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Daredevil is on a Collision Course With the Avengers

The conflict brewing between Daredevil and the Avengers could seriously complicate the Man Without Fear’s fight against the Punisher and the Hand.

The following contains spoilers for Reckless #5, now on sale from Marvel Comics

The Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, generally considered by the world at large to be the most trusted forces for good in the Marvel Universe. But that hasn’t stopped them from taking on plenty of other heroes, and it looks like their next target could disrupt a very important hero’s quest.

Reckless #5 (by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) officially pits the Avengers against Marvel’s Man Without Fear. And, the former’s intervention could seriously affect Daredevil’s mission to stop the Punisher and the Hand from unleashing the Beast.

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Daredevil’s collision course with the Avengers


Daredevil’s current place in the larger Marvel Universe has been increasingly chaotic recently, especially after his decision to let the world think Matt Murdock is dead. Accepting his apparent destiny to become a leader among the Fists alongside his new wife Elektra, Daredevil has taken a potentially dark path that has empowered allies like Cole North and Foggy Nelson and set him on a collision course with the Punisher (who is currently serves as the avatar of the Beast and commands the Hand). But his most recent recruiting drive might have inadvertently pitted him against more of the hero community.

Seeking to expand the numbers within the Fist, Daredevil and Elektra stage a major breakout at the marine prison known as Myrmidon. As Murdock confronts the US Agent, Elektra ensures that fifteen supervillains who accept her offer of potential redemption escape confinement. Security footage of the battle ends up reaching the rest of the hero community, with Iron Man and Captain America meeting to discuss the problem. Seeing Daredevil lead the villains away from the prison, Captain America reluctantly orders Tony to assemble the rest of the Avengers and declares that it is time for the heroes to take down Daredevil.

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The Avengers Could Interrupt A Big Daredevil Confrontation


This wouldn’t be the first time Daredevil has come to blows with the rest of the hero community, with his possession by the Beast during the events of shadow land requiring the larger community of heroes to work together to take him down. But Daredevil may be the lesser of the two evils in the current situation, as the Punisher’s role as head of the Hand could allow a series of truly despicable villains to take over the world at large. By getting involved, the Avengers could find themselves embroiled in a conflict that has the potential to reshape the current Marvel Universe. The Hand’s mission could allow them to take control of people and turn them into agents of the Beast, and the heroes could find themselves attacked and even potentially corrupted by the Hand.

Meanwhile, this conflict with the Beast could also draw the X-Men into the conflict, as they earned the ire of the Beast and his daughter during the events of x of spades. While Hell Bride seemed to make amends with Wolverine and Solem during the events of AXE: Judgment Day, your father might not be so forgiving. While this means that Daredevil and the Fist could find easy allies in Wolverine and the X-Men, it could drive a wedge between the mutant nation and the rest of the Marvel Universe, a wedge that has already been quietly creating a new iteration of a conflict. Avengers/X-Men. The Avengers’ involvement in the brewing war between the Hand and the Fist could drag them, and the rest of the Marvel Universe, into a potentially ruinous conflict. He could even debuff Daredevil at the worst possible time, allowing a corrupted Punisher a better chance of enacting the Beast’s plans for Earth.

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