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In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, players will eventually cross paths with Nihal, an old friend of Bassam, and must eventually complete the AC Mirage The Calling quest. Nihal has a deep passion for uncovering secrets, especially those related to the artefacts found in the Winter Palace. The quest ties in and offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the mystery surrounding Asu, the ancient figure central to the Assassin’s Creed narrative.

Key takeaways

  • The players are reunited. Stopped. In AC Mirage to uncover the secrets associated with Winter Palace pattern.
  • “The Calling” Questing involves searching. “hidden place” I Aqarqaf Mound.
  • The AC Mirage “Hidden Place” is near an oasis north of the Aqarqif Dunes.
  • Players must swim through an underwater tunnel to access the chamber with the ancient artifact.
  • To unlock the gear in the chamber, players need to collect mysterious shards from the Tabin in Baghdad.

What is the calling in AC marriage?

AC Mirage Aqarquf Dunes Location (image by eXputer)

Calling AC is a quest in Mirage where you are tasked with finding a “hidden place”.

But the directions or instructions for The Hidden Place are pretty vague, apart from the fact that you need to look in the Aqarqif dunes. Learn more about you. Assassin’s Creed Mirage Aqarquf Dunes By checking out my guide.

The location of the hidden space

Oasis location (screenshot by us)

The main task in AC Mirage The Calling requires players to locate an area known as the “Hidden Place”. Nihal’s notes mention its location in an oasis, north of a landmark. Aqarqaf Mound. It is also known as an oasis Northern oasisLocated a little east of Anbar in the wilderness area.

To find a hidden location:

  1. Start by searching. Aqarqaf Mound In the northern part of the Wilderness Region.
  2. Head north through these dunes until you reach an abandoned ruin.
  3. Explore the Northern Oasis viewpoint.
  4. If you have it unlocked, you can fast travel directly.

Near the edge of the oasis, there is a small tent.

  1. Find a note on a table inside the tent; This note will guide you further.
  2. If you employ your eagle, EnkiduTo find nearby bodies of water, you’ll see floating debris, giving you an indication of the exact spot you need to dive.

The Hidden Space Chamber

AC Mirage Aqarquf Dunes Rewards (Image courtesy of us)

After diving into the water near the floating debris, follow these steps to progress further in AC Mirage “The Calling”:

  1. Swim towards the base until you notice the difference in the rock face.
  2. This leads to the opening one Underwater tunnel Marked with a ladder icon.
  3. Traverse southeast inside the tunnel, eventually surfacing inside a cave.
  4. Proceed through this cave, jumping over rock formations, until you stumble upon an ancient area made up of strange structures, tools, and sealed devices.

Using Mysterious Shards

AC Mirage Aqarquf Dunes Unlocking Using Shards (image by eXputer)

Inside this chamber, you’ll encounter three barricaded pieces of gear. If you want to learn more about gear, I’d recommend checking mine out. Assassin’s Creed Mirage Best Weapon leader. To access the gear, you’ll need Mysterious Shards.

  • These golden-colored crystals are held by black-clad individuals called Yes.
  • You will often find these figures to be much more secure.

Mysterious Shards can be collected from all over the city. Baghdad. For a description of how many shards you’ve collected in different areas, refer to Region panel On Map of the world. You can learn more about how to get it here. Mysterious Shards Here

To get valuables:

  1. To add 2 pieces To unlock the Dagger.
  2. To add 3 pieces for the The sword of Zomorudnigar.
  3. To add 5 Shards to dawn Birthday dress.

Once you’ve secured all the shards and unlocked the gear, your quest, AC Mirage the Calling, ends, and you’re rewarded with a stronger gear as a token of your efforts. is equipped.

My thoughts

When I was playing through the calling quest, it was quite difficult to know where I had to go because the exact location was not mentioned. But, by looking further into the knowledge and reading the notes as part of the search, I was able to locate the correct locations with ease.

AC Mirage is full of mysteries, and The Calling stands out as a key quest, uncovering some of the game’s most coveted treasures. But if you’re looking for more hidden treasures, you should check out how to unlock it. Market chest of killers faith in marriage.

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