Brooklyn Visions: Lighted Cam Action Tour


He Lights Camera action The mission is part of the Visions of Brooklyn history in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The Drone Club students need Miles’ help to recover his crashed drone, as well as take some nice aerial photos of the Brooklyn Visions campus.

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After completing the BV Club Fairhe Lights Camera action The quest will be available alongside two other Brooklyn Visions quests. Keep that in mind All Brooklyn Visions missions are exclusive to Miles Morales and are tied to Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Brooklyn Visions: Lights Camera Action Mission Objectives:

To start the Lights, Camera, Action quest, head to the east entrance of Brooklyn Visions Academy and talk to the student, Odyssey, by the stairs next to the monitor.

Look at the tall building at the end of the street.

Follow the marker to the top of the northeast building. Then, use the sound of the drone to locate where it landed.

Get a good photo of the BVA campus

Climb higher to get a better view of the campus, then take a photo, making sure the campus is in focus and in the shot.

Get 2 more photos from above

Climb the next tallest buildings around campus. The minimap will show two points of interest that you will need to take a photo of to get an idea of ​​which buildings to choose.

The first building is the black building on the southeast side of campus, which overlooks the recruiting office.

The next building is the other black building next to track and field, which has a view of the campus quad.

The next task will allow you to take photos of the Drone Club, the esports team, and the greenhouse. The minimap will update to show icons for the places you need to capture; This time, you can go directly to the marked locations and take pictures.

Follow the camera drone without landing

For the last task, you’ll need to follow the drone to get a continuous shot of the campus. Head to the marked rooftop to begin the task. Once the drone flies, you’ll need to follow it without falling to the ground, either by gliding or swinging.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with 1,000 XP, x8 city tokensand Technical parts x80.


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