CS2: Best Inferno Smokes (Top 9)


Smokers you’ve used before may not work well on the new Inferno in CS2. It may look different, but the layout is mostly the same. The Inferno now looks brighter, more dynamic and less rusty. Changes to how it looks and how quickly things happen in CS2 have affected the lineup in Inferno as well as other CS2 maps.

Key takeaways

  • hell CS2 has a brighter and less rusty look, but the layout remains mostly the same.
  • These changes to appearance and gameplay also affect how you can use smoke on Inferno, just like other CS2 maps.
  • Mastery Smoke lineup And strategy can give your team. Strategic advantage In CS2.
  • Abusing smoke can actually help you. Opponents By providing cover for them to approach or attack your position.

9. Trees from bananas

Banana Tree (Photo by eXputer)

Position yourself next to the red door in the banana area, then aim for the corner of the ledge shown in the picture.

To make a basic Inferno CT cigarette in CS2, click and toss the smoke. Left mouse button. Smoke will cover the CT spawn point and block the view of players entering from there.

8. Banana to coffin

Banana Coffin (Photo by eXputer)

As the picture shows, position yourself on the opposite side of the door and align your crosshairs with the light bulb.

To cover the coffins and isolate the guards in the ruins, click to emit smoke. Left mouse button. Inferno Smokes in CS2 allows you to focus on site defenders without worrying about a surprise attack from behind.

7. Second one from middle to long

The second is a long one from the middle (Image credit: eXputer)

To execute the smoke in CS2 position yourself next to the bright red door at second mid in Inferno. Aim at the right side of the line below the third window, then align your crosshairs with the edge of the wall.

To carry out a jump By pressing jump And Left mouse button at the same time. A smoke grenade will drop to the left of the top of the mid. Smoke is important for controlling A-site circulation, obstructing defenders’ movement and vision during A-site operations.

6. 2nd short to middle

Second mid to short (Image credit: Exporter)

Stand on the edge of the wall with the two-way sign. Look up and aim for the left corner of the tallest structure.

You can control it safely short The lineup is extremely valuable for A-site splits while keeping yourself hidden from players in the moto or library.

5. Large pit smoke from the middle

Large crater smoke in the middle (photo by eXputer)

Position yourself in the corner near him Garbage bags in between. Aim for the bottom of the satellite on the wall in front of you.

Executing a Jump through With smoke, and it will descend into the large pit of Inferno in CS2, pressuring the enemy to evacuate the area.

4. Dark medium smoke from CT

Dark middle smoke from CT (photo by eXputer)

Stand by the picture frame in CT. Align your crosshairs with the top left edge of the ceiling.

now, Press W And Jump through Smoke in the deep middle, blocking opponents’ vision on the T ramp at the same time. The lineup is also valuable for sneaks who want to surprise and confuse opponents.

3. Smoke the banana down to the B site

Banana Smoke Down from Site B (Photo by eXputer)

Position yourself on the corner wall near the church entrance. Focus on your goal. below the antenna. Executing a jump Near the T ramp in Inferno CS2, to send smoke at the bottom of the banana.

This is a very useful lineup to block the push while defending the B site. You can also camp behind barrels and surprise your opponents. But remember, it may not work every time.

2. Mid-to-moto smoke close-up

Mid-to-moto smoke close-up (Image credit: Exporter)

Stand by the post box in the middle and aim for the crack on the side of the wall. Jump through To keep the smoke outside the library door. This is very helpful in blocking vision and preventing the movement of defenders that can come from CT.

1. Middle underpass to CT A

Middle Underpass to CTA (Image credit: Exporter)

Crouch At the corner of the underpass, as shown in the picture. Target the The leftmost spike Straight ahead from the roof of the building. Standing execution a jump Placing smoke on the truck below the apartments, obstructing the view of the A site and helping your team advance the site.

my tech

In CS2 or any other competitive FPS game, knowing how to use smoke and lineups is a game changer. These tactics give you a big advantage by allowing you to control key points on the map, making it harder for your opponents to see.

Whether you’re blocking off a camping area or making things difficult for guards to re-enter the site, these moves can help your team. But if you don’t know them, your team could be in a tough spot strategically. Once you learn how to use utility items like smokes, grenades, and molotovs, you Getting better at CS2.

This is on the best CS2 Smokes in Inferno. Read on How to grade fast in CS2., which is quite difficult depending on the amount of sweat. The most important part of CS2 is aiming and being. Crosshair’s best settings You may find it helpful to get headshots. Moreover, FOV affects gameplay by changing the player’s perspective, potentially increasing situational awareness. the knower How to Change FOV Settings Depending on your character can affect your gameplay.


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