Dave The Diver: How To Find Mjolnir (Guide)



In the mysterious depths of the Blue Hole, Dave The Diver seeks the legendary Mjolnir, a hammer once wielded by Thor, the God of Lightning. With the power to deal devastating damage and a hiding spot deep within the Glacial Area’s unique Aquamarine rocks, this weapon promises unmatched strength to those persistent enough to find it.

Key Takeaways

  • Mjolnir is a melee weapon in Dave The Diver, and it can pierce creatures in the Blue Hole.
  • The weapon initially deals 20 Damage, and it has a charged attack dealing 30 damage.
  • Mjolnir can inflict 80% damage to nearby targets, up to 5 times.
  • To find the Mjolnirs weapon, you need to locate it in the Glacial Area of the Blue Hole.
  • Found in standout Aquamarine rocks or ice blocks.
  • Breaking the Aquamarine rock requires advanced equipment like the Dive Knife or Pickaxe in Dave The Diver.
  • Acquiring Mjolnir allows players to pursue the God of Lightning Hidden Achievement, using it to catch a fish.

What Is Mjolnir In Dave The Diver

Mjolnir is a melee weapon in Dave The Diver that can absolutely pierce through the creatures found in the Blue Hole. This Legendary Hammer of the God of Lightning Thor has a 20 Damage in Dave The Diver.

Furthermore, it can deal 30 damage for Charged Attack, and that is not the full extent of this lethal weapon. Additionally, it can inflict 80% of damage to a nearby target up to a maximum of 5 times.

How To Get Mjolnir In Dave The Diver?

Mjolnir in Dave The Diver (Image Credits: eXputer)

In Dave The Diver Mjolnir can be found in the Glacial Area of the Blue Hole. Therefore, if you’re seeking Mjolnir, you’ll first have to head over to the Glacial Area located in the Winter Biome.

  1. Once you’re at the Glacial Area, simply look around for Mjolnir.
  2. The legendary Hammer of Thor is hidden in an Aquamarine rock or a block of ice.
  3. It’s also worth noting that Mjolnir spawns at random, so you’ll have to try your luck in order to find it.
  4. However, Mjolnir is generally found in Aquamarine rock or icebergs that stand out from the rest, so you only need to identify and break those to find Mjolnir.
  5. Once you have identified the rock, you need to break it to unlock Mjolnir.

In order to break the Aquamarine rock, you’ll need fully upgraded or advanced equipment so it is recommended to use either the Dive Knife or Pickaxe. You may have to try multiple times before the Aquamarine rock breaks, so keep trying until it is successful. When it breaks, you can retrieve Mjolnir and add the legendary hammer to your arsenal.

Unlocking God of Lightning Achievement

God of Lightning
God of Lightning Achievement in Dave The Diver (Image Credits: eXputer)

Now that you have unlocked Mjolnir, you can proceed to the God of Lightning Achievement. It requires players to explore the underwater depths and catch a fish with Mjolnir in Dave The Diver as their primary weapon.

Mjolnir, hidden deep within the Blue Hole’s Glacial Area, stands as a testament to Dave The Diver’s intertwining of myth and underwater adventure. This powerful relic, once wielded by Thor, promises unmatched prowess in battle. Those dedicated to its pursuit are rewarded not just with strength, but also a path to legendary achievements.

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