Brooklyn Visions: Senior Prank Tutorial


He biggest joke The mission is part of the Visions of Brooklyn history in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The Brooklyn Visions mascot, known as Lance, has been kidnapped and the students need Spider-Man’s help to crack the codes and solve the puzzles to find out where to find him.

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After completing the BV Club Fairhe biggest joke The quest will be available alongside two other Brooklyn Visions quests. Keep that in mind All Brooklyn Visions missions are exclusive to Miles Morales and are tied to Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Brooklyn Visions: Senior Prank Mission Objectives:

To start the Senior Prank mission, head to Brooklyn Visions Academy and go to the outdoor basketball courts, where you can talk to the students next to the lion statue.

Go to the first location

After reading the note, head to the rooftop of the marked location.

Solve the first puzzle

For this first puzzle, you will need to redirect the UV laser using mirrors so that it points at the nearby mural. Replace or rotate the mirrors on the rooftop until the laser hits the mural to reveal the hidden message.

Head to the second location.

After receiving help from Hailey, reach the second marked location.

Solve the second puzzle.

As before, you will need to redirect the laser at a mural. Start by rotating the laser twice and then move the locking mirror. Rotate the center mirror to continue reflecting the laser and then drag the mirror carriage into place.

Rotate the next mirror once and place another mirror cart in its place. And finally, on the other side of the stairs, turn the mirror twice and then put the mirror cart back so that the laser hits the next mirror and reveals the secret message.

Head to the third location.

Head to the next marked location to find the next puzzle.

Solve the third puzzle

Start by rotating the main laser once to lower it, then rotate the blue square mirror below three times until the laser hits the purple diamond mirror.

Turn the purple mirror once to follow the blue arrow on the ground. Cross to the other roof and turn the next purple mirror, then break the box blocking the way.

Go back to the other rooftop and turn the mirror to reveal the first part of the secret message.

For the next part, turn the main laser so that it follows the red arrow on the ground. Then, spin the purple mirror twice to bounce the laser upwards.

Go back to the other roof and turn the purple mirror twice.

Then return to the other roof and turn the red mirror three times to reveal another part of the secret message.

Go with Lance!

Follow the next marker to the top of a building.

save spear

Open the door by turning the wheel on the right side. Then, she picks up Lance, the pet, and brings him back to the yard.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with 1,000 XP, x8 city tokensand Technical parts x80.

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