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Lies of P is a soul action game that follows the story of P, a humanoid puppet created as the last hope against the puppets who have turned against everyone in Krat City. After meeting Geppetto once again, P now needs to venture into the busy workshop to rescue another great inventor.

Read on as we progress through the events of Chapter 3 Venigni Works of Lies of P and shares some tips and secrets that may be found along the way.

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Lies of P: Chapter 3 Tutorial of Venigni’s works

After opening the courtyard gate of Krat Town Hall, you will reach the first areas that you will need to pass through to reach the Venigni Works workshop, where you will need to rescue Venigni.

Entrance to the workshop union

When you arrive at the entrance, there are different areas to go to. First, head left where a puppet is, then head right to reach the balcony and find the Collectible – Miracle Cure. Then, go to the rooftops.

You will encounter a new type of puppet, the spitter. These enemies spit acid which can cause your weapons to break down. It is best to deal with them immediately and try to avoid their projectiles.

Stepping on the wooden boards will take you back to ground level, where there are more puppets. There is a ladder nearby that you can climb to reach the other rooftop, where you can observe the nearby brute. From here, if you have any throwable objects, now is the time to shoot them before deciding to engage them.

Once the brute is defeated, proceed to head towards the workshop and you will find a bridge leading to it. Check both sides before crossing to find consumables like Gemini’s Emergency Shield and a Radiant Ergo Shard.

Also, on the right side where you got a fragment, you will hear the phone ringing. Answer the phone and you’ll receive a call from Arlecchino, self-proclaimed King of all riddles. He will give you a riddle that you must answer to get a special prize. The riddle is common and the answer is “Human”. After answering the prize, you will receive the Trinity Key which opens a special room somewhere in the workshop.

Go to the workshop door and climb the scaffolding stairs to the side to get over the wall.

After crossing the wall, head back down where you will see the first Stargazer for the Workshop Union entrance. There are two ways to move forward from here. For now, go up the stairs on the right to enter the workshop.

Navigate through the room on the left and you’ll find a hole in the floor under some boxes. As you jump, be prepared to be mobbed by puppet dolls. These dolls are resistant to stagger and can take a beating before being interrupted, so most of their attacks can pass through. Try to take them out one by one, maintaining a safe distance where you can evade their attacks.

After eliminating all the dolls, open the nearby safe and you will get the Salamander dagger weapon. Open the door to exit the room and return to the Stargazer.

Continue up the stairs once more and explore the rest of the workshop where more normal dolls and puppets patrol. There are also upper levels that are connected with beams; Use these beams to cross and get to the other side.

There is also another chest at the end of the factory containing a Belford Shock Cartridge. There is also the Collectible – Factory Director’s Report hidden between a niche in the factory.

Elite Fight: Automaton Shield

Further into the factory, you will find a box hanging with chains. Approaching this box will make it fall and reveal its contents, which is the Automaton Shield.

This enemy wields two impenetrable shields that he uses to block your attacks, as well as charge and hit you directly. Once he has been defeated, he will let out a Legion Caliber which is a crafting material necessary to upgrade Legion Arms.

After the fight, continue up the stairs to reach the catwalks. You will find another red butterfly; Killing him will reward you with him. Motor crank which you can use to modify the stats of your weapon handle.

Keep moving until you reach the next area, which is the sewer.

Sewer Union Workshop

After activating the save point, you will see a nearby tunnel with a doll sitting at the end. Be careful when approaching as there will be flaming rocks running from the right side.

These rocks appear at an interval, so time your crossing and hug the wall once you see a rock. These rocks can also hurt enemies and set them on fire.

Inside the rock tunnel, head left first to get a Dim Ergo Fragment. Then, head to the right where the rocks come from. The sides of this tunnel are full of dolls, so take them down one by one.

You’ll pass through several corridors along the way, but for now, try to get to the end of the main tunnel first (watch out for the scare that appears to the right just before the end). The chest at the end of this tunnel contains the fire ax weapon.

Go back to the first corridor you passed through to reach the upper area where the Automaton Shield was. Press the button to drop the ladder as a shortcut.

Then, go to the corridor where a doll came out. You can find a Vivid Ergo Fragment along the way, and at the end of the corridor is another open area. Head right first and approach the crane controls along the pipes. Activate the crane to lower the pipe and unlock a shortcut back to the first save point next to the entrance.

Before heading to the left side where two Stalkers can be seen, return to the Stargazer sewer and go through the pipe where you will reach a flooded area. Water is caustic and will cause corruption to build up on you, so try to stay on the edges. There is also a brute patrolling this area, as well as several Spitters. This area is optional, but there are some Ergo Shards and Repair Kits at the end, plus another red butterfly that grants a hidden Moonstone.

Return to the area where the Stalkers are. These Stalkers are friendly, at least for now, so talk to them for more details. He talks to the Black Cat twice and he will sell the Collectible – Ripped Venigni III Krat Reference Guide For 500 Ergo.

Go to the next nearby corridor. This is where you will find a green door with a triangular marking. If you have the Trinity Key, you can open this door to access a secret area. Open the safe to find the Costume: Blue Blood Tailcoat and a Quartz.

Return to the hallways and head to the pipes. Here there will be dolls that have only lost their legs. Despite that, they can crawl faster. There are several inside the pipes, try not to let them harass you.

Another enemy you will encounter is the Shovel Automaton, which is a tough enemy. This enemy patrols the pipes and charges at you as soon as it sees you. You can engage with it or you can leave it behind. Once he has been defeated, you will get the Amulet – Sword Master’s Amulet. Behind the automaton is a valve handle that you can turn to drain the pool of corruption below the area where the Stalkers are. There’s also another door here that you can unlock for a shortcut later.

Now that the puddle is drained, you can return to the open area and face the giant Future Puppet.

Boss Fight: Puppet of the Future

The puppet of the future is an imposing automaton that walks back and forth in the factory pit. He wields two metal balls as fists, although he also uses his legs to stomp the ground whenever someone approaches him.

This boss is relatively easy to defeat as it moves very slowly and its attacks end with a clear window to react. Attacks to look out for are punching, double leg stomp, and spinning move which can cover a large area around you.

His weakness is his legs, as his metal fists are too hard to reflect attacks. It’s also easy to get through in case you get cornered at one end of the pit.

Once the Future Puppet has been defeated, it will reward a Quartz and a Radiant Ergo Chunk. Be sure to check the blue flowers in the hole, as they also give Ergo Shards and a hidden Moonstone. The chest at the end of the well contains the Reinforcement glaive weapon.

After passing through the pipes, you will reach the factory control room. There is a vat in the middle of the control room that is being patrolled by another enemy.

The first thing you should do is go up the stairs on the left. You’ll find Venigni at the top near another Stargazer.

Venigni construction control room

Venigni will ask for your help to rescue his puppet butler Pulcinella deep in the control room.

Go back down only to the first platform. From here you can cross the central area high above the tub by crossing the beams. Be careful because there are enemies that can see you from below. These enemies are launchers that can throw explosives at you to knock you down.

Try to eliminate the enemies on the upper platforms so you can reach the loot like the crank technique and the Collectible – Descartes’ Note.

Once you’ve cleared the top, you may also want to take care of the Shovel Automaton, as it drops a Converter – Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter which increases its resistance against acid.

When you have cleared the area, the next area you need to go to is the conveyor line leading to the ovens. Before doing so, you may want to return to the hotel to prepare or beat a few more levels, as the next area will be another boss fight.

Boss Fight: King’s Flame, Fuoco

Once you’re ready, you can use the furnaces to fight King’s Flame, Fuoco. As before, you have the option of bringing a specter to help you in the fight.

Fuoco can shoot our fire and tar balls from his gun, as well as punching and swinging his arms when you get close enough. Try not to overheat the meter, as this will quickly damage your health. If you’re on fire, you won’t be able to put out the flame unless you drink a Purifying Ampoule or wait for the meter to run out.

When the boss’s health is reduced by half, it will begin to spread flames over a large area of ​​the ground. This is an almost unavoidable attack, so it is best to have good flame resistance equipped.

His unblockable attack is a charging punch where he will charge towards your last location with his fist. This is powerful enough to break the huge pipes surrounding the area, so don’t try to take cover behind them with this attack.

Once the boss has been defeated, you will be rewarded with the High power flame amplifier, Flame of King Ergoand the Flame whetstone. You can also activate the Stargazer in the area for later.

After the fight, approach the puppet near the oven to discover that it is Pulcinella. Return to Venigni and he will thank you for finding his butler puppet. This concludes the chapter and opens the way forward, but for now, return to the Krat Hotel to learn more about the new features you’ve unlocked.

Arm of the Legion – Flamberge

Go to Eugénie and she will make you a new arm of the Legion called Flamberg using high power flame amplifier. This arm allows you to shoot flames to burn enemies from a short distance.

Venigni handcrafted machine

You will now find Venigni right in front of the Eugénie station. You can talk to him and then use the machine next to the nearby furnace to access the Legion Arm crafting screen.

With this machine, you can create new Legion Arms and upgrade unlocked ones using various materials.

You can also talk to Pulcinella, who acts as another vendor selling cranks and other items that can be used to modify P’s stats.

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