Cyberpunk 2077 Davis’ morale “took a significant hit” after the game’s launch.


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  • CD Projekt Red’s director of engineering, Colin Walder, said that the development team faced a tough challenge after the game’s fast launch.
  • The CDPR director said the team acknowledged the mistakes and vowed to change things.
  • Walder also shared with CDPR the lessons learned from Cyberpunk’s ill reception and said the studio is already applying valuable insights to the upcoming Witcher project Polaris.

Colin WalderI am an experienced engineering director CD Project Red Revealed in an interview that Cyberpunk 2077 The team faced Major morale blow After a very weak launch of the game. The Director of CDPR outlined this. Important Lessons The studio received a critical reception for the game. Additionally, he provided his insight on how to effectively address the controversial crisis system in the industry.

Talked to Walder. InvenGlobal In Inven Global Conference. The engineering director admitted that the morale of the team was high. “Major Hit” After the very disappointing Cyberpunk 2077 launch. Explaining the challenging period, he said that the CDPR team openly admitted their mistakes and began the redemption arc for the now widely acclaimed sci-fi RPG. . “Actions speak louder than words.”

As for other tools or strategies to maintain morale after release, especially after the hardships we faced—that was really a challenge. Morale took a significant hit. It is obvious. The important thing was to acknowledge what had happened. We had to admit that the result was not what we were hoping for and we were determined to change things.

According to Walder, the studio took inspiration from the disastrous 2020 launch and is applying the lessons learned to CDPR. The upcoming game in The Witcher series is codenamed Polaris.. He emphasized the importance of addressing key aspects from the beginning of the project, for example, console testing, saying that he “Demos are already running on console” For Polaris, a step that delayed the development of cyberpunk.

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During the discussion, the industry supporter went into contact The Controversial Crunch SystemWhere employees are pressured to work extra hours to meet tight deadlines. To maintain a reliable working environment, devs are needed, he said. “Show commitment.” He reinforced this. “People need to see it to believe it.”

For example, when a deadline is looming, instead of going back to the crunch, we might say, ‘Let’s adjust the schedule,’ or ‘Let’s approach this differently.’ Once this becomes a repeatable behavior—once the team sees a genuine effort to prevent a crisis—then trust and morale begin to rebuild.”

Cyberpunk 2077 debuted with a very buggy product that earned it. Massively bad reception. However, the devs Never once did I consider giving up the game. As a result Update 2.0 which improved the RPG and gathered an incredibly large number of players. The retro-futuristic title is now sold out. 25 million copies with the Phantom Liberty DLC already moving over 3 million units..

Cyberpunk was released in 2077. December 20, 2020On a myriad of new and old generation platforms.

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