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Cobra Kai’s Best Warrior Isn’t Johnny or Daniel

The following contains spoilers for Cobra Kai season 5, which is now streaming on Netflix.

What Cobra kai proceeded, many fans continued to debate whether Johnny (William Zabka) or Daniel (Ralph Macchio) was the series’ greatest warrior. Admittedly, the pendulum swung with each season, giving each mentor the upper hand at different times. It’s a smart creative approach, meant to keep the rivalry going, while shifting the focus to Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), Sam and Tori, and Jacob Bertrand’s Falcon when he got in trouble with Kenny.

However, regardless of which direction the fan debate takes, this is a legacy conversation that will continue until the popular franchise ends. This leaves fans hoping that while both men respect each other, they may one day settle the score. Curiously, while the eyes are focused on Johnny and Daniel, cobra kai The fifth season confirmed that there is someone much more dangerous in their camp: Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto).

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Chozen from Cobra Kai has the most knowledge

Chozen is Daniel’s rival from Karate Kid Part II. There, Chozen fought with Sato, creating a feud with Mr. Miyagi and Daniel when they arrived in Japan in 1986. While Sato would eventually see the light and walk away from all the chaos, his protégé did not. Chozen, after all, was groomed to brutally beat people up as Sato’s business executor. However, Daniel forgave a brash young Chozen in the finale, showing him mercy before returning to America.

Since then, Chozen has matured, using his family’s ancient teachings as well as the secrets of Miyagi-Do from all over Asia that were passed down to Sato. It turns out that Miyagi’s father taught Sato, so all the scrolls and secret techniques became Chozen’s, making him an even better master of various martial arts. That is why, in cobra kai Season 4, Chozen spared Daniel in a quick fight, just to prove that he wasn’t the villain of old anymore. In fact, he was patient and really understood the struggle, which is why he led the Miyagi-Do movement in Okinawa. They eventually became friends, which is why Season 5 has Chozen helping Daniel and Johnny, rehabilitating Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, since he has the most textbook knowledge of the bunch.

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Chozen from Cobra Kai best combines patience and anger

Daniel learns secrets from Miyagi thanks to Chozen Toguchi

It’s true that Chozen’s competitive edge sometimes gets the better of him, leading him to nearly beat Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) in the latter’s own business. Still, once he controls his temper and focuses on him, Chozen can use his vast experience and come out of him as the better fighter, something both Daniel and Johnny quickly pick up on. It culminates in the finale, “Head of the Snake”, where Chozen, Mike and Johnny chase Terry Silver’s team into Terry’s house.

While Terry’s goons have the numbers, Chozen switches to his aggressive mode, tapping into the beast within but in a controlled manner. He takes out most of the bullies, which is why Terry realizes that he is the more worthy opponent. Eventually, Chozen and Terry get into a fight in Terry’s pool, and Chozen finally gets the chance to show off his darker abilities with the pair of sai that snuck through customs. Terry is stunned by how good Chozen is, thinking that he is justified in choosing him as a counterpoint. Both men end up slashing each other, with Chozen winning and putting his gun to Terry’s neck, so the villain can relent, something even Daniel couldn’t do in the sequel to the TV show.

Unfortunately, it’s only when Chozen is distracted by Johnny and Mike’s beating that Terry gets the upper hand and leaves Chozen for dead. Fortunately, Chozen survives, but while Terry cheats, it’s hard to discredit the Okinawan warrior. Chozen accumulates a large body quantity, is very intimidating and leaves Johnny scared by how he embraces violence. This goes back to why Amanda and Daniel kept asking Chozen to stay calm, worried that the Valley wasn’t ready for someone like him. Fortunately, Chozen is an expert in the wise methods that Miyagi’s clan passed down, softening Terry, so that Daniel could free the Valley for a while. cobra kai Season 6 where fans are eager to see what other secrets Master Chozen has up his sleeve.

All five seasons of Cobra Kai are available on Netflix.

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