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FOV settings are visual-based settings that let you choose the type of perspective you want in-game. FOV stands for Playground to see, And the exact type of FOV depends on the individual playstyle. This Setting Let you decide if you want a more focused sniper or a Based on a wide range Display to see all angles and positioning of enemies. FOV can greatly affect your gameplay, so the first step towards this is knowing how to change FOV. CS2.

Key takeaways

  • There is give How to change CS2 FOV settings
  • One is by default view model position, And is through the other Console commands.
  • There are three presets you can choose from in the settings.
  • You can change FOV points with console commands. 54 To 68.
  • 54 is the lowest. close enough, While 64 is the highest. Farthest Away you can put the tip of the gun.
  • The exact FOV settings are up to you. Personal reference By changing and testing each FOV point.

How do you change the FOV settings?

How do you change FOV settings in CS2?
CS2: How to Select FOV Presets – (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

There are two basic ways to change FOV settings: one is through console commands, and the other is basic presets you can select from the Settings menu.

As for the FOV settings, they are highly dependent on the type of playstyle you have. If you are a sniper, you may want to go for a wider display so you can go for scopes without and quick scopes.

To change your FOV, you can simply go to CS2’s settings menu. From there, click on the search bar, which will contain Global. “magnifying glass” Find the icon from there. “Watch” And setting “See Model Position.” You can access it manually from the Game tab in Settings.

There will be three available presets that you can choose according to your personal preference:

1. Desktop

In-game desktop presets
CS2: Desktop Default – (Image credit: eXputer)

The first preset you will encounter is the desktop preset. This is a default setting that comes in CS2, which sets your weapon more toward the center equator of the screen. Moves the end of the preset weapon slightly forward. Further on than other FOV settings from your side. It’s more likely that the end of the weapon is facing away from you, also exposing your character’s arm.

  • This is for those who want a wider field. better accuracy.
  • The desktop preset helps you spot enemies in the corner of your screen very quickly.
  • The preset is designed for actual weapon positioning and FOV view model position setting. experienced Counter Strike is used by players.
  • If you want your eyes. all over Every nook and cranny, desktop preset is for you.

2. Classics

Classic presets in game
CS2: Classic Presets – (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

For the other presets in these settings, you’ll have the classic preset. Based on my experience, the Classic outlasts your arsenal. Corner bit of screen. This allows you to see and keep more of the midsection. Crossier Very easy and fast on opponents.

  • You can have one More focused Towards the middle of the gameplay screen.
  • If you’re not bothered by Counter Strike’s unnatural gun positioning, the FOV is definitely for you.
  • This is the clearest view of war that the preset can give.

3. Sofa

Presets in couch game
CS2: Sofa Preset – (Photo by eXputer)

The ultimate preset you can choose from. See Model Position Settings There is a sofa. The sofa type lifts your weapon up and closes in the gap between you and your weapon. This allows the sides of the screen to be more useful and open up more. gave A close up view Closing the gap a bit can help you drill targets more easily.

  • Tracking opponents Staying away from you might be a little easier now.
  • The preset lets you see how enemies pull you better from either side of the screen.
  • Due to the scopeless shots are made much easier. Zoom-in display.

Changing the FOV via console commands

Changing the FOV via console commands
CS2: Changing the FOV via console commands – (Image credit: eXputer)

Important: Always note down or just remember the previous number you choose for the FOV so you don’t forget, or you’ll have to start over from point one.

These presets are for players who don’t need everything. Minor controls In their field of vision and just want to pick a playstyle. You can change the minor points of these FOV settings manually with in-game console commands. These commands will help you select the exact FOV you want without having to settle for a preset number.

Condition: You first need to make sure that “Enable Developer Console” is turned on from the Game tab in Settings.

  1. The main key to open the mainframe console will be tilda.~Or it can be another key that you set with keybinds.
  2. A popup area will open for entering mainframe console commands.
  3. Enter the code “viewmodel_fov X” And instead of adding X, choose a number from to. 54 To 68.
  4. 54 is the lowest point at which your gun sits, keeping the weapon close to you.
  5. The 68 gives you the widest FOV, which puts the tip of the weapon as far away from you as possible.
  6. Other orders viz “viewmodel_offset_x”, “viewmodel_offset_y” And “viewmodel_offset_z” Choose how high and far away your weapon stands.
  7. To find the correct setting point for you, check each of the setting numbers for yourself.

So, this is how you change your FOV settings in CS2 without much hassle. Based on my opinion, it all depends on your personal preference and how you want to play things in battle. Whatever it is, make sure you’re current about it. The best weapon skins in CS2. Currently


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