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Chainsaw Man’s Eternity Devil Has the Same Strategy as FMA’s Gluttony

chainsaw man He is known for cheerfully breaking many established shonen rules and conventions, such as supporting character Power being a noxious and antagonistic girl and Denji being a lazy anti-hero who has no dreams of becoming a hero or saving the world. These characters are even prone to lying to or betraying each other, and the demons of the bat and eternity take advantage of that.

The demons are all about dark, occult negotiations for power at a price, and the demon of eternity made a similar offer to Denji’s team recently. chainsaw man episodes Denji’s group isn’t exactly bound by the power of friendship: Power and Kobeni would either sell Denji to save themselves or escape the endless stomach of the demon of eternity. This might remind fans of a similar riddle in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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How the stage became Denji and Edward’s worst enemy

In shonen action titles like chainsaw man Y Murderer of demons, the heroes must fight supernatural monsters such as demons, curses, and even the twelve demon moons. It’s a simple idea for the protagonist to fight against a humanoid enemy like Mahito or the battle-loving Akaza, but some shonen villains turn the stage into their best weapon, attacking the heroes from unexpected angles. A minor example was the demon Kyogai, who could play his tsuzumi drums to spin the room and disorient the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado.

Now, chainsaw manDenji’s anti-hero must deal with the demon of eternity, a devious creature that has transformed an entire hotel into his private domain. Anyone entering the hotel will find themselves trapped on the eighth floor, with all stairs, windows, and other escape routes leading directly to where the victim started. It is both confined and infinite, a strange paradox that only a demon could achieve.

This makes the terrain Denji’s worst enemy, and his squad may face death from thirst or starvation if the devil doesn’t attack them first. Anime fans might as well compare this to Gluttony’s stomach in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, another limited but infinite realm that has no obvious exit. Gluttony used his fake Portal of Truth to suck in protagonist Edward Elric, Prince Ling Yao, and Envy, trapping them inside a cavernous room with a shallow pool of blood and a collection of previously consumed items. Envy explained that Gluttony’s stomach had no escape route in any direction, which meant that all three of them were doomed to die there. Ed had never faced a challenge like that before, but like Denji, the enemy also had a deal in mind. The question is whether the heroes will give up anything to escape their fate.

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When the monster offers a dark deal to escape eternity

Edward looking ahead

When anime villains weaponize the setting, the heroes quickly run out of options. Characters like Denji, Tanjiro, and Ed can fight most normal battles, like cutting off Enmu’s head in the Mugen train arc or slashing the bat demon, but their surroundings aren’t destroyed as easily. In many ways, this type of challenge is a test of character for the protagonist and his allies, challenging them to use their minds rather than their strength to survive and escape. That’s what happened in both chainsaw man Y full metal alchemist.

In FMA, Ed learned that Envy was the one who triggered the terrible Ishvalan Civil War, but for now, fighting Envy for that would be of no use. Instead, Ed had to not only cooperate with Envy to escape Gluttony’s stomach, but also perform human transmutation, the ultimate sin. On top of that, he had to use the power of Envy’s Philosopher’s Stone, a power Ed opposed on many levels. However, he had no choice, and he found it in himself to borrow Envy’s ill-gotten power to use his new transmutation circle to open the Portal. That, in turn, allowed the three trapped characters to break out of Gluttony’s stomach.

Meanwhile in chainsaw man, the devil of eternity presents a similar character test for demon hunters. The demon of eternity promised, perhaps falsely, that he would let everyone go if they offered Denji as a sacrifice first. It’s literally a “deal with the devil,” and there’s already one very willing taker: Kobeni. This demon hunter is a total dandere: a kind but shy girl who can’t easily handle danger or pressure. Out of desperation, Kobeni wants to sacrifice Denji at knifepoint, and in the eyes of Aki and Himeno, this exposes a major weakness in Kobeni’s character.

Demon hunters are supposed to stick together against demons, but Kobeni turned to the dark side anyway. Aki, Himeno, and the others must deal not only with survival, but also with Kobeni’s actions and the growing temptation to accept the devil of eternity’s deal, thus ensuring his own survival. Workplace discipline and rules can be strict, but in extreme cases like these, survival instincts can take over, as happened with Kobeni. That’s what it might take to escape eternity.

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