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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of interesting activities for the players. One of those includes making new constructions using the Autobuild and other features. These constructions use Energy Cells. Although players start with a few Energy Cells, they can be upgraded. To upgrade the Energy Cells, players must visit Crystal Refinery Tears of the Kingdom.

IMPORTANT: If you want to maximize using your inventions in Tears of the Kingdom, then you should definitely get more Energy Cells.

Key Takeaways

  • Crystal Refineries are used to convert Crystalized Charges into Energy Cells.
  • Players can get Crystalized Charges by mining Zonaite ore and then exchanging it at Forge Constructs.

  • The Exchange Rate from Zonaite to Energy Cells is as follows:
    • 3x Regular Zonaite ore = 1x Crystalized Charge
    • 100x Crystalized Charge = 1x Energy Cell
  • All in all, players will need a total of 45 Energy Cells.
  • That means that players will need 13,500 Zonaite ores or 4,500 Crystalized Charge.

  • While exploring, players will come across three Crystal Refineries.
  • The Crystal Refinery on Great Sky Island, the Hyrule region, and in the Depths.

Crystal Refineries Uses

The Crystal Refineries Tears of the Kingdom are an essential part of the game. These Crystal Refineries allow players to increase their Energy Cell’s charge by spending 100 Crystalized Charges. The crystalized charges are acquired at Forges in the game. At forges, players spend the mineral Zonaite ore acquired from various caves.

crystal refinery
The Crystal Refinery converts Crystalized Charge into Energy Cells. (Image by eXputer)

The Construct at the Forges will swap out the Zonaite for the Crystalized Charges. The exchange rate in Crystal Refinery Tears of the Kingdom is quite high, which in turn helps players dedicate themselves to finding more Zonaite deposits in the game. So, here is the exchange rate.

  • 3x Regular Zonaite = 1x Crystalized Charge
  • 3x Large Zonaite = 1x Large Crystalized Charge

Now the Large Crystalized Charge is the same as Crystalized Charge, but it is worth more than that. So, here is the rate of the Large Crystalized Charge.

  • 1x Large Crystalized Charge = 20x Crystalized Charges

Now remember, you will have a maximum of 8 Batteries. Once you have 8 Batteries, you can upgrade them again from the beginning, doubling them. So, in total, you will have 16 batteries with 48 energy Cells.

All in all, you will need a total of 13,500 Zonaite Ores. These Zonaite Ores will give you 4,500 Crystalized Charges. And with 100 Crystalized Charges for each Cell, you will get a total of whopping 45 Cells (including the double upgrades) from them.

Crystal Refineries Location

Players will come across Crystal Refinery Tears of the Kingdom, at three different locations. They are all on the different planes in the game, making it easy for the players to get to them. Here is where you will find these Crystal Refineries.

Great Sky Island

The Crystal Refinery on the Great Sky Island is the one that you will unlock as you progress in the story. You won’t have to go out of your way to find it. Instead, it will get unlocked naturally. Now the Crystal Refinery is near the Nachoyah Shrine. That is the same region where you will unlock the Fast Travel point with the help of Rauru.

Great Sky island location Crystal Refinery Tears of the Kingdom exchange
The Crystal Refinery at the Great Sky Island. (Image by eXputer)

You will find a Steward Construct inside the Great Sky Island. When you interact with it, it will refine all of the Crystalized Charges that you have at hand, giving you one Energy Cell for each 100 Crystalized Charges.


Unlike the first Crystal Refinery, you will have to unlock the second Crystal Refinery by yourself. It isn’t hard to get to, and you will find it quite easily. It is located in the Central Hyrule region of the map.

Crystal refinery location.
The Crystal Refinery in Hyrule. (Image by eXputer)

If you have reached Lookout Landing, then the Crystal Refinery is right next to it. You can check out the image below to locate it.

The Depths

The third and last Crystal Refinery that I found was in the Depths. It is located right next to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. That is where you will first meet with Master Kohga and fight him. It is also the same location where you will first unlock the Autobuild ability. Once you have defeated Master Kohga, you can then talk with the Steward Construct at that location.

Final Words

You’ll need high amounts of Crystalized Charge to max out the Energy Cells. That in itself can be a hassle for most players. But, as it is an open-world RPG, the grind is expected. There are a ton of items that you’ll need to farm to get better. Or you can get the best Weapons to help you fight enemies while getting more Zonaite Ores. You can always run out of Rupees if you’re not careful. So here is how you can get Rupees easily.

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