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Cyberpunk 2077 Gig: Spy in the Jungle is one of the gigs you’ll perform for Mr. Hands in the Phantom Liberty DLC. Missing people abound in Night City, but when an intelligence agency wants to find you, they will. In this gig, they will hire the services of V, who will once again have to make some difficult decisions.

In this guide, I will teach you the best way to complete Spy in the Jungle.

Jungle spy walkthrough

The Spy in the Jungle concert is only unlocked after completing the main quest called “The damned” from the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC. Travel to the green concert icon on the map southwest of the Longshore Stacks fast travel point to start the concert. You will receive a call from Mr. Hands, who will inform you about a missing person named Mark Bana, wanted by Brazilian intelligence agents. These agents will provide you with the necessary coordinates to proceed.

Head to room 203 of the Paradise Hotel and meet the two intelligence agents who will introduce themselves as Steven and Ana. Initially, Steven runs a background check on V and finds that they cannot find out who exactly they are, while Ana is in a hurry and accepts V on the spot. They need you to find the target named Mark Bana and will tell you to go to Organitopia, where his biomonitor was last detected.

After your conversation with the two Brazilian Intelligence agents, head to Terra Cognita and take care of the carts guarding the entrance to the underground facility.
Once inside, locate the entrance to Organitopia. You will need at least one Body 3 ability to force open the set of shutters on the left end of the window.

Interact with the panel on the right wall to obtain authorization for your entry. Shortly after, you will receive a call from Mark Bana and the doors to the Organitopia facility will open. Head through any of the doors, which lead to the main atrium area.
Watch out for carts and land mines as you make your way towards the museum room.

Stealth along the leftmost path until you reach the back of the facility. There is a hallway with stairs at the end where two scavs are stationed. One of them makes a crude joke about cyberpsychosis. When he finishes his conversation, one of the scavengers will come up the stairs so you have a chance to sneak up behind the one with you and take her out.

Go up the stairs and you will find yourself in the gift shop. It’s being guarded by a few scavengers. There is also a camera and turret nearby that are turned off by default. Hack the camera control and turn on the turret. Then enable its friendly fire mode. Sneak in and eliminate the scavengers. If they see you, the turret will help you.

Continue to the back of the room and go up the stairs, entering a game room. Eliminate the enemies inside and advance through the corridor to reach the museum room.
You’ll receive another call from Mark, advising you to take the stairs at the back of the next room to reach his location. He warns you that an elite soldier, Ribokov, is nearby. Surely before you open the door upstairs to Bana, Ribokov falls from the ceiling and forces you to fight a boss.

How to Beat Boris Ribokov Boss Fight

Boris Ribokov He’s a fast-moving boss who uses a smokescreen to cover his tracks. Fighting him feels like fighting a ninja because he moves quickly around the room to evade your attacks. Look for the red markers on the map to track his location. You can also follow the direction of incoming shots. He’ll use the vine platform to get a vantage point and shoot you from above. Shoot him when he is stopped.

Use hacking whenever possible to disrupt Ribokov’s implants and weapons or temporarily stun him. This will give you an advantage in the fight. When Ribokov creates clones, look for the red marker to find the genuine enemy. This makes it easier to target him.

When you deplete Ribokov’s health to about 60%, he will spawn four Griffin Drones and disappear. You’ll need to take out all the drones quickly before Ribokov returns to the fight. Make it a priority to defeat these drones, as Boris can regenerate his health if he is left alone. After taking out the drones, Ribokov will appear next to a trail of smoke, this time taking the fight to the lower floor. Fighting on the same floor as him makes the fight more manageable.

Take down Ribokov and loot his body for your Level +5 Iconic Smart SMG, Pizdets. It has a +85% headshot damage multiplier and a 1.2 second block time.

After the boss fight, go up the stairs and enter a room where you will discover an empty office. He scans the wall in the back right corner to reveal a hidden door. Enter the room where Boris should be. You are getting closer to Boris’s signal, but as you get closer, you will discover the truth.

The person on the other end of the line making the signal is not Mark Bana. She will introduce herself as Katya Karelina. Ask him where Bana is and he will tell you that he is already dead. It turns out that Katya is a disgraced SovOil agent who wants to make a deal with Brazilian intelligence to get out alive. Ana tells you that Katya is an interrogator for SovOil and it turns out that she was the one who captured Bana. Although Katya claims that she kept Bana alive and that someone else killed him.

From here you will have to make the difficult decision to save Katya or eliminate her and take the biomonitor. Ana orders you to eliminate her before cutting communications and you are the one who decides. Katya promises you her loot if you let her live. But what is the best option?

Whichever you choose, you will need to pick up the biomonitor from the case. V once again has to make another difficult decision. Take the biomonitor to the delivery location or return to the Brazilian intelligence agents? If you choose to listen to what the two agents have to say, Steven reveals that the Brazilian government wants the biomonitor fragment destroyed to cover their tracks. Ana is against it and wants to honor the memory of her friend. What do you want to do with the biomonitor?

Should you forgive or kill Katya?

Depending on your dialog options, the results will be different in each of the following options:

Saving Katya’s Choice

I think forgiving Katya is ultimately the best option because you can unlock a side quest to find the location of her stash. In addition to the benefits it offers, your reservation offers you 16,737 eddies which is more than what Spy in the Jungle Gig offers.

Select these dialog options to get this result:

  • “Where is Bana?”
  • “How do you know he’s dead?”
  • “I said I have to kill you.”
  • “Do it fast.”
  • “Okay. Deal.”

After V tells Katya to run away, you will receive the location of her secret hideout. It will be marked in your quest log as Money for nothing so you know where to find it. Go to the parking lot and move the large garbage container that only requires 3 body statistics. Open the hatch in the floor and take the merchandise.

Kill Katya Choice

V tells Katya that she has no deal and that you have to kill her. You can then loot her corpse and find an archived conversation about Bana. It turns out that Katya is well aware that all the interrogators involved in Bana’s death are being hunted, including her. You won’t be able to get Katya’s stash this way.

Once you meet Katya, choose these dialogues to get this result:

  • “Where is Bana?”
  • “How do you know he’s dead?”
  • “I said I have to kill you.”
  • “Do it fast.”
  • “Unfortunately, I do care.”

It is possible to get Katya’s stash and kill her at the same time. Upon agreeing to spare her life, she will tell you the location of her stash. You can then shoot her right before she leaves. She’s not very honorable, but she got justice anyway.

Should you give Ana the biomonitor?

Once you deal with Katya, you will have the option to choose between depositing the Biomonitor at the drop-off point, destroying it, or giving it to Ana. The outcome and its reward will be different depending on your choices below:

Give Biomonitor to Ana Choice

It is better to give the biomonitor to Ana because she gives you more swirls for it. Steven will be mad that you ignored orders, but the concert is over anyway and your wallet is a little heavier. And there is no need to track it to the delivery point with this option either.

When you return to room 203 in Paradise, choose these dialogue options:

  • “Knock yourself unconscious.”

V gives the biomonitor fragment to Ana and Steve gets angry and leaves the room. Ana thanks you and she promises that the credits will reach you soon. You will get 6,000 swirls for this result.

Destroy biomonitor choice

V apologizes to Ana but destroys the biomonitor fragment. She gets angry and leaves the room. Steven thanks you for your decision and promises that your swirls will arrive soon. You will get 4000 swirls for this result.

  • “Wait, Steven?”
  • “Do you have a plan, Ana?”
  • “I’m sorry, I can not”.

Deliver the biomonitor to the chosen delivery point

V takes the biomonitor to the delivery point. The concert takes place without fanfare. You will receive a call from Mr. Hands and you will get your 4,000 swirls. There is no need for dialogue options with this result. Simply go directly to the drop-off point.

Regardless of your choices, you will complete Spy in the Jungle Gig. Mr. Hands will contact you and give you your reward. The number of swirls you get will depend on the outcome of the concert. His final decision leads to one of two outcomes:

  • If you protect the agreement with Brazil and place the biomonitor in the designated box, you will receive $4,000 Eddies upon completion.
  • Alternatively, delivering the biomonitor directly to Ana will net you $6,000 swirls, although you’ll anger Steven in the process.

Jungle Spy Rewards: 4000-6000 whirlpools, +1685 XP

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