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Chris Hemsworth Shares Cryptic Info About His Mad Max Character

Chris Hemsworth talks about Dr. Dementus in the upcoming Fury Road spin-off, teasing his character as a “very complicated and somewhat evil individual.”

Chris Hemsworth talked about playing Dr. Dementus in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel movie, furious.

“Now, if anything is going to take me away from my family and my children, it has to be a positive, constructive collective experience,” the actor said in an interview with vanity fair. “I shot with [director] George Miller on the new prequel to fury roadpart of Mad Max saga. I told my agent, ‘That’s where I want to spend my working hours; with someone who is kind, collaborative and interesting.” When asked about his role in furiousHemsworth also spoke about what it was like to play a villain, describing his character as “a very complicated and somewhat evil individual.”

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“Yeah, even if you don’t think you’re evil,” Hemsworth said of his role. “I’ve been saying this from the beginning, I found ways to defend his actions and empathize and understand him the way I had to. That was my job. But yeah, there’s a light and a dark to him that I haven’t played with.” prior to.”

Hemsworth becomes a villain in the Mad Max prequel

According to Hemsworth, having a director like Miller was helpful in playing a complicated character like Dr. Dementus, describing the furious director as “a genius, but not the crazy kind”. According to Hemsworth, Miller is “someone who is very aware of how his energy affects others and how he has the power to make your day great or shit, and he chooses to make it a positive experience. The whole team, everyone is there.” in a better frame of mind. It baffles me that some people in that position don’t understand that.”

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furious star Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays the title role opposite Hemsworth, confirmed that the upcoming fury road spin-off had wrapped filming in October. Despite some behind-the-scenes photos, little is known about the plot other than the official synopsis from Warner Bros. According to the synopsis, the film will see Furiosa kidnapped by Warlord Dementus’s forces and caught in the middle of a confrontation between him and Immortan Joe, the antagonist of 2015. fury road.

Miller has previously revealed that the inspiration for the prequel came to him while filming Mad Max: Fury Road, which won six Academy Awards out of 10 nominations. “It’s [Furiosa] It arose, I’m not going to say by chance, but it arose from a need to explain [Fury Road’s] world which, as I said, essentially happened over three days and two nights. He’s really trying to explain how that world came to be,” the director said. He also hinted that furious it would show how Furiosa lost her arm and expand on the lore of the Citadel and the Green Place of Many Mothers.

furious it will be released on May 24, 2024.

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