credits Exputer)
  7. Before heading in, make sure to grab the box below which grants you the Shock Bangstick which allows you to unleash a deadly electrical discharge. 
  8. As you approach the vortex, you will be warned beforehand that you can sense a dangerous creature within and you want to go ahead and enter it. 
    Entrance Warning
    Entrance Warning (Image Credits Exputer)

As you enter the area, Dave will express that he has managed to enter yet another strange space, and as you attempt to explore the area, a cutscene occurs. The cutscene will show two pairs of eyes emerging from the ground. 

  • As the creature emerges from the ground, it can be seen that it is, in fact, the Dave The Diver Mantis Shrimp

The shrimp has a green color on its entire body, and it continues on to be a pastel green, then merges with a darker blue color palette, and mostly surprisingly, the shrimp is wearing boxing gloves, immediately preparing the player for a difficult battle. 

How To Defeat Mantis Shrimp Boss 

Moving on, once the boss emerges from the ground, they will have boxing gloves equipped, and Dave exclaims that he will get punched easily with how huge the shrimp is.

Boss Emerging From The Ground
Boss Emerging From The Ground (Image Credits Exputer)

Boss Fight Begins 

As the boss fight begins, the mantis will first get closer to you, through which it will end up reaching out its right arm and then will punch you with sheer brute force, aiming for wherever you are swimming and targeting you. 

First Punch
First Punch (Image Credits Exputer)
  • After it launches its first punch, it will then stay for a few seconds and will observe your behavior, after which it will then inch toward you and launch out yet another deadly punch. 
  • After launching the first attack with its right arm, the next one will immediately be launched out with its left boxing glove
    More Punches
    More Punches (Image Credits Exputer)

Its main hitboxes will be located on its eyes; therefore, the best thing to do in this scenario is to avoid its attacks by swimming away from them, preferably up or to the side, and then aiming for its eyes. 

Eyes Weak Point
Eyes Weak Point (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The shrimp will also not really have its Dave The Diver Mantis Shrimp HP displayed; therefore, players will have to plan out their attacks even more. 

After some time, the shrimp then waits for you to swim to it, after which it reaches its arm back and waits a bit before launching out the next punch. Aim for the eyes anytime the shrimp is standing a bit idle, and that is usually done whenever it is done just launching out a punch. 

The Fight Continues 

Other than that, after the boss is launching out its punches, there also comes a moment where it will jump up and then jump back, which will cause a shockwave to occur, which can hurt the player. During this, it will also launch up both of its arms and then slam them toward the ground, sending out an even deadlier shockwave that you want to steer clear of. 

Jumping Back
Jumping Back (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Luckily, there will be quite a few items that are present on the ground, such as an ammo box that can help refill the ammo of the gun that is being used right now. 
    Slamming Arms Into The Ground
    Slamming Arms Into The Ground (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Before it enters the arm-slamming phase, you should have a bit of idle time where you can swim up to its eyes and attack it. 
    Ammo Box
    Ammo Box (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. When it does this attack, there is a lever that you want to pull toward the left side, which can block its deadly attack. 
    Lever To The Left
    Lever To The Left (Image Credits Exputer)

If you execute this smoothly, then the boss becomes vulnerable for quite a bit which grants you the ability to head back up to its eyes and continue attacking it even more. 

Attack Patterns To Keep In Mind

There are two main attack patterns that you will want to look out for if you want to deplete the Dave The Diver Mantis Shrimp HP with ease. 

  • One of its main attacks will be to study your pattern and then launch alternating punches from the left and the right arm. 
    First Attack Pattern
    First Attack Pattern (Image Credits Exputer)

You can avoid these by swimming either up from them, swimming down, or swimming to the side to stop yourself from being hit

Second Attack Pattern
Second Attack Pattern (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The shrimp will charge up a current, after which it will unleash an absolutely devastating punch that will hurt you immensely. 

The main way to avoid it is to swim to the left, pull down the lever and hide behind the bag that can defend you from the devastating punch, after which you can attack again. And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about Dave The Diver Mantis Shrimp, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide!

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