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FF16 cut from the cloth choices is a side quest that begins in the tranquil Hideaway, where players will interact with the diligent Hortense, Keeper of the Stores. Tasked with the retrieval of a special piece of cloth from Northreach. Along the way, you’ll encounter a foe, ‘Killer.’

Key Takeaways

  • Cut from the Cloth is an FF16 side mission that begins in The Hideaway during the “After the Storm” main narrative quest.
  • The quest begins with a conversation with Hortense, Keeper of the Stores, who asks the player to retrieve cloth from Northreach.

  1. Upon arriving in Northreach and speaking with the draper, players learn the cloth has been stolen.
  2. To find the stolen cloth, players must fast-travel to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate Obelisk, where they find a downed caravan and confront an enemy named “Killer”.
  3. “Killer” is a formidable foe, and players must defeat him to recover the stolen cloth.
  4. Once “Killer” is defeated, players are transported back to Northreach with the draper and then must return to The Hideaway to speak with Hortense and complete the quest.
  5. At one point, players are given a dialogue choice between three types of cloth: black embroidered linen, white continental silk, or lush red velvet.
  6. However, this choice doesn’t impact the quest outcome.

  • Upon completing the quest, players receive several rewards, including 50 Steelsilk, 500 Ability Points, 800 Gil, 350 EXP, and 15 Renown.

Cut From The Cloth Walkthrough

Hortense ff16 cut from the cloth choices

Sure, here is an expanded walkthrough for the “Cut from the Cloth” side quest in Final Fantasy 16:

  1. Speak with Hortense, Keeper of the Stores: The quest begins in The Hideaway, where you’ll speak to Hortense, Keeper of the Stores, who is located near the Boarding Deck. Hortense needs you to pick up some cloth from Northreach.
  2. Visit the draper in Northreach: After speaking with Hortense, use the Northreach Obelisk to travel to Northreach.
    • The draper you need to speak to is conveniently located next to this obelisk.
    • She will inform you that the cloth was stolen, which triggers your next objective.
  3. Search for the missing caravan: To find the stolen cloth, travel to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate Obelisk.
    • From there, follow the road a short distance until you find a downed caravan.
  4. Defeat ‘Killer’: At this point, you’ll be forced into combat with an enemy known as Killer. Killer has a Stun bar, and his level is just one below yours, so be prepared for a challenging fight.
  5. Return the cloth to Hortense: Once you’ve defeated Killer, you will automatically return to Northreach with the draper.
    • After another cutscene, travel back to The Hideaway and find Hortense. Deliver the cloth to her to complete the quest.

Throughout this FF16 cut from the cloth choices quest, there is a dialogue choice where you will be asked to choose between three colors of cloth: black embroidered linen, white continental silk, or lush red velvet. 

Dialogue Choice

Killer ff16 cut from the cloth choices

The “Cut from the Cloth” side quest presents you with a dialogue choice regarding the type of cloth you want to choose. This occurs toward the end of the quest, after you’ve defeated the enemy “Killer” and recovered the stolen cloth.

You will be asked to select one of three colors/types of cloth:

  1. Black embroidered linen
  2. White continental silk
  3. Lush red velvet

However, it’s important to note that your choice between these three options does not impact the overall story, the quest’s outcome, or the rewards you receive.


Upon successful completion of the “Cut from the Cloth” side quest, you will be rewarded for your efforts. The rewards serve as a way to progress your character further in Final Fantasy 16, providing useful resources and enhancements.

Here’s what you will receive:

  • 50 Steelsilk: Steelsilk is likely a crafting material that can be used for various purposes in Final Fantasy 16.
  • 500 Ability Points: Ability Points (AP) are typically used in Final Fantasy games to learn or enhance abilities.
    • Gaining 500 of them will allow for significant progress in your character’s skillset.
  • 800 Gil: Gil is the primary currency in the Final Fantasy universe.
  • 350 EXP: EXP, or Experience Points, are crucial for leveling up your character.
  • 15 Renown

That’s it from my side! I hope now you know how to do the FF16 cut from the cloth choices quest. Also, I recommend you read Final Fantasy 16 Trophy ListAll DominantsHow To Beat Benedikta, and How To Save & Remove Game Files guides & learn more about Final Fantasy 16.


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