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Choji Akimichi’s 10 Strongest Jutsu In Naruto, Ranked

Choji is the leader of the Akimichi clan and one of the Konoha 11 in naruto. Choji is considered one of the kindest shinobi in town and is fiercely loyal to his friends. Despite his sensitivity to his weight, Choji’s strength derives from his ability to convert calories into chakra.

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As a member of Team Asuma, Choji trained hard to master his clan’s signature technique: the Body Expansion Jutsu. Choji then built a repertoire of various jutsu using Body Expansion as his main technique. This earned Choji the right to be considered one of the strongest shinobi in Konoha.

10/10 The body expansion jutsu is a specialty of the Akimichi clan.

The Body Expansion Jutsu allows its user to convert calories into chakra. By doing so, they can grow in size to proportionally increase their strength and make their attacks more powerful. Body Expansion can allow its user to grow to gigantic proportions or apply the technique to only specific parts of the body.

Choji’s mastery of the Body Expansion Jutsu influenced his journey as a shinobi. He used it offensively to protect himself from opponents in battle, growing larger than life to deliver catastrophic blows against enemy ninjas. During the Fourth Ninja War, Choji used this technique for several hours to destroy entire armies of White Zetsu on his behalf.

9/10 The human rock uses the weight and rotation of an akimichi as a weapon against enemies

Choji Akamichi lunges forward using the human rock jutsu, Naruto Shippuden

After performing the Body Expansion Jutsu, the user rolls their body into a ball and quickly launches towards their target. By increasing his size and torque, an Akimichi can pulverize anything he comes in contact with using the Human Boulder Jutsu. This technique has a drawback: the ball’s speed reduces its user’s mobility and prevents it from spinning on a dime.

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The Human Boulder Jutsu became Choji’s signature technique during his Chunin Exam debut. He made it to the second phase of the exam before facing Dosu the Sound Ninja. Although he was defeated, Choji then used the Human Boulder Jutsu to escape Jirobo’s Earth Dome before completely defeating him.

8/10 Ballistic human water wheel adds water weight to human rock jutsu

Choji Akamichi uses ballistic human waterwheel, Naruto

The ballistic human water wheel allows its user to swallow large amounts of water from an enemy’s water release jutsu. When subsequently performing the Human Boulder Jutsu, the added water gives the user extra weight to increase the damage dealt against opponents and their surroundings.

Choji invented the ballistic human water wheel while protecting the Green Land daimyo from a group of assassins. After his group was intercepted by Janin, Choji swallowed Ruiga’s Water Jutsu and turned her attack on him. Choji helped save the Green Earth daimyo by inventing this jutsu.

7/10 The Expansion Jutsu: Super Slap uses Chakra to create craters on the Earth

Choji Akamichi prepares to attack using Expansion Jutsu- Super Slap, Naruto Shippuden

After becoming gigantic, an Akimichi channels chakra into his hands to increase weight and strength. The chakra-dense hand has the power to create craters in the earth, while any enemy caught beneath the Expansion Jutsu: Super Slap is crushed. Similarly, any surrounding structures such as buildings or mountains are completely removed.

Choji used the Expansion Jutsu: Super Slap to reduce the number of White Zetsu’s clones during the Fourth Ninja War. He created deep depressions on the battlefield with each blow, causing terrifying tremors with each devastating impact. Meanwhile, the White Zetsu caught under the blows were reduced to dust.

6/10 The Spiked Human Boulder adds Kunai to cut damage

Choji Akamichi about to attack using a spiked human rock, Naruto Shippuden

The Spiked Human Rock differs from its main technique in one way: its user wraps himself in kunai cords before turning into the Human Rock. Now armed with spikes, they dash towards their foe with increased speed and rotation. Upon impact, they also heavily damage their target due to the cutting force of the kunai.

After first developing this technique against Jirobo, Choji enhanced the spiked human rock after becoming a Chunin. He eliminated the need for kunai cords by wrapping himself in sharp hairs reminiscent of Jiraiya’s Needle Jizo Jutsu. This increased the number of spikes and decreased the execution time of the technique.

5/10 The super expansion jutsu can wipe out entire villages

Choji destroys Jirobo using the super expansion jutsu, Naruto

The Super Expansion Jutsu enhances his original technique by allowing the user to grow to the size of a mountain. Due to the chakra requirements of the technique, it causes great strain on the body and can even kill its user in extreme cases. The Akimichi developed the three-color pills to combat this effect.

Choji first used the Expansion Super Jutsu while facing off against Jirobo during Sasuke’s Retrieval Mission. After realizing that he wasn’t strong enough, Choji took the first of three colored pills to perform the technique. He completely destroyed a large part of the forest by falling on it, nearly killing Jirobo in the process.

4/10 The Ino-Shika-Cho combination is one of the strongest coordination Ninjutsu in Konoha

Ino-Shika-Cho Formation With Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akamichi, Naruto Shippuden

The Ino-Shika-Cho combination is a coordination ninjutsu that uses unique abilities of three Konoha clans: Nara, Yamanaka, and Akimichi. After using Nara’s Shadow Possession and Yamanaka’s Mind Transfer to immobilize enemies, the Akimichi use Body Expansion to kill their immobilized enemies. The Ino-Shika-Cho combination has multiple formations, each using the different jutsu of each individual.

Choji, Ino, and Shikamaru are the sixteenth generation of shinobi who serve as the Ino-Shika-Cho combination. As is traditional, the group learned the four main Combo formations and used them frequently in battle. Furthermore, they invented “Formation E”, which became the strongest formation in Ino-Shika-Cho after the Fourth Ninja War.

3/10 Choji’s butterfly mode converts his body weight into chakra

Choji Akamichi uses butterfly mode for the second time, Naruto Shippuden

A member of the Akimichi clan can enter Butterfly mode by converting massive amounts of calories into chakra. This chakra becomes visible, forming wings around the user that are capable of creating chakra-infused gusts of wind. In addition, the combat ability of its user is greatly improved.

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Although Butterfly Mode usually requires its user to consume Akimichi’s three-colored pills, Choji managed to produce the technique using calorie control. This allowed her to convert his body weight into chakra at will, eliminating the fatal risks of Butterfly Mode.

2/10 The butterfly bomb destroys any opponent with a single hit

Choji Akamichi uses the Butterfly Bomb technique during the Ninja War, Naruto Shippuden

After entering Butterfly Mode, an Akimichi’s chakra manifests in a pair of blue butterfly wings. By manifesting this chakra in his fist, the user strikes opponents using the Butterfly Bomb with his full force.

Choji used this technique while fighting Reanimated Asuma during the Fourth Ninja War. The force of his blow was enough to fracture the ground several hundred feet, leaving Asuma defenseless against Team 10’s sealing jutsu. Choji also used the Butterfly Bomb against an army of White Zetsu to reduce them to dust.

1/10 The YoYo Human Boulder used the strongest attacks of the members of Team 10

Ino Yamanaka uses a human rock yo-yo, Naruto Shippuden

The Human Boulder Yo-yo is the “E Formation” in the Ino-Shika-Cho Combination. Shikamaru invented it before the Fourth Ninja War. After Choji performs the Human Boulder Jutsu, Shikamaru uses Shadow Possession on them to control their movements. Meanwhile, Ino uses Sensory Jutsu to lock on targets within a wide range. By relaying this information to teammates, opponents can be hit with deadly precision.

The Shinobi Alliance owes its victory, in part, to Team 10’s use of this technique. The Human Boulder Yo-yo recruited the individual strengths of each of its members, tying them into a perfectly coordinated ninjutsu that was unmatched for generations. previous Ino-Shika-Cho. The Human Boulder Yo-yo would never have been successful without each of its members, as all three were essential to the success of the technique.

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