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Cyberpunk 2077 Concert: Symptom Treatment is one of the concerts you will perform for Mr. Hands in the Phantom Liberty DLC. A new problem arises with the Voodoo Boys when V is asked to eliminate a blackmailer named Milko Alexis to help one Indira Barazza. You will have to make some pretty big decisions in this Service that will lead to different results.

In this guide, I will teach you how to complete the Symptom Treatment Service in the best possible way, including the crucial decision involving Milko and the rewards obtained upon completion.

Tutorial on treating symptoms

The Symptom Treatment Gig will be available from Mr. Hands after completing the initial mission called “Spider and the Fly” of the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC. This concert can be started by heading to the green concert icon near the Voodoo Boys base inside the Luxor High Wellness Spa. The objective of your mission is to eliminate the elusive Milko Alexis.

Once you are at the location, Mr. Hands will contact you and tell you about a nightmare he had about his lungs being hacked. He will provide you with the details of the task to eliminate the Voodoo Boys blackmailer named Milko Alexis to protect the client from him.

As you approach the entrance, you’ll encounter a Voodoo Boys guard standing guard outside. A skirmish with this guard is inevitable before you can get through the main gate. At first, you can sneak your way through the base to take out as many Voodoo Boys as you can. However, this will be difficult unless you have really improved your hacking skills to deal with the cameras and drones in the surrounding area. Or you can also just shoot with guns if you prefer. Either way, prepare for a tough fight.

After clearing the area, go up the stairs and enter the door on the left side. You’ll come to a small office with a Griffin Drone and a few more Voodoo Boys looking to stop your progress in the hallway to your right. Take them out and keep moving.

Eventually, you’ll come to an arena full of deactivated robots. Entering this location will activate the Robot R Mk. 2 to power you up and challenge you to a boss fight. You can’t damage this boss while he’s buffing up, so you’ll have to wait until he’s on the ground and the fight starts properly.

How to beat Robot R Mk. 2 boss fight

As soon as Robot R Mk.2 activates, you won’t be able to exit until you defeat it. It’s a good idea to save the game before continuing. The best way to beat the Robot R Mk. 2 is by keeping your distance, as he will always try to get closer to you throughout the fight. Stay close to the edges of the room so you can react quickly when new robots wake up. Robot R Mk.2 has a lot of health and tough armor, so it will take time to defeat it. If you have a perk called Vulnerability Analytics, use it to find the Robot R Mk.2’s weak points.

You will not fight the Robot R Mk. 2 on its own, as it will also wake up other robots around it during the fight. You should focus on eliminating the smaller robots first because they are easier to deal with and that prevents them from colluding with you.

These robots, including the boss, are weak against electricity. If you have weapons or devices that use electricity, use them. You can also hack the robots to disable them or damage their weapons. There are also servers in the room that you can destroy that will damage all nearby robots.

Once you manage to defeat the Robot R Mk. 2 boss, the other robots will also turn off. Be sure to loot the boss remains to get some level 2 item components, the Smart Link Cyberwareand just as the Iconic Ogou Smart Gun (Level 3). The Ogou Smartgun is equipped with explosive rounds and has +50% headshot damage, +25% armor penetration, and +50% critical damage, making it a solid weapon.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, you can continue your mission to find Milko Alexis. Go through the double doors at the back of the room and go down the stairs. You will eventually reach a room with two people. Your target, Milko Alexis, is at the netrunner station with another netrunner connected to him.

From here, you can choose to talk to the netrunner, Alan, who is next to your objective or simply shoot Milko to do so. If you choose to get information from Alan first, he will inform you about other Voodoo Boys victims besides Indira Barazza and that he is with NetWatch as an undercover agent. Alan tells you that Milko is just a small part of a bigger problem and that he wants to take down the big boss at the top. To achieve this, he needs Milko to be alive.

This is where you have to make an important decision: whether you choose to forgive Milko and follow Alan’s advice, or kill one of them, is entirely up to you.

Should you do without Milko?

Depending on your dialog options, the results will be different in each of the following options:

Choice of replacement milk

Choosing to forgive Milko and follow Alan’s plan is the best option. It’s usually more worth it to forgive Milko and let the NetWatch agent do his job. You will complete Symptom Treatment either way and NetWatch will contact you later to give you additional credits.

Once you enter the room Milko and Alan are in, talk to the netrunner first. He’ll tell you how he needs Milko alive to make sure the Voodoo Boys don’t blackmail future victims like your client. Johnny will appear and tell you that he’s full of it, but you can ignore him and forgive Milko. These are the dialog options to achieve this result:

  • “Anyway, he’s a dead man.”
  • “Maybe. Do you know Bryce Mosley?”
  • “Good luck with that.”
  • “I ran into some combat robots.”
  • “We sure have confidence.”
  • “Okay, finish your operation.”

This option will also protect your client, Indira Barazza, as she will be placed on the NetWatch protection list. Mr. Hands will be impressed by how he has handled the situation.

Kill Milko Choice

Another path you can take is to kill Milko. Once you enter the room Milko and Alan are in, you can go ahead and shoot the guy lying on the netrunner station at any time. This achieves the initial goals of the Symptom Treatment Service. This option protects Indira Barazza and Mr. Hands will tell you a good job. However, NetWatch will not give you any bonuses. Alan will be angry that you eliminated Milko, who he spent months following, and he will demand that you leave.

Kill Alan choice

Killing Alan is another scenario that is only activated by choosing certain dialogue options. Once you enter the room Milko and Alan are in, you can kill Alan at any time. However, he will become hostile if you choose the following answers:

  • “Anyway, he’s a dead man.”
  • “Maybe. Do you know Bryce Mosley?”
  • “Good luck with that.”
  • “I ran into some combat robots.”
  • “We sure have confidence.”
  • “Here to protect my client.”

Alan will attack you with this choice and you will have to eliminate him. You can collect Alan’s key card and his dog tag from his dead body. This will not change anything with NetWatch and you will still get the same rewards and results as killing Milko.

What you do here is up to you, but once you’re done, head out the back door and Mr. Hands will call for you. The symptom treatment concert is over.

Treat symptoms Rewards: 8000 whirlpools, +1300 XP

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