Can You Steal Ships In Starfield? (Answered)



In the sprawling universe of Starfield, players are not limited to traditional methods of acquiring ships. Instead, they have the audacious option of becoming space pirates, commandeering vessels from unsuspecting explorers or formidable foes. While this path promises rapid fleet expansion without denting in-game credits, it all comes down to whether can you steal ships in Starfield and whether should you. The choice to steal is enticing, but every interstellar rogue should be ready to face the ensuing consequences.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield offers ship theft as a high-risk, high-reward gameplay strategy.
  • Successfully stealing ships requires careful planning, from boarding to dealing with onboard crew.
  • Becoming a space pirate places players in direct opposition to the United Colonies’ laws.
  • Players can legitimize stolen ships through registration, allowing for resale.
  • Engaging in piracy brands players as galactic criminals in Starfield, altering gameplay dynamics and NPC interactions.
  • Not all ships, especially those tied to critical NPCs, can be stolen in Starfield.
  • Mastery of certain abilities in the skill tree in Starfield, like the Security skill, enhances the success rate of ship theft.
  • The vast universe of Starfield provides both opportunities and challenges for aspiring space pirates.

Can You Steal Ships In Starfield?

Steal Ships
Steal Ships (picture credits: eXputer)

Absolutely! Players can indeed steal ships in Starfield as an alternative to purchasing them.

Engaging in this act of space piracy involves waiting for an opportunity, boarding neglected ships, and dealing with any onboard crew. However, players should be cautious, as this illicit activity makes them outlaws in the United Colonies. Always weigh the risks and rewards when venturing into such endeavors in the game.

Why Having A Ship Is Important In Starfield?

Having A Ship Is Important
Having A Ship Is Important (picture credits: eXputer)

The ship serves as a player’s primary means of transportation and exploration in Starfield. The vastness and depth of the game’s universe make having a reliable ship imperative for progression. It acts as a conduit to new experiences, adventures, and challenges.

  • However, as players dive deeper into Starfield’s worlds, they’ll quickly realize that obtaining these ships through legitimate means can be financially burdensome.
  • Enter Space Piracy — a risky but potentially lucrative alternative.
  • Instead of purchasing, players can opt to steal, providing a thrilling method of ship acquisition that doesn’t require in-game credits.
  • But with every high-reward scenario in RPGs, there’s usually an associated risk.

In Starfield, choosing the path of a space pirate isn’t just a gameplay strategy; it has in-game ramifications. Committing to this path means openly defying the established laws of the United Colonies, the governing body in the game. This not only sets the player against the law enforcement entities within Starfield but might also shape how NPCs and factions perceive and interact with the player, potentially closing off or opening up certain quests, alliances, or opportunities.

Methods of Stealing Ships In Starfield

Navigating the expansive universe of requires both strategy and guile, especially when it comes to commandeering ships without a legal transaction. Now that you know the answer to “can you steal ships in Starfield”, let’s delve into the methods and intricacies of this daring endeavor.

General Ship Theft

General Ship Theft
General Ship Theft (picture credits: eXputer)

In the vastness of space, many explorers disembark from their vessels, driven by the allure of uncharted planets. This provides opportunistic players a window to enact their piracy. After patiently waiting for the owner to leave, the player can board the unattended ship.

It’s essential to be prepared for any resistance, as ships might have remaining crew members. Eliminating them is crucial to successfully hijacking the ship. Once in control, the vastness of space offers a swift getaway.

Engaging With Enemy Ships

Engaging With Enemy Ships
Engaging With Enemy Ships (picture credits: eXputer)

Active space pirates can also engage with hostile vessels. While one might happen upon these vessels serendipitously, a more proactive approach involves scouring between planets, actively seeking out such encounters. The act of commandeering an enemy ship involves a sequence of well-calculated moves:

  1. Engage Strategically: Eliminate all but one of the enemy vessels, optimizing your chances of boarding without overwhelming resistance.
  2. Weaponry Nuance: Disabling a ship requires precision. Laser and EM weapons allow players to target the ship’s engines without catastrophic hull damage.
  3. Boarding and Control: Once disabled, boarding the ship and dealing with the remaining enemies is the next hurdle. Successfully clearing the ship opens up the opportunity to loot valuable items and, most importantly, assume control from the pilot seat.
  4. Post-theft Measures: To fully integrate the stolen ship into one’s fleet, it’s vital to register it at a port. This legitimizes its presence, allowing for modification and sale.

Cargo Considerations

After such a daring heist, one must not forget to check the ship’s inventory. This includes evaluating its cargo capacity and discerning if there are any illicit goods onboard. The presence of contraband requires swift action – selling it off to specific vendors ensures a clean slate and averts potential legal troubles.

Can You Steal NPC Ships In Starfield?

While enemy ships roam the cosmos, NPC ships represent another category of potential targets.

  • Many of these can be commandeered by disabling their engines and then docking.
  • However, those grounded on planets can pose challenges, mainly if their hatches are sealed, limiting a pirate’s access.
  • A noteworthy point of caution: not all ships are fair game.
  • Some NPCs, potentially central to quests or game narratives, are invulnerable.

How To Steal An Enemy Ship

How To Steal An Enemy Ship
How To Steal An Enemy Ship (picture credits: eXputer)

Ship theft in Starfield is a risky adventure, requiring both skill and tenacity. Let’s examine the steps more closely, especially when it concerns docked ships, to better understand this art.

Stealing Docked Ships

Stealing Docked Ships
Stealing Docked Ships (picture credits: eXputer)

While exploring the vast landscapes of various planets, encountering docked ships isn’t uncommon. These vessels can become valuable assets, provided players can execute a successful heist.

Discovery and Approach

As players navigate the diverse terrains of planets, they might stumble upon docked ships. These ships are ripe for the taking, given their static position.

Overcoming Security Measures

One of the initial barriers to entry is the locked hatch. Enter the Digipick in Starfield, a handy tool to bypass this hurdle. Skillfully using a Digipick, players can attempt to unlock the ship. However, as with any advanced technology, some locks can be more sophisticated than others.

This is where the player’s Security skill comes into play in Starfield. Higher-ranked locks might necessitate a higher Security skill, pushing players to enhance their expertise in this area.

Boarding the Vessel

Once the hatch yields, entering the ship is the next step. But it’s not always unguarded. Players might find themselves confronted with a ship’s crew, who naturally won’t take kindly to intruders. Depending on the situation and the player’s strategy, they might choose stealth, dialogue, or outright combat to deal with them.

Dealing With Hostile Starships

Some ships, particularly hostile starships, require a more aggressive approach. Given their potential value or strategic significance, they might come with a more robust defense mechanism in the form of a crew. These defenders won’t be easily persuaded to abandon their posts, meaning players will likely have to eliminate them to assume control.

What To Do With Stolen Ships?

Selling Stolen Ships
Selling Stolen Ships (picture credits: eXputer)

Starfield layers its space piracy mechanics with a touch of realism. Stealing is just the first step, and a successful space pirate needs to be as savvy in a spaceport’s back alleys as they are in the cockpit of a stolen ship. Let’s delve deeper into the process of legitimizing and profiting from such stolen assets:

Register And Sell Stolen Ships

Pilfering a ship is just the beginning of a player’s journey into the world of space piracy. To fully integrate a stolen ship into their arsenal or to turn a profit from it, players need to understand the bureaucratic intricacies that follow.

The Need for Legitimacy

A stolen ship, while now in the player’s possession, is still technically “hot” property. This makes it essential to register the ship, effectively laundering its stolen status. Without registration, the ship’s utility is limited, especially when it comes to official transactions like selling.

Seeking The Right Professional

Just as you wouldn’t take a stolen car to the police station for registration, in the realm of Starfield, you need the right contact. The Ship Services Technician, found in various settlements or bustling spaceports, is the go-to professional for this task

Transaction Interface

Interacting with the Ship Services Technician will provide players access to a comprehensive ship transaction menu. Here, players can opt to register their new acquisition. Once this step is complete, the now-legitimized ship can be sold, turning a neat profit for those players who are not sentimentally attached to their stolen vessels.

Home Ship

A critical step, often overlooked by rookie space pirates, is ensuring they designate another ship as their “home” ship before selling the stolen one. This ensures they are not left stranded in the vast expanse of space, a vulnerable and ironic fate for a pirate.

Consequences And Considerations of Stealing Ships

Starfield offers players a vast spectrum of choices, each with its own set of rewards and challenges. Space piracy, with its alluring promise of rapid progression and the thrill of living on the edge, is undeniably tempting. Here’s a breakdown of what potential space pirates should weigh before embarking on their intergalactic escapades.

The Double-Edged Sword of Space Piracy

On one side, the allure of space piracy is undeniable. By sidestepping the hefty costs associated with purchasing ships, players can quickly amass an impressive fleet, diversifying their in-game experiences. It’s a rapid route to upward mobility in a universe where a good ship can be the difference between success and obscurity.

The Weight of Criminality

The Weight of Criminality
The Weight of Criminality (picture credits: eXputer)

However, this rapid acquisition comes at a cost. Choosing the path of a space pirate means willingly stepping outside the confines of the law, in this case, the stringent regulations of the United Colonies.

  • As a result, players are branded as galactic criminals.
  • This title, while sounding thrilling, might come with its own set of challenges.
  • Bounty hunters, and law enforcement patrols, might be on the lookout for notorious criminals, adding an extra layer of challenge and danger to the gameplay.

In Starfield, the allure of space piracy offers a daring avenue for ship acquisition, allowing players to expand their fleet without monetary constraints. However, with the thrill of theft comes the weight of galactic criminality, casting players into a high-risk, high-reward dynamic that defines their journey within the United Colonies’ vast universe.

Now that you know the answer to the question “Can you steal ships in Starfield” are you still ready to lead the life of a space pirate? Let us know about it in the comments section below. Also, before you go, I recommend you check BEST Companions, Starfield: All Powers, BEST Backgrounds, and What Is Vanguard Motto in Starfield guides.


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