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Cyberpunk 2077 Roads to Redemption is a new job you can complete in the Phantom Liberty DLC. You’ll be introduced to a new character, Nele Springer, a defector from the terrorist organization Crimson Harvest who needs your help to prevent a terrorist attack in Berlin.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to complete the Roads to Redemption concert in the best way possible, including the crucial decision involving Nele.

Roads to Redemption Concert Overview:

Requirements to unlock jobs: Complete Phantom Liberty DLC Main Mission #10: Fire Starter
Concert objective: Foil a terrorist attack
Concert Rewards: Iconic Hercules 3AX Assault Rifle, 7000 Swirls, XP 2015
Concert location: Pacifica, Dogtown (fast ride at EBM Petrochem station)

Paths to Redemption Tutorial

To begin the Roads to Redemption concert, players must have completed the tenth main mission of the Phantom Liberty DLC called “Firestarter.” After your conversation with Myers, the “Roads to Redemption” concert will be available.

Start the concert by heading to the concert marker location on your map, which is at Dogtown Stadium. When you get there, answer Mr. Hands’ call. Then he will ask you to meet with Nele Springer.

Locate Nele simply follow the leaderboard and join her at the table for a brief job briefing. She will give you a fragment (piece of hardware) that you will need to hack and upload some software to the Net-Nuke bomb inside the weapons factory.

Once you have the fragment, head to the factory entrance indicated by the green marker. Then open the door by entering the code “1701” on the keypad. (Bug Warning: Do not go through the door if it is already open to start, doing so may cause a bug and prevent you from completing the concert. Instead, take a few steps in and then walk out the door to close it first before entering the code.) Once inside, go up the first flight of stairs to an area and take out a group of guards and a handful of turrets.

Now, go past the broken wall behind you and crouch to the left corner of the room. There is a laptop hidden behind the yellow wall with a guard nearby, allowing you to disable all the turrets in the area at once. Crouch behind the guard, then interact with the laptop to disable the turrets (Local Network > Surveillance System > Shut Down).

After that, continue left until you reach the elevator in the middle of the room. Before heading to the elevator, avoid the hassle by distracting the guard with the air conditioning using a quick trick to draw attention away from him, then sneak up behind him to successfully enter the elevator without him noticing.

Nele will give you photos of the room via text message in an effort to help you with the location of the device. Take the elevator to the manufacturing floor and there you will encounter more guards and turrets. While you wait for the two guards ahead to disperse, you can disable the turret on your right with your quick trick.

You’ll eventually reach a crafting room if you continue the path around the chamber to the right. You will find an iconic Hercules 3AX smart assault rifle inside a yellow briefcase.. Now, continue back and you will reach the main area where you arrived outside the elevator. If you have enough technical skill, you have the option to unlock the door on the right and enter the room where the bomb is located.

Otherwise, turn around and enter the pair of doors on the right, near where you first saw the Hercules 3AX. Once inside, there is a curtained path that leads directly to the bomb location. Beware of the scientists and guards in the room.

Once you have located the bomb, Connect it to the case and load the software from the fragment to disarm the bomb.. After that, confront or sneak past the guards on your way out of the weapons factory. Go back to the elevator and then escape through the garage.

After leaving the factory, meet Nele at the specified location. Once there, she enters the vehicle and returns the fragment to her.

Before you could hand over the fragment, four Biotechnica agents appeared and tried to stop Nele. This is where you will have to make an important decision regarding what to do with Nele. The two options are to hand Nele over to the agents and betray her, or take the blame for her and eliminate the agents.

Once everything is completed, Mr. Hands will call you to express his appreciation for your work and finalize the transaction.

Betray Nele or side with her?

Roads to Redemption is a concert with two possible endings. You will still receive rewards, but they will have different values ​​depending on what you choose.

Betray Nele Result

If he turns Nele over to Biotechnica’s agents, Mr. Hands will probably cause less turmoil, as he doesn’t like his clients disappearing without a trace. He exits the vehicle and hands the fragment to the agents as evidence that Net-Nuke was sabotaged, showing that you are not fully involved. The agents will put Nele into her car and drive away.

These are the dialog options you can choose to get this result:

  • “Get out” (Do what he says).
  • “Return fragment” (Arrest her. I’m clean).

The only problem if you don’t choose this path is that Biotechnica is a more powerful organization and you don’t want to cross their path in the future with unfavorable consequences.

On Nele’s side

If you choose to side with Nele and deal with the four Biotechnica agents, you will please Mr. Hands and receive the full amount of whirlpools as a reward. Exit the vehicle and shoot the four Biotechnica agents. Once they are eliminated, talk to Nele once more, give her the shard and she will express her gratitude to you.

These are the dialog options you can choose to get this result:

  • “Go out and get the gun” (Stay in the car. I’ll take care of them).
  • “Take out the gun” (Handcuff me. I dare you.)

I would recommend siding with Nele as the best option. Siding with Nele will earn you respect among Crimson Harvest, which could be useful and will unlock additional side quests with Nele. Nor will he risk damaging her relationship with Mr. Hands, which could lead to him no longer hiring or providing assistance to her in the future.

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