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Can you tame Basilisk in Rune Factory 5?

Basilisk is one in every of many bosses you may encounter in Rune Factory 5. It lives within the Kelve Lava Cave 3F and has an opportunity to drop many uncommon objects, together with Poison Powder, Fire Crystal Shards, and the Snake Dragon’s Scale. Taming it won’t get it to supply the objects you want, however you’ll get an incredible monster to assist you in your adventures.

Still, this begs the query: are you able to tame it? The reply, sadly, is no. This is perhaps as a result of it’s too large to slot in a barn, nevertheless it nonetheless doesn’t change the truth that Basilisk is untamable.

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Fortunately, Basilisk is just one of few bosses that may’t be coerced right into a friendship. Fun-sized bosses just like the Nine-Tailed Fox and Cerberus could be tamed with the correct objects.

List of boss monsters you may tame

To tame a boss monster, brush it till the music notice icon stops showing above its head. Then, provide it an merchandise it likes.

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