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Can you tame Skull Dragon in Rune Factory 5?

Skull Dragon is one in every of many bosses you may encounter in Rune Factory 5. It seems within the Belpha Ruins: Depths and has an opportunity to drop many uncommon gadgets, together with Crystal Fragments, Sword Seeds, Shield Seeds, and Dragon Bones amongst others. Taming it won’t get it to provide the gadgets you want, however you’re going to get a tremendous monster to assist you in your adventures.

Still, this begs the query: can you tame it? Sadly, the reply is no. Aside from it being a one-of-a-kind beast of Legends, Skull Dragon is simply too massive to slot in a barn.

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Fortunately, Skull Dragon is just one of few bosses that may’t be coerced right into a friendship. Fun-sized monsters just like the Nine-Tailed Fox and Cerberus could be tamed with the proper gadgets.

List of boss monsters you may tame

To tame a boss monster, brush it till the music be aware icon stops showing above its head. Then, repeatedly provide it an merchandise it likes till it comes with you. Make positive there’s an open house in one in every of your barns!

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