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Daredevil Called Out the MCU’s Worst Captain America

In Daredevil #5, Marvel’s Man Without Fear not only confronted but called out the MCU’s worst Captain America.

The following contains spoilers for Reckless #5, now on sale from Marvel Comics

Daredevil has always been one of Marvel’s most unique figures. His civilian identity is part of the legal system that he so often disrupts while he’s in disguise. He’s always been an interesting foil to most of the Marvel Universe, but the vigilante may have found the true opposite of him.

Daredevil and the American agent (John Walker) end up facing each other in Reckless #5 (by VC’s Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles). Matt Murdock uses the fight to make a compelling case that the pair are as different as night and day, something that could easily come up if the two ever squared off in the MCU.

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reckless vs. the worst captain america


Daredevil has found himself increasingly isolated from the greater Marvel Universe, especially now that he has allowed the world to believe that Matt Murdock was killed during the events of devil kingdom. Working alongside his lifelong love, Elektra, and marrying him, Daredevil has taken command of the Fist and plans to use them to finally bring down the Hand and prevent her dark intentions for the future of the Marvel Universe. . The latest development in his plan calls for recruiting more people to fight alongside him, leading him to enact a breakout at the Myrmidon prison at sea.

While Elektra successfully helps fifteen villains escape from captivity, Daredevil is confronted by John Walker. Ordering him to surrender, the former Captain America quickly trades blows with the vigilante, but it soon becomes clear that Daredevil has the upper hand in the battle. Even beyond the physical element of the fight, Daredevil comments internally that John is “the worst of us”, apparently referring to the superhero community at large. He considers Walker an authoritarian, embracing fear because that’s all he really understands. Rather, Daredevil embraces faith at the center of his decisions, making him a man without fear, and Walker’s opposite number.

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Daredevil and US Agent are perfect prints


It is an interesting concept that speaks of the history of both characters. Walker has often been defined by his darker actions and his commitment to a greater ideal than himself, one that often puts him at odds with the rest of the hero community. Daredevil may act illegally in the eyes of the law, but his actions have always been driven by his desire to help others, regardless of the means. John believes in order above all else, something the more chaotic Daredevil resists while he’s in disguise. Daredevil’s belief in equal treatment would naturally run counter to Walker’s more brutal application of “justice”, and Walker’s loyalty to the system above all else stands in stark contrast to Daredevil’s willingness to rebellion.

It’s an interesting way to turn the most controversial Captain America into a direct foil to Daredevil, and it’s something that could easily come into play in the MCU. John Walker briefly replaced Captain America in Falcon and the winter soldierand his hardened approach to fighting crime will see him play a role in the next Ray movie. In the meantime, she hulk brought Charlie Cox back as Daredevil and will explore one of his most iconic, authority-bashing stories with the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again Serie. Thanks to the interconnected nature of the universe, the pair could easily find themselves at odds in some way later on screen.

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