Counter Strike 2 Best Weapons Ranking (Top 10)


Counter strike 2 Features a large number of weapons, which are different for each side, namely, terrorist And Counter Terrorism. In Counter Strike 2 players can choose from more than 15 different weapons to fight their enemies. However, there are some of these weapons that stand out due to their high power and low recoil, and players want to know which are the best CS2 weapons. are

Key takeaways

  • There is 35 weapons In Counter Strike 2.
  • CS2 best weapon Not only are they famous for their popularity in the game, but they are also considered to be the best in terms of firepower.
  • By using the best weapons in CS2, players are guaranteed to gain a massive advantage over their enemies, considering that they are used correctly.
  • The biggest disadvantage of the best weapons is that they are too many. Situation and Depending on the range.
  • To the players AWP Players cannot participate in close-range duels using Nova And Desert eagle Long range duels have very little chance of winning.

The best weapons in CS2

The top 10 CS2 best weapons are listed below:

Rank weapon Kind of side to harm Price
1 AK 47 Assault rifle terrorist 36 $2700
2 M4A1-S Assault rifle Counter Terrorism 38 $2900
3 AWP Sniper rifle both of them 115 $4750
4 Galil AR Assault rifle terrorist 30 $1800
5 Desert eagle The pistol both of them 53 $700
6 USP-S The pistol Counter Terrorism 35 $200
7 Nova Shotgun both of them 26 $1050
8 SG 553 Assault rifle terrorist 30 $3000
9 SSG 08 Sniper rifle both of them 88 $1700
10 Tech-9 The pistol terrorist 33 $500

1. AK 47

AK-47 (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
to harm 36
Rate of fire 600
step back 30
Armor penetration 77.50%
mobility 215

Beginning with AK 47Undoubtedly the best weapon in Counter Strike 2. AK-47 Terrorists side, but it is also a weapon Counter Terrorism Find If found lying next to a corpse, any player will pick it up without a second thought. With an AK-47 in your hand, it doesn’t matter what armor the enemy has. A clean shot to the head is all you need.

2. M4A1-S

M4A1-S (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
to harm 38
Rate of fire 600
step back 25
Armor penetration 70%
mobility 225

Second gun on the list. M4A1-S. Reason for having the M4A1-S in second place instead M4A1 Its popularity among players is due to its silencer feature. Most popular among players after the M4A1-S. AK 47. This is the perfect assault rifle. Counter Terrorism But may have to contend with AKs. terrorist side

Apart from close rivalry with AK, M4A1-S It has a silencer that makes it difficult for enemies to detect the position of players using the M4A1-S. The M4A1-S costs $2900Which is $200 more expensive than the AK-47, ie $2700.

3. AWP

AWP (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
to harm 115
Rate of fire 41.24
step back 78
Armor penetration 97.50%
Movement (Scooped) 100

The next gun on the list is none other than this. AWP. This is the most expensive sniper rifle available in CS2. With an AWP in hand, connecting one bullet to the enemy is all you need, as one bullet anywhere on the body is enough to kill your enemies.

If not for Expensive price, the AWP could have been the first gun on the best weapons list. Aside from one shot, AWP has its drawbacks. AWP significantly slows down the player using it.

4. Galil AR

Galil AR (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
to harm 30
Rate of fire 666.67
step back 21
Armor penetration 77.50%
mobility 215

An assault rifle that you might not see on a CS2 best weapons list, but Galil AR If used correctly, it can be fatal. I prefer to use the Galil AR myself when I can’t afford it. AK 47, Or I can’t put a tape with my AK. The price of the Galil AR is only. $1800 And can be considered one of the best run-and-gun weapons since the P90. With Galil AR, you can enter the site by holding down the W key.

5. Desert eagle

Desert Eagle (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
to harm 53
Rate of fire 266.67
step back 48.2
Armor penetration 93.20%
mobility 230

Desert eagle Also commonly known as Diggle. Counter-attack the player Diggle The first pistol to make it to my Counter Strike 2 best weapons list. Diggle is capable of killing enemies with a quick headshot, even if they are wearing a helmet. This can be a very lethal gun for only $700.

However, you may find yourself at a big disadvantage. Long range The war of two people. I would advise you not to engage in long range combat with a. Diggle Unless you are precise and confident with your aim. Crouch shooting can increase Diggle’s accuracy.

6. USP-S

USP-S (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
to harm 35
Rate of fire 352.94
step back 29
Armor penetration 50.50%
mobility 240

Sixth best weapon and second best pistol, according to my best weapons list. USP-S. The USP-S can be a very effective weapon in pistol rounds. Its silent feature also gives the USP-S an edge over other pistols.

I personally like to use a. Kevlar Vest and USP-S for the pistol round, because it only costs $200. However, K USP-S There is an anti-terrorist side pistol and it will not be available to terrorists.

7. Nova

Nova (image credit copyright: eXputer)
to harm 26
Rate of fire 68.18
step back 143
Armor penetration 50.00%
mobility 225

Speaking of CS2 best weapon, how could I forget to mention Nova? The Nova is possibly the deadliest shotgun when it comes down to it. Very close Combat No matter what rifle you have, your chances of winning a duel if you’re facing a Nova user are pretty slim. If used correctly Nova Can be a deadly weapon for only $1050.

8. SG 553

SG 553 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
to harm 30
Rate of fire 545.45
step back 28
Armor penetration 100.00%
mobility 210

gave SSG 553 is a scoped rifle featured in CS2. It has a competitor August With low cost. The AUG is a CT-based weapon; However, SG 553 is a terrorist weapon. The SG 553 may be a scoped rifle, but its firepower is significantly lower than that of a rifle. And And M4A1-S. So make sure not to engage in long range battles just because the SG 553 has the capacity.

9. SSG 08

SSG 08 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
to harm 88
Rate of fire 48
step back 33
Armor penetration 85.00%
mobility 230

Another sniper rifle that is on the list. SSG 08. It is a very cheap sniper rifle compared to AWPBut SSG 08 doesn’t have the ability to one-shot the enemy. However, if you have precise aim, a headshot with the SSG 08 can be the end of your enemies. The most impressive thing about SSG 08 It has accuracy during jump shooting.

10. Tec-9

Tec-9 (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
to harm 33
Rate of fire 500
step back 23.0
Armor penetration 90.60%
mobility 240

The last weapon on the list is a pistol, and it’s none other than that. Tech-9. This is a terrorist side pistol priced at $.500. It may be overpriced for a pistol that can’t hit with one shot, but I much prefer it on a variety of maps, e.g. The dust or Nuclear weaponshurrying B site. A smoke together with Tech-9 One of my favorite combos from Terrorists.

What do I recommend?

After steam grinding CS2 for more than 115 hours, I have come up with the list of weapons mentioned above. However, it is my personal favorite weapon in CS2. AK 47. With this weapon, one can win duels at any range if the aim is precise enough. On the counter-terrorism side, I prefer to use M4A1-SAs getting your hands on an AK can’t be an easy task.

With all the information provided above, my guide on CS2 best weapon ends. In this guide, I have Discussed some of the best guns in CS2., along with some other details. After reading the guide, players can use the aforementioned weapons to their full potential to gain an edge over their enemies.

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