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Critical Role/Mighty Nein’s Jester Gets Lollipops and Color In a Stunning Sideshow Statue

Critical Role’s Jester Lavorre summons a weaponized lollipop along with his typical chaotic energy in a statue produced by Sideshow Collectibles.

jester lavorre’s critical role‘s The Mighty Nein now has an impressive statue to commemorate it.

Sideshow unveiled the new statue, which stands nearly a foot tall. The collectible’s details are based on her level 10 character portrait. Holding one foot up, the blue tiefling dons a dark green cloak, wields her preferred pink spirit weapon, a lollipop, and is joined by her crimson weasel and sometimes, the Traveler’s container, Sprinkle. She joins her fellow members Beauregard Lionett and Fjord Stone as the only Mighty Nein members immortalized as Sideshow statues.

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For fans who miss the chaotic cleric, critical role will return to the cast of characters from the second campaign in a two-part special with The Mighty Nein. Noble The Mighty Nein: Reunited, is set months after the defeat of Cognouza. Although the adventurers went their separate ways in the epilogue of the second campaign, there are still loose threads to be pulled and stories to be told for the band of adventurers.

critical role left fans without much information on the status of each member’s current whereabouts ahead of the new two-part match, but a surprise for fans came with Taliesin Jaffe’s role as Kingsley Tealeaf. This was revealed in a trailer for the two-part special that featured each of the actors embodying the two characters from their campaign. After Mollymauk’s death earlier in the story, The Mighty Nein added the cleric Caduceus Clay to his group. He was instrumental in getting revenge on him and the adventures that followed. This included Fjord’s separation from Uk’otoa service and, ironically, Kingsley’s chance at life.

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Kingsley is the new person who returned to Lucien and Mollymauk’s body after Nonagon’s defeat. Seeing his friends wish for Mollymauk’s return, the cleric Caduceus Clay channeled the divinity of his god, the Wild Mother, and restored the tiefling to life, which he now revived three times. However, instead of the ostentatious friend of his, a new personality emerged: Kingsley.

This reunion special marks a short break from the show’s third campaign. It comes at a time when fans are still reeling from Laudna’s revival and the demise of a central NPC. Now together, but without a trusted ally, Bell’s Hells seeks to strike back at those responsible.

critical role airs on Twitch on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific Time. The Mighty Nein: Reunited will play on Twitch and in select theaters on November 17 and December 1.


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