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Many players wonder who’s Falco, the one who messaged V in one of the sidequests, Over the Edge, and what his role is in the game. Although he doesn’t play a huge role, he’s the one through which V finds David’s jacket location. So, in this article, we’ll tell you everything bout Falco and his role in Cyberpunk 2077.

Key Takeaways

  • Falco is a character in Cyberpunk 2077, originating from the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners.
  • He plays a minor yet critical role in the side mission “Over the Edge.”
  • As an ex-Nomad wheelman, Falco is known for his strength, mental toughness, and signature weapon, the Techtronika RT-46 Burya.
  • He helps V find David’s jacket, although the two never meet physically.
  • Falco was an essential part of David’s crew, serving as a reliable driver for dangerous missions.
  • His relationship with David was one of mutual trust and reliance.
  • Falco has a cowboy-like appearance and is known for his physical strength and mental toughness.
  • His weapon, the Techtronika RT-46 Burya, is an extension of his personality, symbolizing resilience and strength.
  • After the end of Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Falco’s whereabouts are unknown.

Who Is Falco In Cyberpunk 2077 

Text from Falco and Edgerunner
Text from Falco and Edgerunner (Image Captured by eXputer)

Falco is a character from the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, originally appearing in the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners. He’s an ex-Nomad wheelman and a dependable mercenary, known for his ties with Maine’s and later David’s crew.

Falco plays a minor yet pivotal role in the side mission “Over the Edge,” helping V locate David’s jacket. Characterized by his strength, mental toughness, and signature weapon – the Techtronika RT-46 Burya, Falco embodies the survivalist spirit of the Cyberpunk world. 

What Is Falco’s Role

Falco does a small cameo role in the side mission, Over the Edge. The cameo relates to sending a message to V in the side job. It happened when V tried to get in touch with the local fixer Muamar Reyes and he, in turn, messaged Falco for help. Soon after, Falco messaged V personally, telling him not to look for his crew. However, through messages, Falco gave V David’s jacket whereabouts in Cyberpunk 2077. Nevertheless, both never got in touch with each other physically.

Falco’s Relationship With David

Falco didn’t play a significant role like the rest of Maine’s initial squad, but he was still an important character who worked as a reliable driver for David to aid him on dangerous missions. When Maine’s initial crew divided, David picked up the pieces that let Falco join forces with him and genuinely show his potential and skill.

Once Falco and David were united, they shared an easy-going brotherly relationship. David and Falco knew they could rely on each other for their needs. David believed Falco could help him and Rebecca in their dangerous endeavors as a driver. 

David also believed that Falco was ultimately the one who could bring Lucy to safety. He was a Nomad wheelman, a skilled driver, and an accurate shooter. However, when David died, Falco became isolated.

Falco’s Appearance & Characteristics In Cyberpunk 2077

Falco Appearance
Falco Appearance (Image Captured by eXputer)
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Equipment RT-46 Burya
Affiliation Maine’s crew (defunct) <br> David’s crew (defunct)
Occupation Mercenary
Role Nomad
Voiced By Matthew Mercer (English), Yasuyuki Kase (Japanese)

Falco has a stylish cowboy appearance, courtesy of his robust voice and orthodox cowboy-like attire. Although his mustache looks charming and mighty, his power is something his enemies fear. He has excellent strength to handle his foes’ bullets and powerful punches. He is a mentally tough personality with a strong physical appearance that deserves recognition. 

Falco’s Techtronika RT-46 Burya Gun

Attacks Per Second 0.78
Clip Size 4 round(s)
Charge Multiplier 25%
Headshot Damage Multiplier 200%

Falco’s relationship with his weapon, the Techtronika RT-46 Burya, is almost symbiotic in nature, in the same way, many Edgerunners develop a bond with their preferred tech. The Burya isn’t just a weapon for Falco; it’s an extension of his being, an unwavering symbol of his resilience, strength, and ruthless efficiency in the chaotic world of Cyberpunk 2077.

The Burya is a powerhouse, a quad-barrel, double-action revolver capable of instantly firing charged rounds. It’s a weapon that demands respect, not only from its wielder but from those on the receiving end of its barrels. A perfect match for Falco, a hardened mercenary and ex-Nomad wheelman, with the physical strength and mental toughness to handle the weapon’s demanding requirements.

The Burya also represents Falco’s role within the Edgerunner crew. Just like the Burya, Falco is a reliable and robust force in Cyberpunk 2077, a protector, and a deterrent. He’s the backbone of the crew, just as the Burya is often the last line of defense in a fight.

What Happens To Falco After The End Of Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Only two mercenary company associates return alive at the end of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. These two are Lucy and Falco. Lucy went to the moon, but Falco’s whereabouts remain unknown. He might have gone to the moon, but no one can confirm it.

In Cyberpunk 2077, Falco is a character not to miss. An ex-Nomad wheelman, he’s strong, tough, and armed with his trusted weapon, the Techtronika RT-46 Burya. Although he only appears in a side mission, ‘Over the Edge’, his role is vital. He helps players locate David’s jacket and stands as a trusted part of David’s crew.

Despite his minor role, he makes a significant impact, leaving his mark in the game and on players alike. Falco’s whereabouts after the game, however, remains a mystery. Further for more information look at Cyberpunk 2077 Best Controller Settings, Cyberpunk 2077 Collectors Edition, and How To Solve The Breach Hacking Code Matrix guides.


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