CD Projekt RED developers unite after another wave of layoffs


It has been an uneventful week for the gaming industry. Last week saw waves of layoffs, especially at Telltale Games when the studio officially announced it was laying off a substantial number of developers, plus CEO Tim Sweeney admitted that Epic Games had a “financial problem.”

CD Projekt RED, however, is not exempt from layoffs. Employees are unionizing with other developers in the Polish gaming industry after a third wave of layoffs occurred at the Cyberpunk 2077 studio, according to eurogamerThe report.

CD Projekt RED staff began talking about “unionizing” after the third wave of layoffs occurred at the company, according to the FAQ page of the Polish Gamedev Workers’ Union. The page further explained in a question and answer session that having a union means having “more security, transparency, better protection and a stronger voice in times of crisis.”

Furthermore, the Polish Gamedev Workers Union is part of the IP OZZ, a Union based in Poland that covers many different sectors. The Polish union Gamedev Works has access to the “legal support, experience and network of a larger union and at the same time can do so independently,” as stated in the FAQ page.

It has always been a big concern in the video game industry when layoffs occur. The livelihood of working people is negatively affected, especially when they have families to support. But that’s the reality of capitalism: Without any unions to protect employees from unruly internal politics and unfair firings, companies can easily get away with it.

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