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Cha Eunwoo, Lee Da Hee and More Are Captivating in Island Character Posters

The cast of the adaptation of the exorcism fantasy webcomic Island is grabbing everyone’s attention thanks to new character posters.

Before the live action series IslandFor the December premiere, character posters of the main leads have been released.

As reported by soompithe production team behind Island unveiled the character posters of the four main characters. Each character exudes a dangerous charm with three of them brandishing their respective weapon of choice. Based on the fantasy exorcism webcomic, the dramatized version of Island has an impressive cast with Kim Nam Gil (Pandora Y Queen Seondeok) as the protagonist Pan, Lee Da Hee (I can hear your voice Y The inner beauty) as Won Mi Ho, Cha Eun Woo (Gangnam Beauty Y true beauty) as John and Sung Joon (the villainess Y High society) as Goong Tan.

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Get ready for the live action adaptation of Island

Each poster has a description of who the character is, as well as each character’s motivation. On Pan’s poster, while holding the Geumgangjeo sword, the text reads, “I have waited for you a long time.” Pan is a tragic being who has dedicated his life to confronting evil. Mi Ho, the third generation chaebol (Korean for a wealthy business family) wonders, “Why are they persecuting me?” The Daehan Group heiress chose to live on Jeju Island as a form of self-reflection, but she discovers that life for her in Jeju is not as smooth as she imagined with demons chasing her.

In Priest John’s poster, he is holding a cane in his hand. Harboring a dark past in which he once failed to save a girl, the text reads: “I will protect. That is my decision.” The final poster features Goong Tan, Pan’s partner who later ends up on opposite sides. Goong Tan casually holds Geumgangjeo against his shoulder as the text reads, “As expected, I shouldn’t have trusted humans.”

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Originally a webcomic written by Youn In-wan and illustrated by Yang Kung-il, Island it was rebooted in 2016 after its initial publication in 1997. The story follows Mi Ho, who comes to Jeju Island to teach. However, the island is much more dangerous than she expected when she finds herself haunted by demons. The only one who can protect her is the enigmatic Pan, a demon hunter who is looking for someone to end his immortal life. My Ho pays Pan 100 million won for every demon she kills, but as soon as her money runs out, she’s next on his list. A short but exciting trailer for Island released in early November, where viewers saw each character in action. meisland is available to read on WEBTOON.

Although it is scheduled for a December premiere, Island does not yet have an exact release date.

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