Bryan Fury’s Tekken 8 Announcement Trailer Leaked Ahead Of Official Reveal



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  • Tekken 8 has gathered universal appeal and anticipation following its initial reveal during PlayStation’s State of Play 2022. Since then, a myriad of characters for the upcoming fighting game have come out in the open, separated from each other by distinct intervals of time. 
  • The latest character to come out into the open for Tekken 8 is Bryan Fury. However, the Harbinger of Chaos’ reveal didn’t go according to plan exactly. 
  • Bandai Namco Europe’s Twitter page inadvertently uploaded the full announcement trailer of Bryan Fury on their account, only to realize what’s been done and deleting the post moments later.
  • The internet being the ever-awake watchdog captured the video in time and outed it on multiple platforms. 

Tekken 8 has been slowly coming forward with its front-running characters ever since it was initially announced at the State of Play event in 2022. The latest fighter to join the foray is Bryan Fury, but it appears that the Harbinger of Chaos’ reveal didn’t go exactly according to plan. Bandai Namco Europe‘s Twitter page accidentally uploaded the full announcement trailer and canned it right after. The reveal is now up on YouTube and other platforms. 

Apparently, the official reveal was scheduled to go live during the currently ongoing Combo Breaker 2023—a top-level tournament that spans best-in-class fighting games, such as Tekken 7, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Street Fighter 5, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The event is scheduled to run until May 28 at 10 pm CT. It is possible that Mr. Fury here would come on live following the tournament’s conclusion.  

Someone, in particular, has nothing to like about this whole scenario at all, and that is Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken front-man and Producer at Bandai Namco. In a now-deleted tweet, Harada expressed his annoyance and stated, “That’s why I warned you years ago not to post on a timer.” He then went on to say, “Well, I’m going home now thanks! Hahaha.” 

So far, about 11 Tekken 8 characters, excluding Bryan, have been revealed, with Bandai Namco America putting out a full-fledged YouTube video that showcases their new appearances and fighting moves. In addition, Harada has cast a lens on the new gameplay mechanics that will be a part of this new entry in the series. The Heat System, customization techniques, and other facets of Tekken 8 have been touched upon in the following video.

A little over two weeks ago, Tekken 8’s title screen came out into the open as well, and in quite an unexpected fashion. As Geoff Keighley and Harada posed for a photo, the backdrop showed a monitor hooked to a PlayStation 5 running the game at hand. easily giving away Tekken 8’s title section. Other than that, the character select screen of the fighting title has surfaced online and it’s apparently reminiscent of past Tekken games. 

The most important bit of news, however, that has managed to pop up in relatively recent times comes from Harada, again. This is something that Tekken fans have been longing for the most ever since the global outspread of Tekken 7. The gist of it is that Tekken 8 will feature cross-platform play and the much-desired rollback netcode, Harada confirmed casually in a tweet over a month ago. 

As per player reports and discussions on forums, Tekken 7 is officially said to have the latter, but there are clear signs and depictions that suggest otherwise. The whole purpose of rollback is to minimize input lag between players and allow hits to register despite an inconsistent connection. Rollback’s counterpart is delay-based netcode, and Tekken 7 is reportedly known to have that as a feature. 

That is why it’s important for the upcoming fighter to exhibit true rollback netcode this time around, despite the officials saying the same for its predecessor. In other news, Tekken 8 will sport a much-improved practice mode for franchise newcomers, which is essentially a step in the right direction for beginners looking to learn the advanced mechanics of the title.

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