CS2: The best loadout for terrorists and counter-terrorists


CS2 introduced a brand new menu and screen to choose which weapons you want to take into battle, called Load out Loadout makes a player confident going into battle and can profoundly affect a player’s in-game performance. This is why you need to make sure you are selective. CS2 Excellent Load out.

Key takeaways

  • Loadout is the menu where you Select weapon You want to take part in the battle in Counter-Strike 2, and there are 2 loadouts that you have to configure according to your preference.
  • There are 3 levels of loadout: Pistol, Middle classAnd Rifles.
  • gave Benefit The purpose of organizing your loadout is that you will have the best weapons and can buy them during matches in CS2.
  • gave loss It will be that you will be playing with it. already decided Gunswhich aren’t terrible but still are. no absolute Best.

What is CS2 Loadout?

An example of a CS2 loadout (Image credit: eXputer)

Simply put, the loadout is the menu where you can decide and select what to do. 15 weapon You want to fight with yourself. These 15 weapons are divided. 3 separate levels. There are many weapons; Thus, the player must ensure that he is confident and familiar with the 15 weapons he chooses.

There are 3 levels:

  • Pistol: You can choose from 5 different sidearms that you want to go into battle.
  • Middle Level: You can choose from 5 different weapons from shotguns, SMGs and heavy weapons.
  • Rifles: Here, you can choose 5 different rifles: Heavy Rifles or Assault Rifles.

Best CS2 loadout for terrorism

Best Terrorist Loadout (Photo by: eXputer)

Now, on to the best loadout for terrorist side. You get to choose from a variety of weapons in 3 tiers, which you can purchase during the game once you have enough cash and are in the purchase zone. There is also a starting pistol in the mix that you have to choose from.

The pistol

Playing on the terrorist side, you only have one available. Start Pistol: Given. Glock.

The other 4 empty slots must be filled by selecting:

  • Tech 9: great performance; You can hit your shots while moving relatively easily.
  • Desert Eagle: Despite its low rate of fire, its immense damage can work wonders for you.
  • P250: Overall an amazing sidearm.
  • Dual Berettas: TThey are only the last choice as all other pistols are extremely underpowered.

Middle class

Again, on the terror side, you should choose 1 shotgun and 4 SMGs from the mid-range. They aree:

  • MAC10: SMG that can easily aim and shoot while running. It has plenty of ammo and should definitely be your first choice.
  • P90: Another SMG if you want to rush and generally use a lot of ammo.
  • Sawed-Off: Known for its high damage and should be in your loadout if you can aim well.
  • UMP-45: Very high rate of fire and very cheap to obtain; Thus, it should be in your loadout.
  • Negev: Just shoot with this weapon. It won’t let you down because it has unlimited ammo.


Rifles are the most used weapons in your loadout, so you should make sure you have the best of them in your loadout, the best being:

  • AK 47: No introduction needed. It is by far the most used and loved gun in the game. It has amazing damage and is really fun to use.
  • AWP: A sniper rifle that can one-shot an enemy.
  • Galil-Ar: Easy to control and deals a lot of damage.
  • SSG 08: Another sniper rifle that can be useful in later rounds.
  • G3SG1: Extremely fun to use and, therefore, must be given a go!

The best CS2 loadout for Counter Terrorism

Best Counter Terrorist Loadout (Photo by: eXputer)

Additionally, now, you will be given a list of the best loadouts. Counterterrorist side. As before, you have to choose multiple weapons through 3 levels. Theses weapons can be purchased in-game through the shop if you have enough cash. In addition, you must also decide on the initial pistol for the loadout.

The pistol

On the counter-terrorist side, your default pistol is either the P2000 or the USP-S; You should go for the P2000, and your other 4 choices should be:

  • R8-Revolver: It deals a lot of damage and is a great choice for a firearm.
  • P250: Costs almost nothing and is quite easy to use.
  • five seven: YesRepeat if you want longer distance matches.
  • Dual BerettasThis is extremely useful if the terrorists are pushing you.

Middle class

Mid-level has many weapons to choose from. These are the best:

  • Nova: A good choice for an inexpensive shotgun. It also damages your opponents from long range.
  • UMP-45: This is a great choice for an SMG because it’s good for long-range fights and doesn’t run out of ammo quickly.
  • P90: A great SMG to go with as it has a good fire rate and ammo capacity. So overall, this is a solid choice and needs to be in your loadout.
  • MP9: Right now, this is the best SMG in the game and has a very high rate of fire.
  • XM1014: Cxpensive but does the trick very well.


The top 5 choices should be:

  • M4A4: A reliable and excellent choice for an assault rifle. It is used a lot.
  • AWP: Even if you’re not that good at sniping, it’s important, just in case.
  • FAMAS: It is not that expensive and should definitely be in your top 5 priorities.
  • August: It has a high rate of fire and can be used well with a scope.
  • SSG 08: This weapon should be used for long range hits in later rounds.

My thoughts

After playing several hours of CS2, I realized that these were the best possible loadouts for both the terrorist and counter-terrorist sides. I spent some time with these weapons and discovered that P90 Was a savior for me as it didn’t require much skill to operate. Besides that, My go-to strategy The first round was to use the starting pistol and later to grab the P90 for your desired weapon.

And with that, the CS2 best loadout guide ends. Where you were provided with the best loadout for both Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism sides.

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