Civ 6: How To Launch An Inquisition (Full Guide)



One of the ways of gaining victory in CIV 6 is through spreading your religion’s beliefs to gain dominance over other civilizations which you can do so by using a feature called launch inquisition. It allows the players to create a specialized religious force with unique characteristics and aids in boosting the player’s religious authority and control, additionally providing them with a line of defense against opposing civilizations.

Key Takeaways

  • You can achieve religious victory in Civ 6 by launching an inquisition which allows you to gain dominance by spreading your own religion.
  • The benefits of launching an inquisition include protecting and strengthening your own religion whilst eliminating religious pressure from others.
  • Launching an inquisition strengthens your religious authority, control, and influence.
  • Players must do the following steps to launch an inquisition in CIV 6:
    1. To launch an inquisition, establish your religion by generating faith, building holy sites, and obtaining a great Prophet.
    2. Accumulate faith by constructing Holy Site structures and completing various tasks.
    3. Train Apostles with sufficient faith to promote your religion and engage in religious battles.
    4. Use the “Launch Inquisition” ability of an Apostle in a city following your religion.
    5. Use Inquisitors to remove followers of other religions from your cities.
    6. Wonders in Civ 6 offer benefits like granting free Prophets or Apostles and providing extra spread charges for religious units.

How To Launch An Inquisition In Civ 6?

Launching an Inquisition in Civ 6 is a game mechanic that allows you to combat other religions and spread your own. To launch an inquisition, you need to establish your religion, which you can do so by generating faith, constructing a holy site, and having a great prophet. Here’s how you can launch an Inquisition in Civ 6

1. Found Any Religion

To launch an Inquisition, you need to have found your religion. Using a Great Prophet or amassing enough Faith points to establish the best Pantheon in CIV 6 and eventually evolve it into a full-fledged Religion are two ways to achieve this.

  1. Choose a Pantheon to believe that will help your early empire the most out of the various benefits it may offer.
  2. For instance, the God of the Sea Pantheon would reward fishing boats with extra productivity if your city is close to ocean resources.
Choosing a Pantheon
Choosing a Pantheon

2. Build Holy Site Districts

Faith is the resource required to start an Inquisition, and Holy Site Districts are essential to producing Faith. To create Faith points, create Holy Site Districts in your cities.

Holy Sites for Apostles
Holy Sites for Apostles

3. Build Up Your Faith

To start an Inquisition, you must have a considerable level of Faith. You can obtain Faith in several ways, including through establishing Holy Site structures, enlisting Great Prophets, and finishing a few city-state quests or policy card tasks.

Considerable amount of faith leads to religious victory
A considerable amount of faith leads to religious victory.


4. Train An Apostle

Once you have sufficient Faith, use the apostle to launch the inquisition in CIV 6. Apostles are spiritual warriors who can promote your religion and engage in doctrinal battles. In a city with a holy site, you can train apostles or buy them with faith. Apostles are your most powerful religious units and require a Temple.

Each Apostle gets access to a special set of promotions. Apostles can also be used to evangelize your beliefs, adding a new ability to the religion.

Apostles in civ 6
Apostles in civ 6

5. Use Apostle’s “Launch Inquisition” Ability

After training an Apostle, relocate it to a city with a Holy Site that adheres to your religion to use its “Launch Inquisition” ability. Utilize the Apostle’s “Launch Inquisition” skill in CIV 6, which she can access after achieving the “Theological Combat” advancement.

By doing this, the Inquisition will begin, and an Inquisitor unit will be formed. When a unit is defeated, it affects every city within ten tiles and helps the opposing religion spread. Apostles can attack other religious units to prevent them from spreading their faith. With the Martyr ability, some Apostles can even produce Relics the following their defeat.

Apostles using their Launch Inquisition move
Apostles using their Launch Inquisition move

6. Use The Inquisitor

This religious force may remove followers of other faiths from your towns and engage in religious warfare. Utilize the Inquisitor to drive other religions out of your cities and increase the power of your own.

Inquisitors in Civ 6
Inquisitors in Civ 6

What Are The Benefits Of Wonders In CIV 6?

A religious victory is attained when more than half of the cities in the world’s civilizations adhere to your religion. Stonehenge, the game’s first wonder, grants a free Great Prophet and enables you to create a religion without a Holy Site. The Mahabodhi Temple grants 2 free apostles. The Hagia Sophia gives all religious units an extra spread charge. Mont St. Michel grants all Apostles the Martyr promotion.

Benefits of Wonders in Civ 6
Benefits of Wonders in Civ 6

Launching an Inquisition is a game-play feature in Civilization 6 that enables players to create a specialized religious force with special attributes. It helps in strengthening the player’s religious influence and control as well as giving them defensive power against other civilizations. Launching an Inquisition also has the advantage of increasing the player’s religious influence. 

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