Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer


The third Call of Duty installment in the Modern Warfare series is here. With the start of open beta and early access last weekend, PlayStation users were able to try out first, followed by all other platforms this weekend, at the time of writing.

With Modern Warfare 3, the features and playlists were very similar to the others in the Modern Warfare Reboot series, but what I noticed during my playthrough were the customization options and shooting. At first, the gunplay mechanics were so clunky or rigid, that I expected it to be similar in fluidity to Modern Warfare 2. You could even imagine that the gameplay is reminiscent of COD Ghosts.

I spent time in multiplayer matches, such as Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, and Team Deathmatch. As expected, it was tremendously competitive and even faster, with improvements to the movement mechanics. I would say that, like the Mantling move, I didn’t expect my operator to upload things at a faster rate than before.

But one thing that piqued my interest was the revamped Perk system, which became what they called the Gear system. Basically, converting what we know as Perks into Gears or clothing accessories such as Gloves, Boots and Vests.

Here you can equip various pieces of equipment of your choice, each with its own attributes and bonuses that accumulate when you combine one piece of equipment with another. During my playthrough, I chose to equip either the Quick Grip Gloves or the Commando Gloves, the former being able to quickly swap weapons and the latter being able to reload while running. And with the Boots gear, I opted for the Stalker boots to increase ADS and strafing speed.

And for vests, which can affect your other equipment and weapons, I chose the gunner vest in one loadout and the engineer vest in another.

The Engineer Vest focuses primarily on equipment and explosives, giving me additional tactical grenades and more equipment slots to choose from, all of which I find useful in game modes like Hardpoint. The Gunner Vest, on the other hand, is useful for run-and-gun type tactics, such as generating increased ammo, reload speed, and another primary weapon, replacing the Overkill perk from previous games.

Other Gears, such as the bone conduction headset, reduce overall combat noise, similar to the headset in Escape From Tarkov, allowing you to hear more footsteps and gunshots. The Mission Control Comlink reduces Killstreak points, allowing you to call in your UAV even faster.

As for maps and game modes, there are the usual fast-paced classics, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, etc., along with the OG Modern Warfare 2 maps such as Favela, Estate, and the always chaotic Rust.

It makes us players nostalgic for the golden days when we killed each other for hours on end. And that’s it, nostalgia. But with its promise of the maps having a “modernized” feel, combined with some new features like Tac Stance, it really created a new vibe when playing the OG maps.

Tactical ADS or “Tac Stance” gives me a new advantage when playing melee maps like Rust and Skidrow, by switching to it during close range battles. It really worked as a bridge between hipfire and ADS, but it’s not really a necessary option as us veteran players can always do well with the hipfire option, spraying without ADS just pure muscle memory. And I also can’t wait to further explore this new ADS option in Warzone soon.

Also making its way into Modern Warfare 3’s game modes is Cutthroat, a small team tactical game mode, where 3 opposing teams of three must battle to see who is the last team standing, with an overtime mode where you must Capture the flag to win. Sort of a mix between Search and Destroy and 2019’s Modern Warfare’s Gunfight, this certainly adds a new flavor to Modern Warfare 3’s game modes.

Map voting is back, this feature has been absent for quite some time, but now it has finally returned, giving us players the option to choose between maps while playing our favorite game modes.

I have no doubt that Modern Warfare 3 will continue to offer the same fast-paced arcade FPS that we all know and love. Since this is still in its beta phase, I’m hoping that fixes and balances will be made, like the Flashbangs in this game are so overpowered that you can’t see them for a good few seconds, which to me feels like a minute being blind. However, I still enjoyed this Open Beta phase and will look forward to some new features during launch.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will launch on November 10 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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