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In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, you will come across various summons, and one of the best that you will come across is the Phoenix Summon. The Phoenix has the ability to trigger Raise and deal magic penetration-imbued damage to any enemy.

Key Highlights

  • Phoenix can trigger Raise, deal magic penetration-imbued damage, and damage multiple enemies nearby.
  • Before summoning Phoenix, you will need to ensure that you have completed 7 Chapters of the game.
  • To get Phoenix, you will first need to solve the first of the Seven Wonders in Chapter 8.
  • Talk to the young boy who will give you information about the water turning red. Then check the Wooden Water tower to get Phoenix in your inventory.

Phoenix In Crisis Core

Summoning Phoenix in Crisis Core
Summoning Phoenix (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

It can be difficult for players to explore the Crisis Core map, given the fact that enemies can ambush you anytime. The threat gets more serious for players who prefer playing on a higher difficulty level. However, all these worries are gone once you get Phoenix in the game.

Not only does Phoenix look magnificent, but its abilities are quite mesmerizing as well. For players who struggle against a group of enemies, Phoenix’s Rebirth Flame will allow them to take down a bunch of enemies in no time. Apart from the gameplay, if you are trying to complete the Limit Break Collector Achievement that involves all DMV images, then perhaps summoning Phoenix will give you a boost in it.

Not only will Phoenix helps you in Limit Break Collector Achievement, but the Achievement itself will help you get to Phoenix. Open the Achievement and check how Phoenix is described in it. In the description, you will see the line “Solve the first of the Seven Wonders in Chapter 8.” 

Therefore, you cannot pursue your journey of summoning Phoenix if you haven’t reached Chapter 8 in Crisis Core. However, once you do reach Chapter 8, you will see Sephiroth and Zack coming to Nibelheim. You will meet Sephiroth right outside the town inn’s entrance. However, before talking to Sephiroth, you will have to speak with another NPC in order to summon Phoenix.

Summoning Phoenix

Crisis Core: Summon Phoenix
How to Summon Phoenix in Crisis Core (Image Credit: eXputer)

So, your endeavor will begin from the Nibelheim inn, where you will find Sephiroth waiting for you. However, before you continue on the main quest, you should take a step back and check the house nearby. You will see an NPC who happens to be a small boy next to a fence.

Since you need to investigate the house, you will first need to interact with the small boy. Once the interaction begins, you will get some information about Sephiroth and Zack coming to Nibelheim. Moreover, you will also get some clues about the strange things that have been happening lately in the town that they refer to as the Seven Wonders.

Click on the Oh Definitely option
Select the Oh Definitely! Option (Image Captured by eXputer)

After a few more dialogues, the boy will stop talking, and then you will have two dialogue options. They will be “Not really” and “Oh, definitely!” We recommend you pick the Oh, Definitely! one as it will provide you with more information regarding the Seven Wonders that the small boy mentions earlier.

With that, you will find out that the first Wonder is actually the drinking water of the town. However, it has turned completely red, as if it is blood. After that, the conversation with the boy will conclude, and then you will have to find out the rest on your own.

However, the investigation is not as complex as it may sound. You will have to simply walk towards the wooden water tower, which is at the center of the square. Once you are there, climb to the top of the tower using the interact button. Once you are up there, Zack will find the reason why the water has been bloody red. And the reason behind that is the red Phoenix Materia. With that, you will finally have Phoenix in your inventory.

Final Words

All in all, you can summon Phoenix in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion before starting Chapter 8. In it, you will find Phoenix after talking to a small boy who will give you information about the town’s water turning red. Once you check the wooden tower, not only will you find out the cause of the water turning red, but you will also unlock Phoenix in Crisis Core.

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