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Changing Atlantis to Talokan Was a Perfect Call

Fans of Namor in the comics can see the character in live action for the first time at Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Instead of the King of Atlantis, though, Namor’s home is called Talokan, and this was a fantastic call-back both for the story and to set him apart from Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

The change to Namor’s home of origin was made clear before the film’s release. Actor Tenoch Huerta, who received an “introducing” credit in wakandan foreverHe said it’s because Atlantis is a Greek myth. The idea of ​​an underwater society of human-like people is not unique to Greek mythology. Also, DC got to “Atlantis” first with aquaman. While Namor predates that character in the comics, Marvel Studios doesn’t accept second place in anything, at least for DC. Given the cultural sensibilities that director Ryan Coogler brought to the fictional African nation of Wakanda, it makes sense that Namor’s people would be representative of another underrepresented group in modern pop culture. And, giving it a Mesoamerican origin allowed for that fantastic pun “N’amor”. Talokan is the celebration of culture, set in a fictional context, that only a giant like Marvel Studios could achieve.

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Atlantis is overused so Wakanda always charted a new course with Talokan

The idea of ​​Atlantis caught on because it is a truly fascinating idea. The modern world may never know the number of great human societies that have risen and fallen throughout history. So the idea that one of them adapted from life on land to life underwater is captivating. What makes this perfect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is tying the city of Talokan with vibranium as well. His almost magical powers are the perfect explanation of how the people of Namor came to be. It also helps fuel the ideas in both cultures that they were “chosen by the gods” to be the custodians of this wonderful and dangerous substance.

Talokan is more than just a name change. The underwater scenes in wakandan forever They are done with an impressive eye for detail and majesty. What Wakanda did for Afrofuturism in pop culture, Talokan can do for Mesoamerican futurism, especially if Talokan enters the world stage as well. The joy of these comic stories is that they can tell stories in the Jungian mythic tradition. So it only makes sense to take things out of actual Mesoamerican culture, just like Coogler and company did with Wakanda. Things like the name K’ulk’ulkan and the Talokan greeting directly reflect the real world culture that inspired the Talokan, something Atlantis was never able to give to the story.

Using Atlantis or “Lemuria” would be comical, but it would still feel derivative coming from Marvel, especially after aquaman. So, as with Black Panther Earlier, the studio turned to Ryan Coogler to deliver something new and innovative, which is what Talokan is.

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The decision of the Black Panther storytellers to leave Atlantis goes beyond the story

Giving Namor a rich cultural history was great for wakandan foreverThe Black Panther story goes beyond giving the new Black Panther someone to fight. Huerta’s time on the press tour has oscillated between delightfully overwhelmed and respectful of the cultural challenge he faced. Colonialism is part of the subtext layer of the film’s story, and in the real world it caused immeasurable loss to the lives and culture of indigenous peoples around the world. For the Mesoamerican people, their culture, from art to architecture and their people, refused to be erased. Talokan is a waking dream against the rational sense that a time capsule of that lost society still exists.

Along with that “what if?” question that always haunts Marvel stories, Talokan and his people will have a lasting effect. The Talokan greeting has a cultural history and could reach the level of ubiquity as the Wakandan version. Seeing the cultural diaspora represented takes them into the new era. Not only children whose parents have never seen themselves represented in pop culture will have these characters, but everyone else will too. Instead of making these examples of non-Western culture seem weird or bizarre, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever it just makes them great. Even a subtle change in how those kids see themselves, and how the world sees them, is pretty good for comic book movies.

Today’s pop culture is filled with characters and iconography from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The inclusion of cultures represented in wakandan forever and other movies like eternal Y Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Weave these discrete elements into your fabric. In this way, the entire picture of the MCU will really resemble the global mosaic of the real world.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently in theaters.

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