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Christina Ricci’s Best Roles Since The Addams Family

WednesdayNetflix’s latest addition to the addams family franchise, is bringing Christina Ricci back into the world of the creepy and wacky. While she won’t be reviving her original role as the homicidal Wednesday Addams, fans of hers can’t wait to see her on the big screen alongside new scream queen Jenny Ortega. Ricci’s portrayal of gothic icon Wednesday Addams is considered to be one of the best parts of 1990s movies, and her pigtails and dark clothing made her one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the late 1990s. and early 2000s. And since then he has starred in many other movies and TV series.

Christina Ricci was still a talented child actress in Buffalo ’66

Just seven years after his acclaimed start as Wednesday Addams, Ricci co-starred in buffalo ’66 with director Vincent Gallo. buffalo ’66 is a crime comedy turned romance about Billy (Gallo), a man recently released from prison, and Layla (Ricci), the young tap dancer he kidnaps to pose as his wife. The two meet Billy’s parents and others in Billy’s life as he plots revenge on Scott Wood (Bob Wahl), the semi-fictional kicker for the Buffalo Bills football team.

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buffalo ’66 It’s a cult favorite for its dreamy looks and prog-rock soundtrack, but the film is controversial for Gallo’s treatment of the cast and crew during its production. She said that he “waited three or four years and then decided make fun of my weight”, along with other hurtful comments. Despite Gallo’s treatment of her co-star, Ricci’s performance at age 17 was praised in this independent film.

Monster puts Christina Ricci in a tragic position


2003 true crime biographical film Monster depicts Aileen Wuornos and her actions as a serial killer who murdered seven men who hired her as a prostitute. Monster she won multiple awards, many for her acclaimed portrayal of Charlize Theron’s Wuornos, her life, work as a call girl, and struggles. Christina Ricci plays Selby Wall, Wuornos’s lover.

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Ricci and Theron play two queer women who are bonded by the trauma they have faced and the Wuornos murders. Like the real Wuornos and her real girlfriend, Wuornos protects Selby until the end when she is sentenced to death. Monster is a heartbreaking film about the inherent flaws of society and the violent ways some women must protect themselves.

Penelope gave Christina Ricci a new avenue to explore

Christina Ricci in Penelope

Released in 2006, penelope is a modern fairy tale reminiscent of a Hans Christian Anderson story. penelope follows Ricci’s character, Penelope, who received a family curse that gave her a pig’s nose. The only way to reverse her curse is to find the love of one of their own. John (James McAvoy) arrives, a man who likes Penelope for who she is, but he makes a few mistakes before the two have a happy ending.

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penelope it showcases Ricci’s whimsical talent and suitability for any role. Prior to this modern day fantasy, Ricci was primarily known for working on darker films. penelopeThe hopeful message of love and self-acceptance and its magical elements reflect Ricci’s branching into new genres and proving that he has immense variety and talent.

Yellow Jackets brought Christina Ricci back to television

An adult Yellowjackets Misty walks down the hallway of a nursing home with pills.

Season 1 of the Showtime thriller series yellow jackets premiered in 2021, with a second season in the works. The television series documents the Yellowjackets football team as it travels for a national high school tournament. But on their flight, their plane crashes and the team must fight to survive in the desert. The series follows the girls as teenagers and adults, demonstrating how their lives are inextricably intertwined during and after this catastrophe.

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Christina Ricci plays the adult version of Misty, a former Yellowjackets team manager and current nurse. Although her teenage self is shown to be the victim of bullying, her specific set of knowledge empowers her and her eventual career allows her to manipulate others. Ricci’s portrayal of Misty is expected to mark a new era for the acclaimed actress as a TV star.

To see Ricci’s return to The Addams Family franchise, Wednesday premieres November 23, only on Netflix.

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