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Core points of Gamers

Cosplayer Recreates Genshin Impact’s Ganyu With an Icy Background

Cosplayer Izanamitan perfectly recreates Genshin Impact’s Ganyu, a five-star cryo-bow user, and edits herself into an icy background image.

A cosplayer freezes with her recreation of Genshim Impactit’s Ganyu.

Reddit user Izanamitan posted an image of her cosplay as Ganyu, a five-star Cryobow user from the popular free-to-play game. Genshin Impact. The talented cosplayer edited herself against a cool background while holding Ganyu’s Cryo Orb. A similar animation is present during the bow user’s Elemental Burst animation and her pose after players manage to place her on the gacha banner. Izanamitan has created many other cosplays, bringing anime characters like narutoby Kushina Uzumaki and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba‘s Shinobu Kocho to life.


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Popular cosplayer Lady Melamori also designed a costume based on Liyue Qixing’s General Secretary. She posted a full gallery of images of the stunning creation of her in different poses, some of which included a cryogenic orb similar to the one in the Izanamitan images. Lady Melamori’s previous cosplays include Murderer of demonsby Mitsuri Kanroji and Supervision‘s Mercy.

Even genshin impact voice actors have tried to create cosplays. Rie Tanaka, the Japanese voice actress behind Lisa, the librarian for the Knights of Favonius, posted a four-second clip of herself in full Electro character outfit. Tanaka gave a quick wave in Japanese as she wore a brown wig and a gigantic purple hat. “Let’s talk on the high seas during a photo book shoot,” Tanaka wrote in the caption of the short video.

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Furthermore, KamuiCosplay spent 45 days carefully designing every detail of his Beidou costume. KamuiCosplay chronicled every stage of the creative process of the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean cosplay on social media. He has also designed cosplays based on characters from other video games, including Monster Hunter, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm Y The legend of Zelda.

Released in 2020, genshin impact it quickly became one of the highest grossing mobile games of all time. In October 2022, the game announced that it had generated over $3 billion in revenue after two years. To celebrate its second anniversary, genshin impact launched a new desert area in the Sumeru region, along with several new characters, including the five-star Electro polearm user Cyno and the four-star Hydro polearm user Candace. The action RPG Sumeru questline introduced Nahida, the vessel of the Minor Lord Kusanali, the Dendro Archon. genshin impactGacha’s most recent addition to the gacha banner was the four-star Cryo sword user, Layla.

genshin impact is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. It is unclear when the Nintendo Switch version will be released.

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