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In the immersive underwater adventure Dave The Diver, players embark on the Manta Ray Picture Mission, a thrilling quest bestowed by Udo. Here, players showcase their photography prowess, diving deep into nocturnal waters, baiting and capturing the ethereal glow of the elusive Manta-Ray, all while navigating the ocean’s challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Manta Ray Picture Mission is a unique quest in Dave The Diver.
  • The mission is given by Udo to test players’ underwater photography.
  • Players need a lure to attract the Manta Raym and Ellie provides a lure in exchange for 5 Kelp.
  • Best camera tactics are essential as the Manta Ray is found 20 meters deep.
  • A good hiding spot near the lure is necessary for the best shot of the Manta Ray in Dave The Diver.
  • Players must remain unseen and quiet to avoid spooking the Manta Ray.
  • Once the Manta Ray consumes the lure, it emits an illuminating light.
  • Camera controls include X and Z keys for zoom and space for focus.
  • Completing the mission earns players a reward of 1000 coins from Udo in Dave The Diver.

What Is Manta Ray In Dave The Diver?

Manta Ray In Dave The Diver
Manta Ray In Dave The Diver (Image Captured by eXputer)

In Dave The Diver, the Manta Ray Picture Mission tests your underwater photography skills. Udo tasks you with capturing a Manta Ray photo. To do this, obtain a lure from Ellie using 5 Kelp. Dive at night when Manta Rays spawn, prepare your equipment, and hide near a marked rock. When the Manta Ray consumes the lure and illuminates, take the perfect shot. Successful completion rewards you with 1000 coins.

How To Get The Manta Ray Picture Mission

Manta Ray Picture is a very adventurous quest given to you by Udo in which he will examine your underwater photography ability. In this quest, Udo will ask you for Manta Ray Photo where you then need to prepare lure at night to complete this quest.

You can get a lure from Ellie by giving her 5 Kelp. Once you have the lure, you can now go dive into the ocean and take photographs as soon as Manta Ray consumes Lure in Dave the Diver.

Manta Ray Picture Walkthrough

Dave The Diver offers you many quests to complete and earn rewards. You will need the best camera tactics to complete the Manta Ray Picture Mission in Dave The Diver, as it can be found 20 meters deep down the ocean.

However, all your efforts go in vain if you try to complete this quest in the daytime as Manta Ray spawns only at night. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to complete this mission;

1. Setup Picture Equipment

lighting rigs underwater
lighting rigs underwater (Image Captured by eXputer)

To accomplish this mission, the very first part is to find a generator from behind the plants and pick up lighting rigs underwater. Moving on you need to fix the lighting rigs and generator at the right place that helps you to capture the beauty of Manta Ray in Dave The Diver.

One other very important feature that will support you in this quest is Diving Gloves. You can avail the Diving Gloves by going through the “Destroy The Entryway” quest. You will be able to have full movement control deep down the ocean using Diving Gloves in Manta Ray Picture Mission in Dave The Diver. 

2. Look For A Hiding Place

Hiding spot
Hiding spot (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you have equipment for the shoot, it’s time to look for a hiding place from where it is easy to capture Manta-Ray. There are some ways you can easily get Manta-Ray underwater.

  • You need to set the lure at the right place so that Manta Ray can get attracted to it in Dave the Diver.
  • This place must be close to your hiding spot so that the chance of capturing a Manta Ray on camera becomes accessible.
  • After scattering the lure in the water, you need to hide quickly nearby behind any rock so that it can cover you.
  • You can find a rock with a diamond mark in blue color on it to hide yourself.
  • This way you cannot be seen by Manta Ray.
  • Don’t make any loud noise to trigger Manta Ray and get yourself ready for the shot.

3. Capturing Picture Of Manta Ray

Capturing Picture Of Manta Ray
Capturing Picture Of Manta Ray (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you set up the lure slowly move behind the rock and set your camera focus readily on the lure. You will need to follow the following instructions to get the full beauty of the Manta Ray on camera in Dave The Diver.

Manta-Ray fully illuminated
Manta-Ray fully illuminated (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • You need to wait for Manta Ray to get attracted toward the lure, once Manta Ray will consume Lure, it will exhibit illuminating light.
  • You have to wait to get Manta-Ray fully illuminated for the perfect shot.
  • Set up camera settings, Use X and Z keys for zooming in and out. Hold down the space button to get the perfect focus on the target in Dave the Diver.

Manta Ray Picture Mission Rewards

Rewards (Image Captured by eXputer)

Dave The Diver offers you many rewards for completing every quest. Once you give the perfect Manta-Ray Picture to Udo in Dave The Diver, he will reward you with 1000 coins that can be used in restaurants or buying diving items.

As adventurers delve into the depths in Dave The Diver, the Manta Ray Picture Mission stands out as a testament to their skills and determination. Mastering the night dive, setting the perfect lure, and capturing the Manta Ray’s luminescence not only wins Udo’s acclaim but also a bounty of 1000 coins, enriching their underwater journey.

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