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Child’s Play 2’s Alternate Ending Could’ve Changed Chucky Forever

Popular chucky the franchise has come a long way since the original Child’s play movie. What started out as a creative supernatural slasher movie has since become one of the biggest slasher franchises in history. But what started with just Chucky has since spread to a creative and colorful cast of characters that were slowly introduced in the series’ many sequels. But while many entries are iconic in their own right, few have come close to the standard set by child’s play 2.

child’s play 2 it’s one of the few cases where the sequel was better than the original and earned that title. Creator Don Mancini was not only given more creative freedom, but also given a bigger budget and allowed to push the limits of what Chucky could and couldn’t do. That said, while the movie set a standard for the franchise, the theatrical cut wasn’t the only one. In fact, there’s another cut with an ending that could have changed the timeline massively.

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Child’s Play 2 has a forgotten TV cut

How to explore Youtube breakdown, the TV cut of child’s play 2 it was heavily reworked to pad out the runtime without showing off some of the bloodier deaths. This included longer takes of particular scenes and additional scenes of dialogue between characters. An example of this is Andy and Kyle talking at the end of the movie as they were leaving the Good Guy factory. However, the TV cut also featured a final scene teasing the inevitable return of Chucky in a much more direct sequence that was completely unexpected.

In the scene, after Chucky was melted with plastic, the mass of plastic was melted with his body still inside, and a reshaping of the Good Guy doll’s face was quickly done. But unlike other casts, the camera lags long enough for the face to stretch out into a wicked, mischievous grin. This scene very quickly established that Chucky would return and return much sooner than he had in child’s play 3.

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Child’s Play 2’s TV ending could have changed the franchise in a big way

childs play 3 cult of chucky

child’s play 2 The opening ending left Chucky dead long enough to leave the window open for a sequel, should it get the green light. It also remained closed enough if it had been the last movie. That being said, if the TV cut of the finale had stuck, it would have changed the course of child’s play 3 since there would no longer be a need for a time jump. While it could still be an option, Chucky’s rebirth could have happened months after the events of the last movie. If that had happened, it could have completely changed Chucky’s motivations as well. With Andy probably gone from him, he would have to find a new body to inhabit and more victims. If so, he could have added even more characters to the franchise in the future. Or Andy, now a kid, would be in military school much sooner, making the timeline much shorter and more tragic for Andy.

It’s hard to say why this ending was only seen in the TV cut and largely forgotten about. Since it never appeared on a DVD or Blu-ray, it could be because its canonicity no longer applies. However, it could have also existed because, with the confirmation of the third movie, it was okay to show a possible ending via an exit. While Don Mancini has always been known to recycle old ideas, there is a lifelong mystery surrounding this cut of the film that may not be getting an answer anytime soon. Even so, its existence proves that the series has always evolved and played with ideas before finding the best one to use.

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