Crisis Core Reunion: How To Access The Cage Of Binding



In Chapter 10 of Crisis Core Reunion, The Cage of Binding is an optional location with loot, a trophy, and a boss fight in the Depths of Judgement.

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  • In Crisis Core Reunion, The Cage of Binding is an optional location in the Depths of Judgement.
  • It can be accessed by reading all 4 LOVELESS tablets and then killing all the enemies in the Lake of Oblivion.
  • The first tablet is at the start of the area, near the safe zone.
  • The second tablet is found at the entrance to the Lake of Oblivion.
  • The third tablet is in the Howling Fang, right outside the Behemoth King’s cage.
  • The fourth tablet is at the Portal of Severance. It is part of the main quest, so it cannot be missed.
  • After reading all tablets, kill all enemies that spawn from the mako light in the Lake of Oblivion.
  • This will unlock the Cage of Binding.

How To Open The Cage Of Binding In Crisis Core Reunion

In order to open the Cage of Binding, players are required to read all of the LOVELESS tablets found in the Depths of Judgement. We will be going through all of their locations.

First LOVELESS Tablet

The first LOVELESS tablet is found near the safe zone, right at the start of the arena. It is very easy to spot, so it will not be a problem to look for it.

1st LOVELESS tablet
The First LOVELESS Tablet | Image By eXputer

Second LOVELESS Tablet

The second LOVELESS tablet can be found by heading forward from the safe zone and then turning right. Now, take a right again and then head into the small pathway to the left. It is in a small pond of water near the entrance to the Lake of Oblivion.

Crisis Core Reunion 2nd Tablet
The 2nd LOVELESS Tablet | Image By Us

Third LOVELESS Tablet

The third LOVELESS tablet is at the Howling Fang. Walk forward from the safe zone and then take a right. Now, you must turn left, and you will reach the location shown on the map below. This is the entrance to the Howling Cage. Now, make your way forward, and you will see the tablet near the Behemoth King’s cage.

Crisis Core Reunion 3rd Tablet
Entrance To the Third Tablet’s Location | Image By eXputer

Fourth LOVELESS Tablet

The fourth LOVELESS tablet can be found at the start of the Portal of Severance. Also, getting to this area is required in the main story, so it is hard to miss.

Crisis Core Reunion 4th Tablet
Entrance To The 4th Tablet | Screenshot By eXputer

Mako Light In The Lake of Oblivion

Once you have read all LOVELESS tablets, make your way to the Lake of Oblivion. Now, you must interact with the mako light falling on the lake in different places; interacting with them will spawn a G Lucifero enemy. 

Defeating this enemy can be quite tricky because of its speed. In addition, it also hits decently hard. You must bait its attacks and then punish with your own. Bring Fire, Ice, and Lightning based command material, as these enemies can be weak against them.

Once you have killed all of these enemies, a path will open to the Cage of Binding, and the trophy/achievement Cage Opener will be unlocked.

Inside The Cage Of Binding

Once you get inside, you must fight all of the random enemies that attack you to proceed. These enemies drop keys required to open the doors to proceed. The path here is linear. Keep progressing until you find a corrupted locked door.

If you cannot open it, walk around and wait for an enemy to attack you. If it is one of these enemies, you will obtain a key.

  • Goddess Base Key/Goddess Sacral Key: Is obtained by killing Nightmares
  • Goddess Solar Key/Goddess Heart Key: Is obtained by defeating Mover:
  • Goddess Throat Key: Is obtained by killing Death Machine
  • Goddess Crown Key: Is obtained by defeating Grosspanzer

Once you have defeated the Grosspanzer and obtained the Goddess Crown Key, make your way to cell #31 and open the chest containing the Iron Bar Key. Once you have obtained it, head on to cell #19 for a shortcut to the Behemoth King.

Behemoth King

The Behemoth King can be found in the Howling Fang after obtaining the Iron Bar Key. It is a powerful enemy with a dangerous ability that allows it to regenerate its health. Also, if you wish to learn how to defeat the Behemoth King, check out our guide.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is the latest addition to the Final Fantasy VII series, with a variety of new additions, such as revamped combat, enhanced visuals, and updated voice-overs. It is a great remaster of the legendary and iconic prequel to the most beloved Final Fantasy game and a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan. The enhancements make it a brand-new experience to enjoy for years.

With our guide on how to get to the Cage of Binding in Crisis Core Reunion, you will have no problems getting to this location and be able to face off against the mighty Behemoth King.

Check out our detailed guide on how to obtain all summons in Crisis Core Reunion. Alongside summons, mastery of the Buster Sword is also important for combat. Also, knowledge of the best materia is key to good play and allows you to finish all missions with ease.


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