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Chainsaw Man Could Have Softened Its Creepy Arc

It is safe to say that Tatsuki Fujimoto chainsaw Men it’s a pretty divisive property. With the anime in its early stages, fans are getting soaked in the gory scenes of Denji on the warpath, slaying devils/demons in Japan for the Public Security Unit. He is harnessing the abilities of his own demon, Pochita, after a unique bond, with Power as the other rookie on the team as they go on graphical missions.

However, as his trainer, Aki Hayakawa, has pointed out, Denji doesn’t seem focused, with his perverted mind focused on something rather boyish. Unfortunately, this is his teenage urge to fondle the ladies in the series, which makes Denji a really creepy character. But after a peculiar revelation from one of Hayakawa’s associates, chainsaw Men he squandered the opportunity to subvert this aspect of the manga into something more palpable and respectful.

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Chainsaw Man has Denji achieving his naughty dream

Denji has been obsessed with touching Makima and Power’s breasts, similar to from naruto Jiraiya. After helping rescue Power’s kitty Meowy, he gets away with it in the bathroom, and later in the office, Makima also gives him permission. Admittedly, it’s a distorted purpose, indicating just how immature Denji is.

But let’s be honest: given the stigmas associated with anime/manga and the world’s optics right now, Denji’s main focus is simply not healthy. Even if he doesn’t like saving the planet, the fact that he’s making money killing demons should be enough. But to include him ogling, lusting, and yearning for these women so vociferously doesn’t resonate in an era where pop culture is trying to reduce blatant depictions of predators and toxic males as cute. Not to mention, the hypersexualization and objectification of women, especially when Power is a teenager, promotes rape culture in a sense.

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Chainsaw Man could have narrowed down Denji’s aim

Himeno talks happily in Chainsaw Man.

In particular, when chainsaw manThe team undertakes another job in Episode 5, Himeno teasing Denji about how she would like a kiss. But he has to be efficient to kill his target demon in a hotel, which makes Denji go all out. It’s funny and nods to teen rom-coms over the decades, like trojan war, I can hardly wait and the ilk.

Those movies had some haunting arcs in hindsight, but overall they’re much more digestible than saying, american foot, which seems to be the testosterone-filled energy that Denji matches at this point. As for Himeno, she is playing with Denji and his colleague Arai, leading them to fight over who would take the prize in the end.

Once again, he’s cheeky, nodding to Zack and Slater’s Saved by the Bell, which could have seen Denji just trying to get his first kiss, be it Makima, Power, or Himeno. He would greatly reduce his ambitions to something more respectful, while also honoring how he is a misguided teenager who has now been pushed from a world of poverty into a corporate world where he is either liked or manipulated. Ultimately, he’s a softer stance and a trope used in rom-coms for some time, walking away from something right now that’s very uncomfortable to watch as Denji claims his right to these ladies.

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